Thursday, February 2, 2006

Happy Groundhog Day!!!

      Let the celebrations begin ... anyone have any big plans for today? I'm starting with a repost (including comments, because you guys are brilliant) from last Groundhog's Day but no telling where things might go from here : )    


2/2/05 Groundhogs and Neutria Rats!

     Everyone knows the legend of Punxutawney Phil the weather forecaster. Tomorrow (Feb 2nd) this fat cuddly groundhog will come out of his burrow looking for his shadow just like he has been doing for the last 118 years.

   The real question is ... do you know the legend of Rocky the Neutria Rat? Well ... not exactly a legend but every February when I see new photos of Phil I am reminded of my dear friend Rocky! Notice the resemblance?


      I don't know if I've ever mentioned that my X husband was Cajun. Yep ... a Coonass. Don't worry, that was not meant as a derogatory remark, Brad like most Cajuns considers being called a Coonass a badge of honor or something.

     Living in a Cajun family for 17 years you can bet that I've got lot's of Bayou Country Stories to tell but for now back to Rocky. When Brad and I first met, I worked in a bar in the neighborhood where he and I both lived (New Iberia Louisiana). He had a pet raccoon named Hope, she was a beauty and I loved to stop by and visit with her.  Brad promised to try and catch me a baby raccoon of my own in the spring time, I was so excited.

     Imagine my surprise when he walks in that spring not with a baby raccoon but instead with a baby Neutria Rat! Ewwww ... you say? Nah ... he looked like a beaver had giant orange teeth, feet like a duck and a tail like a rat ... not exactly the raccoon I had hoped for but what the heck, it was love at first sight.

     My roommate Joe, built Rocky huge cage, he was so small that I had to feed him with a bottle. Later he ate tons and tons of veggies. Did that Coonass know the way to this Florida Girls heart or what? Giving me the Neutria was like an open invitation for him to stop by and see me any time he wanted to.

     I didn't really mind ... I was always an adventurous soul and he did exposed me to all things outdoors. We went hunting and fishing and trolling for shrimp ... we went frogging and camping, we went crabbing and canoeing and most of all we would go water-skiing. We were some water-skiing fools.

     Rocky went everywhere with us and was always a conversation starter, especially when we were water-skiing. It was one thing when he was little but even when he was full grown I would put him on my shoulder when I would ski and he would find his way up to the top of my head ... once I would fall in Rocky would circle around and around until I was ready to get back up and he'd swim right back on my shoulder. Those web feet were made for swimming, everybody loved Rocky!

     I could not put my hands on any photos of Rocky tonight, the ones above were borrowed from The Heartland Farms Website I hope they don't mind.

     For all of my friends in New England ... heres hoping old Punxsutawney does not see his shadow tomorrow, you've had more than your fare share of winter this year. I'll be staying tuned to your journals to find out what happens when all of that snow starts melting. Eeeek!!!!

     BTW ... sunny and near 80 degrees here in beautiful South Florida today!

                                        *** Coy ***  


Hmm...all I can think of is, we have got to get better mouse traps! LOL! I can't imagine having a Neutria Rat as a pet. The name almost sounds like some sort of new-fangledspa treatment, in some sort of twisted alternate universe. I am loving the whiskers, though. Umm...whatever happened to Rocky?
Comment from luvmort - 2/7/05 9:27 PM

I LOVED this story.  I'm imagining a girl whizzing by on skis with a rodent on her head.  That's NOT something you see every day....
Comment from sunflowerkat321 - 2/6/05 7:24 AM

Go Rocky!

Comment from brimasta1 - 2/5/05 2:17 PM

Yeaaa! Rocky!
Great story.
Comment from deabvt - 2/5/05 10:02 AM

great entry. You make me smile. judi
Comment from judithheartsong - 2/3/05 1:53 PM

Rocky sounds adorable! I don't think I ever knew anyone who had a pet neutria before, lol.
Comment from suzypwr - 2/3/05 12:22 AM

Cute story about Rocky. Paula
Comment from plieck30 - 2/2/05 10:52 PM

Well, who couldn't love a pet with a face like that?  Oh gosh...I'll be Rocky was just a blast!  Thanks for a great story.
Comment from mutualaide - 2/2/05 9:59 PM

That was a "Rocky" story. Find those pictures, gotta see the "real" Rocky. Phil saw his shadow. Six more weeks! Ugh! rich
Comment from sanforized6 - 2/2/05 2:33 PM

Nutria rats are delicacies in New Orleans, LA. I remember being served one in a stew. Don't worry, I did not eat any of it. Now, I'm doubly glad I did not try it or I will be feeling so guilty after reading about Rocky.    
Comment from dcmeyer420 - 2/2/05 1:56 PM

Well, that was certainly a different pet.  Thank you for telling us about him.  I have heard lots about Cajun cooking and how good it is.
Comment from jeanno43 - 2/2/05 1:30 PM

Today. ground hogs day, it my daughters thirdbirthday! I love ground hogs day.

And I had never heard of that rat before. Thanks for sharing.
Comment from dababysback - 2/2/05 12:58 PM

I had a white rat for a pet at one time, and a squirrel monkey when I was a teen. We always had dogs also and I once had a rabbit that lived outside. NO doubt I would have warmed up to the little guy too! Nelle
Comment from nellemclaughlin - 2/2/05 10:06 AM

lol lol Coy, you never cease to amaze and entertain with such colorful and true stories. I think you should start your own collection of short stories and publish them. As for our groundhog, I think he's buried and we won't be seeing him anytime soon. Our weather station has just informed us that they are watching another storm system coming this week-end!!! Old man winter is sure hanging out with us alot this year. thanks for the warming stories. Keep em comin. Bye,yall!!
Comment from nanmm11 - 2/2/05 8:29 AM

a dognose day here,wet and cold. Hopes for spring,

Comment from sunnyside46 - 2/2/05 7:12 AM

wow, rocky must have been a neat little guy.  i never had such an adventurous pet!  well, once we had some ducks...they were neat.  thanks for the 'spring wishes' drought here.  i drove over the little river yesterday and noticed it's overflowing its banks already.  we had a HEATWAVE monday and tuesday, coy, it was THIRTY-FIVE!!  i threw off my jacket and shimmied in the sunshine!!!    w00t!!   :)   Phinney
Comment from geminiwilder - 2/2/05 3:58 AM

Comment from judypearllove - 2/2/05 1:52 AM  

no snow here to speak of, and it already feels like spring.  bulbs are starting to come up.  maybe the groundhog wont see his more winter.  that's how it works, right?  
of course, it's been such a bland winter that we don't even have a snow cap to give us all water in the hot days of summer.  that's right, drought.   a little worried about that right now....
anyway, enjoy the weather in Florida. :D
Comment from babyshark28 - 2/2/05 1:46 AM

Neutria rat...that is a new critter on me! I've never heard of them before. Cool!
Comment from ryanagi - 2/2/05 1:38 AM



ally123130585918 said...

Coy I really enjoyed reading your entry....Glad you fell in love with Rocky when you first saw him....and would loved to have seen you water-skiing with him on your head (I could imagine he would be a good conversation starter)

suzypwr said...

I hope you can find some pictures of your very own Rocky!

sanforized6 said...

Ditto!! rich

deabvt said...

Hehehe, Terrific!

luvmort said...

Two things, I remember this odd little entry from last year and still have the same thought.
Second, isn't it a shame how many J-landers are no longer commenting?

sunnyside46 said...

I started to say I had never heard of a pet nutria, but after reading my comment, I guess I have! so we have known each other over a year