Tuesday, August 31, 2004

The face of adversity.

Adversity <-- click

     I know that Mother and Daughter conflicts are inevitable, two women with two different prospectives. Still, I find myself shocked and amazed at the reality of how the friction between us can generate so much heat.

     The ups and downs of living with this 17 year old beauty can be exhausting to say the least.

     I would not consider my self especially controlling or suffocating, but I do expect the best from her. This is a girl with a good head on her shoulders and I expect her to use it.

     Her rebellious nature can be so hard to live with even though I know that it is probably her way of saying "Hey, I am 17 years old now Mom and this is my life so stop trying to push your perfect little fantasy of my life, on me".

     My returned reaction to her rebelling is just my way of saying "no matter how old you become, I will never stop being or acting like your Mother. Right now it is my job to finish seeing you through adolescence (for lack of a better word) and into adulthood".

Or ...

     "HEL -LO!, it is important for me to stay here beside you making sure that you don't loose track of your goals in the final hour. Soon you will be flying out into the world and I want you to do so strong, proud and with positive direction."

     It would be much easier if we could both just say what we mean instead of getting caught up in these stressful, frustrating  discrepancies.

     Despite the conflict and the fact that we don't always compleatly understand each other, we still enjoy each others company and spend a lot of time together.

     I know from my own experience that our Mothers have a way of influencing the way we feel about ourselves (Thanks Mom) so I do my best to focus on her strengths rather than her faults but sometimes it seems near impossible;-]

     There is nothing in this world that I love more than my three kids, but this stress causing, friction creating, button pushing 17 year old is no doubt the face of adversity in my life right now.

                                   *** Coy *** 

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Lucy Lou


         Checking in real quick like!  I have not posted an entry in 3 days and my in box has been filled with I miss you's and hope everything is OK messages. Thanks for missing me:-)

     I haven't been away, I've had a pinched nerve in my shoulder since Wednesday morning. Ouuuuuch, It's excruciating pain and I am a stranger to pain. (Unless you count childbirth.)

     On Wednesday I thought OK, this will go away by tomorrow, Thursday I figured out that it was a pinched nerve and then finally on Friday I went to the Doctor.

    She gave me cortisone, anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxer. Should be good as new in a day or two:-)

                          *** Coy ***


Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Editing Alerts

     Apologies for multiple alerts on the car entry, I had no idea until yesterday that alerts were sent out every time an entry is updated. For months I have been editing entrys with multiple photos 2 and 3 times and more until they look right to me. Sorry for that.

     This one is still not right, I will have to fix it when I get home from work or it will drive me crazy. Thanks to "Walk with me" for the heads up about editing alerts.

                                  *** Coy ***


Feel free to speculate

      The following is an entry I was going to post several weeks ago and didn't, you'll find out why in a minute.


Sushi Tuesday,  

         Sushi Tuesday is a tradition that comes and goes where I work. We try to order Sushi as often as possible, especially on Tuesday's. This week David sprung for the best take out Sushi that we know of. 

     The picture above is of David, that look on his face is pure delight in the middle of a Tuesday night at work. I want to tell David's funny Sushi story, I don't think that he will mind. Actually there are two, I have already told the other one <--click 


             A few months ago David bought a brand new Honda S2000, it's really cute and it's really fast. After just having the car for a few weeks, he was driving home in the pouring rain very slowly and very cautiously (just ask him) Ummm Hmmm. He gets run off of the road by a fast passing truck and he wrecked his cute and new little car. We have all thanked God a million times that no one was hurt.

     Dave gets out of the car in the pouring rain, bag of Sushi in hand and stands stunned, looking at his cute and crashed little car. He continues to stand there in a state of shock,Sushi clutched tightly in hand. 

      Later when we were recounting the events of the crash he says "I have no idea why I was standing there with my bag of Sushi" But I knew the answer to that one right away.       

     First of all, it is the best take out Sushi in town, secondly just a few day's prior to the accident I remember Dave reading me a report of a cop being suspended from the police force for eating a Big Mac out of the crashed car of a girl that was being rushed to the hospital an ambulance.

     In his subconscious mind I know that he was saying to him self, "They may take my cute little crashed car but they will never get my Sushi"

     By the way, after weeks and weeks of intense repair he did get the car back. It's still really cute, it's still really fast and it is almost as good as new.

                                W A S S A B I !!!

                                     *** Coy ***

     After writing that entry, I  E-mailed it to my friend David for his approval before posting it, I decided to hold off because of what happened next. Heres the rest of the story ...

      It's Monday morning, Dave is not at work and I have to cover for him. He threw his back out (something that happens to him every now and then). A little later in the day we get a phone call from him ...  David says "I happened to look out my window and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that both of my parking spaces were empty."

