Tuesday, February 28, 2006

On Saturday ...

      I attended Dr. Bob's Musicians' Coffee House, he holds them once a month at a local community college library. When I got there he asked if I brought my guitar, I said yes and was asked if I wanted to play a song or two.    


     I've never been known for being real shy, but just could not imagine getting up there in front of 100 or so people (many of which turned out to be amazing musicians) and playing Old Susanna and Hush Little Baby, (the only two songs that I happened to know at the time). I still have not figured out why we have to start out learning such silly songs.

      Anyway ... I passed and he encouragingly said, OK, maybe by next month. It actually amazes me to see teachers like Dr. Bob putting so much of their time and energy into teaching other people to do something. This coffee house reaches into the community and offers local musicians a place to get up on stage and perform in front of a crowd. But ...

     It's easy to tell that his heart is with his students and offering them an immediate opportunity to practice stage performance. That's Dr. Bob in the center of the photo above with a few of his students playing some of the songs that they've learned.

     As you can tell, I'm still having some problems with my new camera in low light settings, I sort of miss the point and shoot-ability of my Kodak Instant Share. The Nikon is just so darn adjustable and I've been to busy to get the whole white balance, exposure compensation and sensitivity (ISO) thing figured out. 

     I did just receive some advice from Steven at (sometimes photoblog) though and should be able to get much better results next time.Thanks Steven.



Sunday, February 26, 2006

Beginner Guitar Class #4 ...

  2 new songs.

     Before we got instruction on our two new songs on Wednesday, we practiced playing the ones from last week together. Hush Little Baby was not so bad but Oh Susannah was a different story.

     We played through it and then the Good Dr. stooped and asked what the problem was. When he got to me, I said that I don't actually have a problem playing the song, unless I try to sing the words with it. For some reason they did not all seem to fit. He looked at me and said try it, try the music and the words together. I figured he meant all of us, but once I started playing and singing it didn't take long to figure out that I was in it alone. Of course the words all fit and I made it through my first solo in front if the class. The only solo so far ; )   


     Our two songs for this week are On Top Of Old Smokey and Home On The Range. I was sort of surprised to read the words to Old Smokey about a false hearted lover and all, the only part I remember is something about spaghetti and loosing a meatball when somebody sneezed.

     Both songs are in 3/4 time, three beats to a measure. Home on the Range adds two new chords G7 and A7 and the use of the alternate G (with pinkie finger) for smoother chord exchange.

     A capo on the fifth fret changes the song to the key of C and makes it easier to sing. I know this music class stuff is probably getting pretty boring to most of you, it's just what's on my mind most right now so please be patient with me. Plus ... once I become a "Famous Rock Star", you can say you knew me when, right? (wink)


Saturday, February 18, 2006

Today ...

   was such a gorgeous day, I was happy to get out and about some and to have the opportunity to take a few photos.

     After reading a comment that was left in one of my entries this week, I sort of had my eye out for a ukulele. I didn't happen to run across one but I did see one of these, not sure what it's called but it does have 4 strings and it sounds absolutely beautiful.

      It's nothing like a ukulele, more like a violin of some type (see the bow)? I don't guess you would consider learning to play one of these, right Mort?

     I'll post more of the fun photos I took during the week, I'm to pooped to edit the images tonight.

    BTW ... Sam, yes, the tips of my fingers are most definitely in that painful and not so attractive "acquiring callouses from learning to play the guitar, stage". And ... manicure? what manicure? I now have to clip my nails very short a couple of times a week. This may be the main reason that I haven't learned to play the guitar before now ;-)

     My one day weekend is already over, back to work first thing in the morning, Have I ever mentioned that I hate one day weekends? Good week ahead all.


A bottle of wine ...

     a cozy fire, and Valentine food to die for.

     Lucky for me Valentine's Day fell on a Tuesday this year. I most always spend Tuesday evenings at my sister's house with her and her husband, this week was no exception.

      My sister was surprised with a new stainless steel grill that my dad wanted her to have as a thank-you for letting him stay at her house for so long after Katrina. 


