Saturday, November 3, 2007

Alone last night ...

     I spent a few hours at Barnes & Noble last night pouring over art books and actually choose a new watercolor book. The tables at the coffee shop were full so I wandered upstairs and found an empty chair at a table in the FAU section to spread the books out on.

    Interesting chatter as people around me were studying different subjects together. Real estate talk at one table, algebra tutoring at another and a group of girls studying child development at the table directly in back of me. Sometimes being in the midst of a crowd, makes me feel less alone, but not last night.

     After I looked through about a dozen books to find one to bring home with me, I picked up a book off the top of a pile that someone before me left on the table. The book was called "On My Own, The Art Of Being A Woman Alone by Florence Faulk. After reading the paragraph below, I decided to buy the book, I'll let you know how it goes.

      In as much as all of us find ourselves alone, not once but many times during our lives, I use the term " Woman Alone" to refer to all women. By default, choice or necessity, we all experience our own particular life crossings that set us apart. Whether we prefer it or not, feel shame or pride in being there, this means that we may be separated, divorced, widowed, homeless, unmarried, never married, between partners, a gay woman, a welfare mother, a single mother, an aborting or miscarrying woman, childless, sick, old or dying, a jilted woman, a depressed woman, or alone in a loveless or troubled relationship. A woman may feel alone when she finds herself a seat in a crowded movie theater, waits in a hospital corridor for radiation treatment, or makes love with her partner in dull silence. For among the species of aloneness, one of the most painful to endure is to be in the presence of someone who arouses a need but does not satisfy it; another is the unblinking stare of indifference, which repels the  the exchange of concern, love or compassion between people. A woman- any woman- is alone when she feels emotionally or spiritually separate and apart from others and herself

     Sort of sums up the way I was feeling, by myself in a crowd in a bookstore on a Friday night.

                                     *** Coy ***

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What's old is new ...


     So, I'm no longer among the unemployed. Thanks for the suggestions but no ... I'm not going to be marketing my photos, selling  Avon or useing my talent and chutzpah to find the dream job that offers plenty of time, money and freedom.

     For a moment, I did consider the whole starving artist thing , you know ... she sacrifices her material well being in pursuit of her art. Instead, I decided to accept a new management position in the lead center, at the same company I've known and loved all of these years.

     I won't try to make rhyme or reason out of the unusual chain of events that started that strange Friday afternoon on October 5th. I will say ... I'm really happy not to be faced with a full fledged job search right now and happy that I will be making a little more money than I was before this started.

     What's old is new ...

                                                        *** Coy ***

Monday, October 15, 2007

Wanted ...

    a  brand new opportunity that will offer plenty of time, money and freedom so I can do
what I want, when I want and rediscover how just to be me

    Any suggestions?

                                       *** Coy ***

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ahhh... Sanibel

     OK, so I survived the first week without work. No alarm clock, no schedule, no deadlines. Taking a few days off to visit Sanibel didn't hurt, it was perfect timing but tomorrow is Monday. Unemployment will kick in $275 per week YIKES, it will help but obviously I'm not going to be able to afford to stay out of work long.

     I know I'm not the only one out there looking right now. With everything that's going on in the housing market unemployment is up and recession is even a possibility.

     My first reaction would be to take the first thing that comes along, maybe even a lower paying job with the same company. I am being advised by friends not to do that, I guess I'll have to play it by ear.

     Sometimes a life altering event like this gives us opportunity to take inventory of our lives, and our priorities and sometimes leads to greater happiness ... that's sort of what I'm counting on. It's still a little early in the game to hear my inner voice, I'm still at that panic stricken point where all I really want to do is go back to the job and the routine that I have known and loved all these years.

     This will be a journey of sorts, it's not like I'm in an industry where one just moves from one job to the next in  lateral motion. The home improvement industry is a little different and who knows ... maybe I'll decide to move in an entirely different direction.

      I don't write at my best when I'm under stress or duress, but I am hoping to find the desire to post here more often now that I have a little time on my hands, maybe it will help in my search for something new.

                             *** Coy ***

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What a difference a day makes


     Have not felt much like talking about it, but Frday I lost my job. If you've ever lost a job unexpectidly before, then you know exactly how I feel. I've been with this company for over 10 years. 

    Some people write better when they are under stress, not me. I did however try to express how I feel in the water color above today and just felt like posting it.

   I'm going to get out of the house for a couple of days and will have to start a job search on Monday,  I'm going to Sanibel with my friend Karen, that island must be my favorite place on earth. If this doesn't cheer me up then nothing will.

                                  *** Coy *** 


Sunday, September 30, 2007

It's been ...

   raining on and off for days here in Not So Sunny South Florida! The rain is welcome ...  last year was exceptionally dry and it has had enormous effect on everything here. Dried up lakes, forest fires, unnatural eating patterns for our wildlife. I say let it rain, we need it!


