Sunday, November 26, 2006

Pajama Party ...

     Normally Thanksgiving is such a big to do around here, all the cleaning and prepping and cooking for dozens of guests. This year we brought it back to the basics (well sort of). Only 6 of us here. My niece Brittney came home from college, my Sister, my Brother in Law, Mom, Dad and Me.


     Mom set the table in it's most festive fall attire, a far cry from the simple table my grand mother set 40 years ago.


    This year the table was the only thing fussy (besides the food), the goal was to celebrate simplicity and not to over do.

     So ... we decided on a sleep over, a pajama party if you will. We really like "pajama parties" I've posted photos before, like this one. 


      On Wednesday night we all just hung out together, fixed a quick amazing meal grilled fillet minion incrusted with blue cheese and steamed snow crab legs (actually more worthy of giving thanks for than the bird and fixings to follow).

     After dinner, we settled down for the viewing of the old 8mm family film we had transferred to DVD after it's 40 year stay in the garage.

     It was fun to watch the old movies, I highly recommend this to anyone with rolls and rolls of family history on film just laying around. Back then there was no excuse needed, celebrating in our pajamas was common place. 


     On Thursday we watched the wet Parade with low flying floats and we all pitched in to cook our family Thanksgiving favorites, we didn't even get dressed (or shower) until after dinner. It's possible we may have carried the laid back and relaxed thing a little to far                  

     Obviously the dress code did not make for many special photo opps and the ones I did take were not very flattering so ... I guess I won't post.


      I do want to say however ... that one person (who shall remain nameless) had on flannels with Lobster Santas, Shrimp, Sea Horses and Crabs (it wasn't me). Admittedly I was a wee bit jealous so ... I'm starting my search now for the perfect pair for Christmas. Thinking seriously about these pink flamingos ... not really sure yet!


     Sooooo many PJ's to choose from!

     Whether simple or elaborate ... I hope you had plenty to be thankful for like we did this Thanksgiving.