     The grill was such an appropriate gift since it was exactly like the one he bought for himself just days before they were ordered to evacuate New Orleans. Like most people, when packing to evacuate he only expected to be away from home for a day or two so he packed light, real light. We're talking a couple changes of clothes, his dog Panda and a bag of dog food.

     While there were things left behind that were more important than the grill, like refills for medications, check book/deposit slips, and his prescription sunglasses ... the grill seemed to be the one thing most on his mind.

      Over and over he would say "I should have tied that grill to the back of my car and pulled it to Florida" or ... "I'll bet there is a group of now homeless people camping out at my house, cooking my steaks on my new grill and drinking all of my booze." Sort of made you want to join them. LOL 

      Anyway ... he called Monday and told me that they had the same grill as his, on sale at K-Mart (of all places), I went down on Monday and bought one, and Robert went on Tuesday to pick it up and deliver it to my sister. (Thanks Rob)   


     Theresa came home with a bottle of wine, 3 beautiful Filet Mignon Steaks, King Crab Legs, Little Neck Clams, and Artichokes. So many of our favorite things all at one time. YUM.

     Chris said putting the grill together would be an all day Sunday project but of course Theresa and I wanted to grill our Valentine delights on the new grill so ... we started putting the thing together while Chris was still at the gym. Ummm, OK ... so not one of the best ideas we ever had.

     We ended up grilling on the old grill while watching the Charlie Brown Valentine Special. Then hanging out by the fire for a bit.


      What more could a girl ask for on Valentine's Day?

  Purple Passion Guy?  <- click What Purple Passion Guy? 


Friday, February 17, 2006

Me too, Annie Girl ...

    Not enough time in the day   <-- just read this entry in Ann's, Hours:Minutes:Seconds Journal. I know exactly how she feels.



Thursday, February 16, 2006

Beginner Guitar Class #3 ...


     We didn't have class last Wednesday, so last night was class #3 and we are moving right along at a pretty rapid pace. We received copies of the songs we will be learning in the weeks to come. By the end of the 8 weeks our repertoire should include such classics as Oh Susannah, Hush Little Baby, He's Got The Whole World In His Hands, Home On The Range, On Top Of Old Smokey, You Are My Sunshine, She'll Be Coming Around The Mountain, and The Hokey Pokey. (Hey ... no laughing, everybody has to start somewhere.)     

     It was sort of interesting when we were looking over our first two songs (above) and Dr. Bob was explaining that both are played in 4/4 time (4 beats to each measure) and that on Old Susannah, you sing the first two pick up notes before beginning to strum down, down up, down down. I looked at the guy sitting next to me and said, "Good God ... we're going to sing!" He says "This could get ugly." We all laughed.     

     Luckily Dr. Bob ended up handling the vocals for the evening, wouldn't want to be pressured into to much to soon, ya know ;-) So far I seem to be keeping up ok, I'll let you know how it goes.     

    It's not to late, to catch up if you like, I'm only 3,  1 hour classes into this and would be happy to share details of anything I've picked up so far and I know from you comments that many of you have been playing music all of your lives, all comments and suggestions welcome.                     


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

February 14th


BTW ...


Saturday, February 11, 2006

What do you suggest?

Please leave a suggestion ... about anything you'd like.

Last time you guys suggested ...

  how about lowering gas prices, water bills, taxes, more affordable housing for the elderly, more federal help for those who have lost their homes in natural dissasters, more jobs for americans, more money allocated for global warming research, medical research,less budget cuts for schools,lowering co pays for prescritions for elderly, more money for art programs,less high calorie lunches in schools, ketchup is not a vegetable ya know like some schools believe!!, just to name a few!! thank you for the venting suggestion box. It  really helps my aggression here. lol As always coy, you make us think and keep those brain cells from dying off!!  XXXOOO
Comment from
nanmm11 - 7/19/05 11:03 AM *8 day Weekends!

