Saturday, July 30, 2005

Gone ...

I drove out to Loxahatchee Park this evening, I just love watching the alligators play at dusk. This park is one of the few places to take a decent sunset photo here on the east coast of Florida.

     I was a little disappointed with the cloud coverage in the west so no sunset photos, even more disappointing was finding that the tree in the photo below is gone. I guess it didn't make it through the hurricane season last year.

     I'm reprinting the entry I wrote last November when I took this photo. The words mean as much to me today as they did the day I wrote them. Your voices have become very important to me, they help me to explore and define my own.


Shades of Blue ...  

     When you look at this sky is the color of blue that

 you see so much different from what I see?

     Is the blue that you see determined only by what

 you have always known or by what those that think and speak

just like you see?

     I am grateful for the privilege of learning to listen to

voices that are not necessarily just like my own, I often

find comfort and solace there.

                                *** Coy ***



    I've never been particularly fond of that term we use here in J-Land for highlighting, promoting, celebrating or recommending another journal but ... I do adore the early writers in this community that started the J-Land journal pimping tradition.

      I remember being Pimped by the legendary Slo-Mo <--when I first started writing here. Slo, I'll never forget you for that, miss you girl ... really, really miss you.

     So without further adieu and in the spirit of that tradition ... here's pimping Bobpublicover, The Aids Diaries or The Last Brontosaurs!

     Bobpublicover's journal documents the ups and downs of a 50 something gay male, living with HIV for at least the last 27 years.

     I've been reading this journal for a while now and always look forward to a new entry. Bob has an important story to tell and there are just not enough people hearing it yet. I hope that you will all pay him a visit <--.

     That girl thinks she's a P-I-M-P, lol

     Ummm ... that really is me in the photo above (the one in the middle), it was taken over 25 years ago... Mardi Gras costumes I believe!


Friday, July 29, 2005

Have you smelled them yet?

     Teenaged boys doused in Axe deodorant and body spray!


     I ran across this article written by Jerry Large Seattle Times <-- after hearing a friend mention that her son has been using the stuff and how gross it smells. I find the whole thing a little humorous, especially since I'm not having to deal with it personally.

The Axe Effect <-- you can check out how the product is being advertised and teenaged boys are being targeted.

      Axe2grind <-- is a website with a collection of other Axe related advertisement information and videos. 

     Anybody have an Axe story? I guess if you have not smelled them yet you should just consider yourself lucky!


Thursday, July 28, 2005

Got condiments?

     This bowl sits on top of the microwave where I work. It has become customary to place any surplus condiments or unused cutlery packages left over from your takeout order into the bowl for the next guy!

     You can usually count on finding an extra fork or a napkin or even salt and pepper here when you need it. Not today ... I just wanted a fork and all I found was enough ketchup, mayo, mustard and ducksauce to accommodate a small country.

     It's hard to tell from the photo just how big the bowl is and just how much special sauce is in there. We will be moving to a new building soon, I wonder if the bowl will make it to the new place or if maybe we will start a new one? I'll keep you posted. lol

     OK ... I admit it, I've sort of got a writers block, I think it may be coming from not taking as many photos in the last month or so, as usual ... no photo, no entry!

     I've really got to get out more, if only to save you from running across such nonsense when you come here! Happy rest of the week all!


Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Her bright light and dark clouds ...

     Thinking of a friend and his daughter tonight as they try to

 make it through yet another storm.


Sunday, July 24, 2005

The girl child spent the weekend here ...

well, Friday night and Saturday anyway.

     On Friday, we did some shopping and then stayed out until 3am (aimlessly wandering and girl talk, don't ya know). Skipped the movie we planned to watch when we got home, to bed by 4am and up again early on Saturday, we had plans to do a little early morning running around before hitting the beach.

     I woke her us as planned at 8am and for what ever reason, she opened her eyes and said "even slaves get to sleep". I'm not sure what that means but it did buy her an extra hour, I let her sleep until 9am.

     We got a later start than expected, and ended up junk store shopping all morning instead of sticking to agenda (her request) then off to do what we love doing most ... taking advantage of the sand, surf and sun here in beautiful South Florida.

     Home by 6pm and she was off to soccer practice with her roommates. These girls take there soccer serious. When my kids were growing up they took park in so many different sports, I was so a little league Mom. Mandy never played soccer until now, she was more into basketball, go figure she would take this up as a young adult.

     My one day weekend is over, glad to have spent it with the girl. Enjoy this beautiful Sunday morning all, I'm off to work. There is just something so wrong with one day weekends, right?




Friday, July 22, 2005

Summer school and natural treasures ...

  Since Mandy moved out last fall, I've been spending a lot of my time taking classes at night, it's been good medicine for someone going through the empty nest thing.

     Twenty-one years with the hustle and bustle of a house full of people depending on you for nearly everything and then suddenly, with one divorce and three kids growing up and heading out on their own, you are surrounded by silence and lot's of time on your hands. Maybe someday soon I'll start dating again or something but for now ... busy is good!