   I've used the rain day as an opportunity to stay home, play a little with watercolors and to do a some catching up on what's new in some of my favorite journals.

     Now that everyone is all spread out, it's not as easy as it once was but today I had plenty of time on my hands and here is what I found ...

     Kat <- celebrates Yom Kippour, has lunch and a show with Nancy and transplants some of her favorite flowers in her new garden in NY. BTW ... she has a dog.

     Suzy <- is re crowned as the dog food goddess while she confuses the cable guy that tells her she has an intermittent signal.

    Mort <- mentions that work has been a little slow, he is missing the Missed America Pageant again this year, and laughs when the Iranian Prez says there are no homosexuals in Iran like we have here in America.

     Connie <- sips coffee on the front porch swing as she mentions the smell of fall in the air and reminds us that the leaves will be changing color soon.

     The Blog Father <- makes it to Chicago, links us to some award winning science photos and mentions the story of the black bear found clinging for his life on the Rainbow Bridge.

     Sam <- seems to be taking a break. The busy Dock Master loses his summer staff this time of year and still faces the final dog days of summer. I'm sure we all agree that he deserves to put his feet up and relax for a while, we'll look forward to reading new tales from the docks when it's time.

    Steven <- shares a new Cosmo shot and a really nice one of Pickle as well.

     Alpha Woman <- reminisces about the good old days here in J-Land and reminds us of some old friends we really miss.

    Albert <- continues to sprinkle his Glinka dust around, today I found him painting a larger than life St Francis.

   Robbie <- has been a little quiet these days, must be busy like me.

     Trish <- is continuing her journey to peace. Right now she seems to be focusing on a budget and business plan for her new CD.

     GiGi <- gives a high tech tutorial called "Geek Like Me"

     Paul <- visits Rockport and gives us an up close  glimpse at one of the most photographed and painted buildings in the country.

     Judi <- is still accepting entries for this months Artsy Essay.

     Astaryth <- posted the cutest photo of Morgan when she was just a few weeks old, awwwww ...

     And me ... I just enjoyed having a little time to play catch up.


                                             *** Coy ***




Sunday, September 16, 2007

Dancing In The Rain

     I spent a little time revisiting some early Rain entries today, the very first entry I wrote (March 2004) was called In Search Of Me <- click. At the time, I had no idea how important Rain and and the people I would meet here would become as I searched.
     It's been quite a journey, I was able to find so much of the pleasure, adventure, truth, ideas, creative inspiration and friendship that I was searching for but I'm feeling a little stuck right now.  Maybe today is a good time to start the journey over and  continue Dancing In The Rain.
                                *** Coy ****


Sunday, September 9, 2007

If seventy is the new forty

     and sixty is the new thirty ... does that make forty-five the new fifteen? If so, then why do I feel so ooooooold these days?

     Maybe old isn't the right word but stress, fatigue, depleted energy level and urealistic demands being place on me at work, really seem to be taking there toll these days.

     I do have about 160 hours of vacation time built up ... maybe I should take a whole month off and do something fun and relaxing, or ... maybe not.




Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Starry starry night ...

     I love this song ... I love the colors in these oh so familiar works of art, love seeing them all together.

                                            *** Coy ***


Hello Dali ...

I have fallen in love with youtube ... who would have thought? I recently visited the site for the first time to experiment with one of our journals new features and have been treated to some of the most amazing and most important works of art right here on my laptop ever since. Thought I would share my visit tonight with Dali. Enjoy ... I know I did!

     Dali's art is a little darker than I am used to and it always surprises me to find how attracted I am to it. Michael from "All Things Just Keep Getting Stranger" introduced me to  Dali's art through my comment threads a few years ago when I posted my version of Artsy Albert's search for yellow art found --> HERE <--

     I miss the early days of AOL Journals, what a tight knit little community we were back then! Speaking of tight knit community ... Mort is in Orlando right now visiting Michael (in the middle of the week, mind you) and I had to decline an invitation to be in the same place at the same time with two of my most favorite J-Landers of all times. I'm sure you'll have a blast boys, can't wait to read all about it.


     Anyway ... back to Dali. I have not been painting much lately but when I do, I often find myself flipping through the images at Dali's Gallery to find inspiration. I'm not so much into surrealism, but looking at the simple lines in many of his early works always helps me get started again when I'm stuck for idea.

                           Happy Tuesday all

                                 *** Coy *** 

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Monday, June 11, 2007

Belmont Stakes ...

     the third jewel of this years triple crown took place at beautiful Belmont Park, in Elmont N.Y. Saturday.