Honestly, I like all yours and can't think of a thing to add.
Oh, wait.  I know...
(Note to self ) ~ Be more original!   ;D
Comment from
txsguinan - 7/18/05 8:01 PM  

Three Day Weekends? :-) ---Robbie
Comment from
krobbie67 - 7/18/05 8:51 AM  

good one - how about live, love, laugh and peace! ~ Lori
Comment from fitzzer - 7/15/05 7:17 AM  

 Light your torches!!
Comment from
deabvt - 7/14/05 3:40 AM  

 * Exercise more
* Read more books
* Go back to school
* Be more adventurous
Comment from
rivercitygirl1 - 7/14/05 12:15 AM  

 I wish you were in charge!
Okay , let me think
pet more dogs
makelove more often
take time to talk to children & really listen to what they say
pause before answering anyone to make sure you were listening & not just waiting for your chance to talk
tell people you love them
Comment from
sunnyside46 - 7/13/05 11:15 PM  

*watch what we eat
*get more exercise
*go to an arcade and get your game on just for fun
*ride that log flume one more time!
Comment from
ryanagi - 7/13/05 4:24 PM  

Well, since I have a 4 day weekend every weekend. I guess Im kinda spoiled. ;)
Comment from brimasta1 - 7/13/05 10:34 AM

Did someone already say, "Sit in your bathtub and eat Pomegranates"? Damn, that was gonna be mine.
Comment from
belfastcowboy75 - 7/13/05 8:07 AM

Laugh out loud more!
Pray more.
Say I love you MORE!
Visit friends more!
Say Thank you more.
Comment from
indigosunmoon - 7/12/05 10:47 PM

I agree with jersey girl's Nettie, 3 day weekends are a must!
Longer summers!!!  Shorter winters!!!
Peopleneed to slow down & appreciate all of God's gifts...our children, our loved ones, sunsets, flowers......beauty surrounds us everyday, we need to open our eyes & see.
Comment from
mariebm56 - 7/12/05 9:57 PM  

 Live like there is no tomorrow.... Dance like no one is watching... Love as you would like to be loved.
Comment from
astaryth - 7/12/05 9:34 PM  

 Learn how to be a sniper.
Hunt down those that done you wrong.
Oh...wait...I was just informed that it wasn't that kind of list. Sorry.
Comment from
luvmort - 7/12/05 8:22 PM  

Be happier
Love unconditionally
Spend a moment with my own thoughts
Be less moody
Take more walks
Comment when I read journal entries
Eat more OREOS
Comment from
stacy1tbkl - 7/12/05 8:17 PM  

*Play more
*Don't wait to tell people you love them
*Diet less
*Learn from each other
*Sit in your bathtub and eat Pomegranates!
Comment from
nhd106 - 7/12/05 8:15 PM  

 *Comment more instead of drive by reading of other's journals.
*Exercise and stop eating on the run.
*Write more
*Read more
Comment from dcmeyer420 - 7/12/05 8:08 PM  

Praise God more often !!!!
Comment from
rglewis38 - 7/12/05 7:33 PM  

*everyone should call their mom more often
*doodle and draw
*watch clouds and daydream
*blast music and dance like a fool while doing housework
*smile at other patrons while in long lines
Comment from
geminiwilder - 7/12/05 7:19 PM  

What a great entry.  I suggest 3 day weekends, spending more time with those you love, stopping to smell the flowers - all of them, breathing deeply, getting out with a camera (or doing what you love) and of course telling those you love, that you love them! :-)  Plus all you said too! :-)
Comment from
sonensmilinmon - 7/12/05 6:42 PM  

This is so hard.  I would suggest that everyone stays at the age they would like to be and at their happiest and healthiest but then the population would be more than we could sustain. That world leaders would all get together and actually listen to each other and agree on things, and having agreed, do it.
Comment from
jeanno43 - 7/12/05 6:18 PM  

 ..two times all of the above..except for the one about teachers, make that a triple!..E
Comment from
emfeasel - 7/12/05 5:59 PM  

yes, just love everybody. judi
ps... this delighted me
Comment from
judithheartsong - 7/12/05 5:55 PM

Oh this will be fun!  I'll be back in a few days to read everyone's suggestions...here's mine:
* 3 day weekends!
* stop sweating the small stuff!
*  drink more water!
*  take more photos!
*  live passionately!
Comment from
cneinhorn - 7/12/05 5:43 PM

I suggest that it stay permanently summer here. I am enjoying the 90+ degree days. Dogs should learn to use toilets, including to flush for themselves. Weeds should be pulled once, then that's it. Grass should get to the perfect height, and stay there. Clean house, it stays that way......
Comment from
suzypwr - 7/12/05 5:37 PM

OMG...the do mores are endless chica!  I suggest that I be the next lottery winner...shallow I know, but I'm paying/not bills.  ;)     C.
Comment from gdireneoe - 7/12/05 5:26 PM

{{{Coy}}}  Eat more ice cream!  Watch sunsets more often!
I couldgo on & on...............!
~~Aunt Nub~~
Comment from
montaukny - 7/12/05 5:20 PM

Friday, February 10, 2006

Dad and Panda update ...