     Bob, my Photoshop instructor has chosen to spend the summer helping a friend build a log cabin in Alaska instead of staying here where he belongs, hanging out with us on Thursday nights going over artsy photo and graphic instruction for thirty something bucks a week. Hmmm ...  who would have figured he would choose a breathtaking view of mountain and lake in Alaska over us?


     That leaves me with just one class on Wednesday nights, it's a realistic drawing and painting class, love it. My friend Karen the clown decided to take this one with me, imagine the instructors face when we pulled out the white masks and makeup paints shown above as medium of choice!

     Oh, one of the best parts of the class is hanging out with Karen, with her husband out on the road all week (truck driver) she does not have to hurry home at 9:00 when class is over. We've been go out for a late dinner, great conversation and even a laugh or two on Wednesday nights. 


     We are starting from the beginning with charcoal and white pastel, learning shapes, shading, direction of light, shadows, vanishing points, perspective and such. Above are my renderings from the first 3 classes and yes ... I can see that they are not perfect and still need a little work but hey ... even the masters had to start somewhere, right?

     Yay it's Friday ... my one day weekend starts tomorrow. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate one day weekends? Oh well, it does keep me busy I suppose.

     This weekend I will begin collecting a chest full of natural treasures from my tropical local as a barter of sorts with a friend in exchange for a very special treasure in return. I do have a few things in mind to include in the collection, but any additional ideas would be welcome. Hmmm ... natural ... tropical ... treasures ...



Thursday, July 21, 2005

Rabbit Proof Fence ...

    <-- click photo

    This film is about an Australian effort to prevent that country's black bushmen from mixing with white people and creating a third race.

     The half cast children of that country were abducted from their homes and familles and taken to a camp 1200 miles away to be either placed into schools and absorbed into white society or trained as domestic help, depending on the lightness of their skin.

     The story of 3 young girls and their nine week walk back home was beautifully filmed and quite courageous. I highly recommend watching.  


The many moods of Mandy

   This week's Round Robin Challenge is moods (thanks Baby Shark).The moodiest person I know is Mandy so there was no doubt that she would be my subject this time. It was to hard to pick just one mood, so ... I bring you many!








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Monday, July 18, 2005

la photo du jour

     I've been away for the last 5 days, glad to be home. Looks like I've got a little catching up to do around here.

    I'm thinking it might be a good idea to get a lap top, then I could take you guys with me, no matter where I go;-)

    OK ... I admit it, I'm addicted to J-Land and miss it so when I'm away!

                                     *** Coy ***

Thursday, July 14, 2005

To those of you I work with ...

     Go ahead and laugh ... that's right, I wore jeans today to work. Don't think I don't know that you're saying things like, "Doesn't she know that casual Friday has never been on Thursday?"

     Mmmm Hmmm!!!

   Laugh ... it's OK, laugh ... I want you to! Just keep in mind how long I've known you and that I know all of your secrets!!!

  Especially you Dan ... yep, all of your secrets!

Coming soon ...

                                             Muahahahaha ...


Tuesday, July 12, 2005

What do you suggest?


Please leave a suggestion ... about anything you'd like.

     I'll go first!

I suggest ...

* Mandy should call her Mom more often

* Create more art

* 2 day weekends for everyone

* Take more chances

* Practice more acts of random kindness

* Stop being so hard on yourself

* Link to our favorite entries more

* Discriminate less

* Pay our teachers more

* Say I love you more often

     OK ... now it's your turn!


Sunday, July 10, 2005

Strong winds mixed with rain ...

     Lucky for us, South Florida did not receive a direct hit from Dennis, although his travels a little to the west have left us experiencing plenty of strong winds mixed with rain for hours on end. This time it's little more than an inconvenience, but our neighbors in the Keys were asked to evacuate.

     Any of you that were planning to attend the Underwater Music Festival in the Lower Key's yesterday, should note that it has been postponed until next weekend.

     I do want to say that my thoughts are with those that have already suffered a loss in Cuba, Haiti and Jamaica, as well as with those of you like Connie, on the Gulf Coast that are sitting and waiting to find out how much of a Menace this Dennis will be.


Saturday, July 9, 2005

Light your torch ...

   Woo Hoo ... another for the people by the people celebration here in J-Land. Yep, it's time for our 2nd Anniversary Celebration, don't have all of the details yet but wanted to light my torch early.


      Any of you with a little time and energy available to volunteer to take part in helping to organize things, leave a link and we'll get started. Here is the link to some of last years festivities -->  1st Anniversary Journal.

     Feel free to use my torch if you like or find one from last year on the 1st Anniversary Journal link posted above, better yet ... design one of your own and post it in your journal to help light the way for the celebration to come.



Friday, July 8, 2005

Quietly ...

 extending my sympathies to those that lost family or friends in London yesterday.

     I will also note that I do not intend to offer any additional advertisement here, for those involved in this act of cowardism.

                             *** Coy ***