     No, I wasn't there but I did watch via simulcast from Calder Race Course as Rags to Riches (A filly bread to go the distance) dueled it out with Curlin (this years winner of the Preakness), to win the million dollar stakes race by a head.

    The photos above are from some of the local shows I attended this season with a friend. You know me ... anything for a few colorful photos and a story or two to tell.

                                *** Coy ***

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Safari Photos

Playing around with new image features, I deleated the Lion Country Safari photos I took last weekend. These are actually a repost,

                         *** Coy ***

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Golden Ratio ...

     a lesson in divine design!

This was an artsy girls day out with my friend Karen. We made a special trip to butterfly world to see an exhibit of paintings by local artist Mark Merrill. What we ended up with in addition to seeing his beautiful botanicals, was a private lesson in the ancient art of proportion. Why didn't someone tell me that math could be so much fun?

Today we loosely call it the rule of thirds, but for hundreds of years master painters, sculptors, composers, architects and writers have known that it's the golden rectangle that holds the secret of true beauty.

Play the video below to hear more ...

                                                             *** Coy ***


Women in Art


Searching for something to experiment with to practice ""Journals" new featrues. Found this Youtube video in John's By the way journal. This is soooo amazing, I've watched it over and over and over again this morning.

                                                      *** Coy ***

Rich Media Blocked???

     I almost forgot what it was like to turn on my computer and find those oh so loved ... short but sweet messages (comment added alerts) from people I share such a long history with. I've missed you guys, I've really missed you guys!!!

     Question ... anyone know what this rich media blocked message is about? I published flash images in last entry this morning from my laptop and tonight on my PC, all I see is a little red box with a rich media blocked message on it. Not sure what that means. 

    Trying an old but true graphic on this entry to see how it works out, I've really got some catching up to do around here. Can't wait to try the "add video" button up there and really looooove the spell check.

                                          *** Coy ***



Sunday, February 25, 2007

It's me ...


     Just checking in to say, it's official ... I'm no longer on dial up and, I'm no longer paying for AOL.

     Thanks to all of the good advice that you guys left in the comment threads of my last entry, I was able to breeze through the process of converting my paid dial up account that I've had for over 10 years now, to a free broadband account.

     It was simple really. I just clicked on live support and through a chat session, had someone from AOL walk me through the conversion process.

     Obviously they did try to sell me on several different options for a new plan that would save me money. To that I just insisted that all I wanted was help with the conversion.

     This very well may be the first time I've ever needed to use support during the last 10 years, so not having it in the future, should be no big deal.

     I still sign on the way I always have in the past, it just says broadband for location now. It's amazing how much faster everything moves with cable, and the best part ... I no longer have to pay AOL to hang their banner ads in my journal.

     See you around ... I do plan to spend more time here soon.



Sunday, February 18, 2007

Last of the Dinosaurs ...

     No, not the iguana in the photo below (how cute is that face)? It's me ... I am feeling a lot like a dinosaur these days. I don't know if I've mentioned before how much I hate change? I do ... I always have ... I always will.                            


    I have no problem admitting that I crave stability and predictability, I'm happiest when the rhythm of my day to day life stays pretty much the same. For me, it allows the most possibility for creativity in my life when the day to day stuff is under control.
    I know that this is polar opposite of how many people feel, most of the creative people I know are at their best in the midst of the madness. You know ... creative expression of chaos and all.
    Not me, I tend to sort of shut down creativity when things around me seem a little out of my control and this past year has been a perfect example of that. There have been so many huge changes in my life, everything from my career to my kids all being grown and away from home, (far away from home). And for me ... I've had to stay very focused on getting settled in to my new routine.
     It's no secret (as so many of you have taken time to point out), that I spend very little time here in J Land these days. Although, being busy and focused elsewhere is one of the biggest reasons I haven't been around much, it's not the only reason. Here comes the dinosaur part.
     I have been a member of AOL for over 10 years now, being part of this community has always been very important to me. As upset as I was about the whole banner ad thing I still stayed when so many of my friends jumped ship, lifetime AOL'er right?
     Truth is it's not so much a brand loyalty issue ... it's more the lack of interest and drive to figure out how to switch providers and still keep my journal. I remember how difficult it was for some of you to figure things out when you switched to AIM (before the whole free AOL thing).
    It's way past time for me to make some changes and move out of the dark ages. In a couple of days, I'll be getting my new dell notebook and will be switching from dial up to cable/wireless. YAY!!! I told you I was among the last of the dinosaurs. (a slooooooow dial up system has made it much less fun to write, as you might imagine)
     Anyone have any advice on what I'll have to do to access Dancing in the Rain once I terminate my long overdue contract with AOL?
     AOL is free now, right? I am one of the very few still paying for dial up right? Anyway ... don't want to loose my journal, my friends or my e mail address. Any help would be appreciated