     I talked to my Dad tonight in New Orleans and I'm happy to report that he and Panda are both doing well.

     Dad seemed incredibly upbeat despite the still near 3rd world living conditions that the city is in and the overwhelming feeling that the people there have of being all but forgotten by the rest of the world.

     As we were talking, I couldn't help but notice the enormous sense of guilt that he seems to be experiencing for being one of the lucky few who's home was spared and business was able to be salvaged and is now thriving, when so many of his friends and neighbors lost everything.  I guess it's all just part of the natural grieving process.

     On a happy note he says that there has been some progress made in the attempt to maintain a sense of history and tradition in that great city. Mardi Gras festivities are scheduled to begin tomorrow with the Krew du Viexus Parade and will continue through February 28th Fat Tuesday.

     Obviously they will not be entertaining the usual size crowd this year but the locals are revving up for one heck of a celebration. Wish I could be there.                                                          

     If anyone is not familiar with my Dad and Panda story, you can find some of the details Here, Here, Here  Here  Here  Here and Here   OK ... so it was a long story, there is more but I'll quit now ;-)


Monday, February 6, 2006

Ms Patti ...

     One of the costars at Mortimer's Cafe, is having her gastro surgery today. I think she's really brave and my thoughts will be with her through this. My thoughts will also be with Mort of course (he's a mess).


     I'm already looking forward to hearing tales of her weight loss success to come. Good Luck Patti.



(add on) Ooops, I forgot that the AOL Cafe has been private since the banner ad thing, here's the link to Mortimers Cafe on Blog Spot. You'll find the same kind of updates there about the cool cats and hot chicks in his life that sip martinis, drink cappuccinos and read bad poetry. LOL ... Gotta Luv Mort!

Saturday, February 4, 2006

Beginner Guitar Class #2

     Last Wednesday, twenty-five or thirty people showed up for the beginner guitar class. That's a whole lot of non musicians with guitars, playing a whole lot of ... well, what ever that was we were playing.

     Luckily we were able to break down into 2 smaller groups, one starting at 6:00 and the other at 7:00. The smaller class this week seemed much more manageable.

      Taking into consideration that this is only going to be eight, one hour classes, "Dr. Bob" is going over a lot of information very quickly and is requiring that we do a lot of practicing at home. Obviously this is not going to be a class for the weak and squeamish, looks like you either sink or swim here and I expect that there will be a bit of fall out within the next couple of classes.

      I hate to see people give up before they even get started but if you don't 100% grasp everything we are going over so quickly in class, how can you go home and practice it?

     I for one plan on doing what ever I have to do to at least get through this first 8 weeks. "I will keep up with the class" How's that for the power of positive thinking?


     We are continuing the finger exercises from last week, and have added the C scale as well as basic chord progressions G, E minor, C and D7.  We also went over the "here comes the bride" method of tuning the guitar, (I may need a refresher on that one).

     If anyone is interested in details, I'll be glad to share what I can. It's not to late to get started and it shouldn't be to difficult keeping up with me, I'm only 2, 1 hour classes into this thing.

     It's actually been great having that chart posted on my journal this week. I can look at it now and see the scales. Before the class started I was able to pick out a G scale by ear. You know... do-re-me-fa-so-la-ti-do. I had no idea it was a G scale until I looked at the chart this week and noticed that the notes I had been playing started with the open G string and ended on G on the 6th string so ... that makes it a G scale.

     Up until now I've only played around with the notes on the 4th , 5th and 6th strings, it just seemed easier. Dr. Bob started up out with the C scale (in yellow above), starting with the C on the 2nd string and ending with the C on the 5th string.

