Friday, February 10, 2006

Dad and Panda update ...


     I talked to my Dad tonight in New Orleans and I'm happy to report that he and Panda are both doing well.

     Dad seemed incredibly upbeat despite the still near 3rd world living conditions that the city is in and the overwhelming feeling that the people there have of being all but forgotten by the rest of the world.

     As we were talking, I couldn't help but notice the enormous sense of guilt that he seems to be experiencing for being one of the lucky few who's home was spared and business was able to be salvaged and is now thriving, when so many of his friends and neighbors lost everything.  I guess it's all just part of the natural grieving process.

     On a happy note he says that there has been some progress made in the attempt to maintain a sense of history and tradition in that great city. Mardi Gras festivities are scheduled to begin tomorrow with the Krew du Viexus Parade and will continue through February 28th Fat Tuesday.

     Obviously they will not be entertaining the usual size crowd this year but the locals are revving up for one heck of a celebration. Wish I could be there.                                                          

     If anyone is not familiar with my Dad and Panda story, you can find some of the details Here, Here, Here  Here  Here  Here and Here   OK ... so it was a long story, there is more but I'll quit now ;-)



luvmort said...

I loved the last paragraph, I thought I was at Parliment with all the "here, here"s, lol!
So glad you got to talk to your Papa! Umm...I was thinking I just might need that job after the letter to the editor gets passed around. I may just get run out of town!

indigosunmoon said...

So glad to hear that your Dad and Panda are
doing well.  I can only imagine what New
Orleans is like now.  The media has all but
stopped reporting on it.
Still so many people without homes...

oceanmrc said...

I have not forgotten them!

I hope you will go and read my Tulane/New Orleans/Louisiana series; it started on January 16.  I am so glad your dad's life is relatively intact.  I will go back and read his story later today.

astaryth said...

Oh, so nice to hear such a positive update on your Dad and Panda... I understand how some people down there are feeling forgotten. Right after the disaster New Orleans was on everyones mind, but it takes a long time to rebuild, and other matters come along and distract anyone not intimately involved in the clean up/rebuilding. Did you see that All My Children is doing a Mardi Gras Ball with a Red Cross theme? You can call in your pledge and they send you back a personal message.... Sort of making you a part of the show AND getting donations for the Red Cross AND bringing New Orleans back to the forefront of peoples minds!!

jeanno43 said...

Glad things are going well for your Dad.  Yes, I can understand the guilt.  People say they feel guilty when they survive any disaster particularly involving loss of life and others do not.  From the rare bits we see on our t.v. the rebuilding process is extremely slow and people are not getting the help they need.

suzypwr said...

The Mardi Gras should get some dollars back down there! I am so glad your dad and Panda are doing well. Thanks for updating us on them!


ally123130585918 said...

I am glad your Dad and Panda a doing well.  It is awful that he feels guilty ....I suppose he can see what others have lost... and he was so lucky....We don't hear anything about New Orleans on the Media - They must feel truly forgotten...Hope the Mardi Gras festivities go well.

jmorancoyle said...

    I went back to read about your Dad's story and I am so happy that someone has made it through the worst without losing everything. It breaks my heart to see the damage that is still left to clean up. I saw it this morning on George Stephannopolis's show. It's February for God's sake. Why is it still so uninhabitable?