     He said "I rushed down to the parking lot (bad back and all) I'm standing where my car should be parked and it's not here, it's just not here. Someone has stolen my car!  OMG SOMEONE STOLE MY CAR!" Then we hear a little static on the phone and he says "OMG my cell phone is dying (the only phone he has) I've thrown my back out, someone has stolen my car and my cell phone charger is in the trunk!" then the line went dead.

     Not funny, right? (well OK, maybe a little funny but not to Dave). We did send someone to bring him a new cell phone charger and he had to take his old car in to be serviced, get everything legal to put it back on the road. It has been sitting up for almost a year, except for the few weeks he had to drive it after the and the car was being rebuilt. Good thing he held on to it.

     Four weeks later, still driving the beat up old Nissan. Everyone has been saying from day one that a stolen car is usually returned within 48 hours unless it was taken by professionals completely dismantled in a matter of minutes and loaded in parts on the next boat to the Dominican Republic or some other 3rd Word Country.       

     He has been taking it pretty well and seemingly coming to terms with the fact that the car was gone forever. Then believe it or not he gets a call yesterday (4 weeks later) from the police department saying that they have found the car and it's in one piece, it has been abandoned and sitting in the parking lot of a Country Club.

     Elated he rushes down to see it and although it has a little mud on it and it's covered in fingerprint dust, it seems like there has been very little damage. The only things missing are the extras he has added since he bought it, like spoilers and other sporty stuff.

      Although these parts were a pretty pricey loss, they can all be replaced he is just so happy to be getting his car back.

        I thought it might be fun for us to humorously speculate on what may have happened to Dave's car in the past few weeks.  I will be forwarding this entry to him soon.       

Heres my speculation ...

     I imagine Junior, a spoiled rich kid has the same car as Dave (a Birthday present from Dad) He sees Dave's car and all of the extras he has added to it this year and wants them for his car too. Mom and Dad are away on Holiday, Junior has been left home alone.

     He decides to take the carin the middle of the night and take it home and park it safely in the garage where he politely begins to remove the parts he wants on Dave's car and put them on his own.          

     His car is looking sweet, he impresses the guy's, he's busy picking up new chicks with his now very cool car and all is going well until he finds out Mom and Dad are coming back from their trip a few days early.

     He is panicked, heart beating, blood pumping and adrenaline flowing he drives the car to a local Country Club drops it off and starts his long walk home alone in the rain.                                                        

                                                  *** Coy ***

Monday, August 23, 2004

Sunny mornings and afternoon thunderstorms.

     A glorious sunny morning at the beach in the company of a good friend while every one else slaves away at their 9 to 5.

     The water was smooth as glass, very unusual. We were very content to reclaim our spot in the sand that has lured so many here from across the world.

After a couple of hours of nourishing our souls the dark clouds started to roll in from the Everglades and a distant clap of thunder served as a reminder that it was time to pack up, head home, take a shower and go to work.

     Yes, their are some advantages to working nights when you live in paradise.

                                         *** Coy ***


Saturday, August 21, 2004

Smell those shrimp ... they're beginning to boil.

     Go Pa Paw, it's your Birthday, we're gonna party like it's your Birthday, we're gonna - oh excuse me, got a little carried away there for a minute ...

     Today is my Dad's 67th Birthday, yikes 67 - not exactly a young whipper snapper any more is he?

     I have 2 Dad's <--- click this one is {{{Al}}} my Step Dad, the man married to dear old Mom. He is one of 11 children and they grew up near by in the Fort Lauderdale area.

     Over the years his brothers and sisters have been moving away one by one and are now spread all over the USA. Today Ronny and Donny (the youngest set of twins) came with a huge horse trailer to pick up Linda (sister) to take her to Mt Dora  to live near them.

     I'm sure the move will be good for her but that only leaves one other brother Cecil close by. We had a lovely shrimp boil this afternoon to celebrate both Dad's 67th and Linda's going away. It was fun and Mandy fell in love with L.B. the Chihuahua, isn't he the cutest?

     LB's dad Donny is fighting cancer like a Trojan, love and prayers for him every single day.

     8 more years until Dad turns 75, that's when they all get together for a huge celebration in honor of each others 75th Birthday <--- click.


   Cool platter there Birthday-boy!

                                                       *** Coy ***


Company's coming.

     Company's coming tomorrow, there was so much that needed to be done.

      It seems more and more of our family gatherings are being held in restaurants these days.

     You walk in, you sit down and everyone gets to pick out what they want. Low fat or low carb, no this or no that ... everyone is happy.