     It was a little intimidating at first, I was afraid it would be very difficult picking the right string not only on the fret board but also with the pick. After practicing it several times, I can now do it with my eyes closed. I've been playing it over and over and over again. Now I can play 2 scales with near perfection, who would have thought?

    BTW ... my hit counter was near 33,000 and somehow it got reset to 0000000 today,  Maybe AOL is trying to tell me that It's time to officially move over to blogger. With all zeros here at Rain, is it as if no one has ever even been here?

     I'm 00000000 sad :-(  maybe I'll get over it.                                                                                                                                  


Thursday, February 2, 2006

Hmmm ...

The US cutting it's reliance on oil ...

Fighting poverty and disease abroad ...

Spreading freedom around the world ...

Thunderous rounds of applause and standing ovations ...

Domestic Agenda ...

and what about

Two of my Dad's favorite people turning 60 this year?

Any comment?


add on >    BTW ... Two of his Dad's favorite people turning 60 this year are George W and Bill Clinton. The look on Hillary Clinton's face when he said that was priceless. Didn't anybody else notice?

     That's really the only part I saw. My Brother in Law had it on (in Lieu of Commander in Chief) but we were busy with pie talk through most of it.

     In our family when something is not open for group conversation, someone will say "ahem ... that's not pie talk" that happens less often when it's just the three of us. I love Spending Tuesday evenings at my sister's house.


Happy Groundhog Day!!!

      Let the celebrations begin ... anyone have any big plans for today? I'm starting with a repost (including comments, because you guys are brilliant) from last Groundhog's Day but no telling where things might go from here : )    


2/2/05 Groundhogs and Neutria Rats!

     Everyone knows the legend of Punxutawney Phil the weather forecaster. Tomorrow (Feb 2nd) this fat cuddly groundhog will come out of his burrow looking for his shadow just like he has been doing for the last 118 years.

   The real question is ... do you know the legend of Rocky the Neutria Rat? Well ... not exactly a legend but every February when I see new photos of Phil I am reminded of my dear friend Rocky! Notice the resemblance?


      I don't know if I've ever mentioned that my X husband was Cajun. Yep ... a Coonass. Don't worry, that was not meant as a derogatory remark, Brad like most Cajuns considers being called a Coonass a badge of honor or something.

     Living in a Cajun family for 17 years you can bet that I've got lot's of Bayou Country Stories to tell but for now back to Rocky. When Brad and I first met, I worked in a bar in the neighborhood where he and I both lived (New Iberia Louisiana). He had a pet raccoon named Hope, she was a beauty and I loved to stop by and visit with her.  Brad promised to try and catch me a baby raccoon of my own in the spring time, I was so excited.

     Imagine my surprise when he walks in that spring not with a baby raccoon but instead with a baby Neutria Rat! Ewwww ... you say? Nah ... he looked like a beaver had giant orange teeth, feet like a duck and a tail like a rat ... not exactly the raccoon I had hoped for but what the heck, it was love at first sight.

     My roommate Joe, built Rocky huge cage, he was so small that I had to feed him with a bottle. Later he ate tons and tons of veggies. Did that Coonass know the way to this Florida Girls heart or what? Giving me the Neutria was like an open invitation for him to stop by and see me any time he wanted to.

     I didn't really mind ... I was always an adventurous soul and he did exposed me to all things outdoors. We went hunting and fishing and trolling for shrimp ... we went frogging and camping, we went crabbing and canoeing and most of all we would go water-skiing. We were some water-skiing fools.

     Rocky went everywhere with us and was always a conversation starter, especially when we were water-skiing. It was one thing when he was little but even when he was full grown I would put him on my shoulder when I would ski and he would find his way up to the top of my head ... once I would fall in Rocky would circle around and around until I was ready to get back up and he'd swim right back on my shoulder. Those web feet were made for swimming, everybody loved Rocky!

     I could not put my hands on any photos of Rocky tonight, the ones above were borrowed from The Heartland Farms Website I hope they don't mind.

     For all of my friends in New England ... heres hoping old Punxsutawney does not see his shadow tomorrow, you've had more than your fare share of winter this year. I'll be staying tuned to your journals to find out what happens when all of that snow starts melting. Eeeek!!!!

