Sunday, February 25, 2007

It's me ...


     Just checking in to say, it's official ... I'm no longer on dial up and, I'm no longer paying for AOL.

     Thanks to all of the good advice that you guys left in the comment threads of my last entry, I was able to breeze through the process of converting my paid dial up account that I've had for over 10 years now, to a free broadband account.

     It was simple really. I just clicked on live support and through a chat session, had someone from AOL walk me through the conversion process.

     Obviously they did try to sell me on several different options for a new plan that would save me money. To that I just insisted that all I wanted was help with the conversion.

     This very well may be the first time I've ever needed to use support during the last 10 years, so not having it in the future, should be no big deal.

     I still sign on the way I always have in the past, it just says broadband for location now. It's amazing how much faster everything moves with cable, and the best part ... I no longer have to pay AOL to hang their banner ads in my journal.

     See you around ... I do plan to spend more time here soon.




dcmeyer420 said...

Wooohoooo! Welcome to the world of broadband! Looking forward to your next update. Hugs.

nhd106 said...

Hey You,
So glad you'll be around more!  Yay!


krobbie67 said...

Congratulations! Does that mean you'll let go of our collective hand now. 'Cause mines getting a cramp and feels a bit sweaty. Gawd woman! You've got a strong grip! ;-p

sunnyside46 said...

well, I am going to be brave and try that too

jeanno43 said...

Welcome to Broadband, so much better except when AOL chooses to mess up your journal and you cannot access it like me right now

mariebm56 said...

Welcome aboard, Coy!

gaboatman said...

I'm glad the conversion went well and that you are enjoying a faster connection now.  Not to mention the financial advantage, LOL.  The even better news is that we will be seeing a lot more of you in the future.  Looking forward to it.

luvmort said...

Well hullo!  Umm...maybe now I can get some Coy time.  I thought you died!?

brimasta1 said...

Hey Coy! Long time no read. :) Hope all is well.


nanmm11 said...

I too just love not paying for AOL anymore!! Did you download the new format "aol openride"? thats what I've got now FREE Its for AIM users and thats me and nothing has changed as far as buddies,addresses. I do like the 4 screen format too. A little getting used to navigating around at first but cool. Good luck with it.

suzypwr said...

Have definitely missed you! I might get down your way in June - how long have I been trying, lol?

Welcome back!


hestiahomeschool said...

Just stopping in to say HI!

hestiahomeschool said...

Just stopping in to say hi!  We will be in Florida in less than two weeks. I hope we see iguanas like you post on your blog!

love, Kas

mutualaide said...

Hey Coy!  What you say in your last entry about keeping an interest as well as being busy in daily life ... it makes it much more difficult to keep going and find 'things' to write about.  After all the ad banner crap and all the people leaving and going and coming and staying ... wow ... it was such a tough time.  I've hung on and I've had periods of time where I haven't posted and then all of a sudden I'm back into it and going strong.  I think it's about finding our own balance.

All that, and really, all I was doing was stopping in to see if you were here and fine!

lamove04 said...


Guess who else is still on Dial-Up?  :-(

Hey Coy, I've tentatively stuck my big toe back into the murky waters of Blog-Land.  Check it out, and hope you are well!   xxoo, Alb/Grove