     BTW ... sunny and near 80 degrees here in beautiful South Florida today!

                                        *** Coy ***  


Hmm...all I can think of is, we have got to get better mouse traps! LOL! I can't imagine having a Neutria Rat as a pet. The name almost sounds like some sort of new-fangledspa treatment, in some sort of twisted alternate universe. I am loving the whiskers, though. Umm...whatever happened to Rocky?
Comment from luvmort - 2/7/05 9:27 PM

I LOVED this story.  I'm imagining a girl whizzing by on skis with a rodent on her head.  That's NOT something you see every day....
Comment from sunflowerkat321 - 2/6/05 7:24 AM

Go Rocky!

Comment from brimasta1 - 2/5/05 2:17 PM

Yeaaa! Rocky!
Great story.
Comment from deabvt - 2/5/05 10:02 AM

great entry. You make me smile. judi
Comment from judithheartsong - 2/3/05 1:53 PM

Rocky sounds adorable! I don't think I ever knew anyone who had a pet neutria before, lol.
Comment from suzypwr - 2/3/05 12:22 AM

Cute story about Rocky. Paula
Comment from plieck30 - 2/2/05 10:52 PM

Well, who couldn't love a pet with a face like that?  Oh gosh...I'll be Rocky was just a blast!  Thanks for a great story.
Comment from mutualaide - 2/2/05 9:59 PM

That was a "Rocky" story. Find those pictures, gotta see the "real" Rocky. Phil saw his shadow. Six more weeks! Ugh! rich
Comment from sanforized6 - 2/2/05 2:33 PM

Nutria rats are delicacies in New Orleans, LA. I remember being served one in a stew. Don't worry, I did not eat any of it. Now, I'm doubly glad I did not try it or I will be feeling so guilty after reading about Rocky.    
Comment from dcmeyer420 - 2/2/05 1:56 PM

Well, that was certainly a different pet.  Thank you for telling us about him.  I have heard lots about Cajun cooking and how good it is.
Comment from jeanno43 - 2/2/05 1:30 PM

Today. ground hogs day, it my daughters thirdbirthday! I love ground hogs day.

And I had never heard of that rat before. Thanks for sharing.
Comment from dababysback - 2/2/05 12:58 PM

I had a white rat for a pet at one time, and a squirrel monkey when I was a teen. We always had dogs also and I once had a rabbit that lived outside. NO doubt I would have warmed up to the little guy too! Nelle
Comment from nellemclaughlin - 2/2/05 10:06 AM

lol lol Coy, you never cease to amaze and entertain with such colorful and true stories. I think you should start your own collection of short stories and publish them. As for our groundhog, I think he's buried and we won't be seeing him anytime soon. Our weather station has just informed us that they are watching another storm system coming this week-end!!! Old man winter is sure hanging out with us alot this year. thanks for the warming stories. Keep em comin. Bye,yall!!
Comment from nanmm11 - 2/2/05 8:29 AM

a dognose day here,wet and cold. Hopes for spring,

Comment from sunnyside46 - 2/2/05 7:12 AM

wow, rocky must have been a neat little guy.  i never had such an adventurous pet!  well, once we had some ducks...they were neat.  thanks for the 'spring wishes'...no drought here.  i drove over the little river yesterday and noticed it's overflowing its banks already.  we had a HEATWAVE monday and tuesday, coy, it was THIRTY-FIVE!!  i threw off my jacket and shimmied in the sunshine!!!    w00t!!   :)   Phinney
Comment from geminiwilder - 2/2/05 3:58 AM

Comment from judypearllove - 2/2/05 1:52 AM  

no snow here to speak of, and it already feels like spring.  bulbs are starting to come up.  maybe the groundhog wont see his shadow...no more winter.  that's how it works, right?  
of course, it's been such a bland winter that we don't even have a snow cap to give us all water in the hot days of summer.  that's right, drought.   a little worried about that right now....
anyway, enjoy the weather in Florida. :D
Comment from babyshark28 - 2/2/05 1:46 AM

Neutria rat...that is a new critter on me! I've never heard of them before. Cool!
Comment from ryanagi - 2/2/05 1:38 AM