     After dinner, someone clears the table, washes the dishes and serves you coffee and desert,

     Ahhh ... but at what price some might ask. It has been my experience that taking 10 people out for dinner, even at $25 - $30 a  head (no bar tab, we're not really drinkers) doesn't cost any more than doing it at home and there is none of the labor involved.

   No restaurant this time, we are doing this at home. 10 people for lunch. We're trying to make this simple, perfect homemade lemonade, boiled shrimp with new potatoes, onions and corn on the cob, authentic Caesar salad, yep anchovies and raw egg yolk in the dressing and all, store bought cheese cake.

     Mandy made the lemonade, it's her grandmothers recipe ...


     Mom is not thrilled with the corn, bet she goes out and tries to find some that's fresher in the morning ...


     This is Mandy's "I still cant believe that you are putting those anchovies in my salad" face ...


     The floors have been mopped, the table has been set and the towels have been tied for napkins ...


     The cheese has beengrated, the fresh bread for croutons has been cubed and the Caesar dressing is chilling, potatoes have been cleaned and the onions are peeled and it's time now to get some rest.  

                                             *** Coy ***


Thursday, August 19, 2004

Scalzi assignment #20

Weekend Assignment #20: Tell us about your favorite entry of your own from the last 366 days (it's a leap year). Tell us why it still resonates for you. And "favorite" can mean anything you want it to mean: Most amusing, most heartbreaking, most affirmative of yourself, whatever. One good way to think of it is if you could show someone only one entry from your Journal, which one would it be?

     This was the 2nd AOL-J entry that I ever wrote, written on March 24th (notice it had 0 comments).

     I decided to copy and paste, instead of linking to the entry so I can add a related graphic (taken from one of my old journals) and also maybe I will read it a few times this week when I come to post a new entry in Dancing in the Rain.

     Being the lighthouse is still the biggest part of who I am but I am spending a little more time these day's looking out for me:-)


Thursday, March 25, 2004
8:35:00 AM EST
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Just like a lighthouse

     I often direct so much of my time and energy to taking care of what's best for the people I love the most. It can become all consuming and often I forget to take care of what's most important me.

     I want my daily rounds to be motivated by making necessary choices that will bring more health, joy, love, creativity, passion and contentment to my own life.

     Today my journey changes direction as I begin to reclaim my life. I will search for the knowledge and determination to make the crucial changes in behavior, thought and attitude so I can become the best that I can be. 

     Over 25 years ago, one of my closest friends Chris wrote a song called Just like a Lighthouse. The lyrics included a part that said "I'm just like a lighthouse on a stormy sea, if your boat gets lost you can depend on me. When it's cold as the rain and it's black as the night, look for me and I am always in sight. But all I want to know is who, who looks out for me when I'm looking out for you?"

     The truth is no one, no one looks out for me. I have spent so much time looking out for them when I should have spent more time looking out for me.

                                  *** Coy ***


Written by coy1234787 (Link to this entry)

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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

It isn't going to come easy.


    For so long now, I've spent my life teaching her, protecting her and loving her and soon it will be time to give her wings.

     It is hard to imagine releasing her into this world that I have spent so much time preparing her for.

    You put so much effort into trying to be the perfect Mother, trying to be understanding, helpful and loving.

    And then you have to come to terms with the fact that you won't be able to live her life for her or be in control of the direction that she will choose.

     She will relish her freedom, just as I did at that age. It isn't going to come easy, giving her wings.

                                      *** Coy ***


Monday, August 16, 2004


     Difficult times will come and go, it's all just part of life. It's not always easy to remain cheerful and optimistic during these trying times.

     In the beginning there is that overwhelming feeling of shock that leaves you feeling disoriented and not sure of which way you will turn.

     At times like this I tend to become very still and quiet, asking myself questions in hopes of finding answers.

     Sometimes it becomes obvious that things cannot be changed, at that point it's wise to try and let go of that which I can't control. Most times choice and direction will begin to become clearer.

     I am in one of those still and quiet times right now, hoping for obvious answers.

                                     ***Coy ***


Sunday, August 15, 2004

Scalzi Assignment #19


When I read this ...

Weekend Assignment #19: Tell us about an entry in someone else's AOL Journal or blog that really left an impression on you in the last year. Why does it stand out for you? Include a link to it within your entry (come back here and link to your entry in the comments).

I thought "Oh Yea, this is my kind of assignment, easy A on this one Coy" There are two AOL-J entry's that I will never forget reading. Two entry's written by 2 very different women, both striking a chord not just with me but with plenty of others that left their comments behind.

Here's the first one ...

I can't link to it because it is from a journal that is now private. It was written by Penny and she gave me permission to copy and paste.



Daybreak, that tiny moment when light escapes the darkness of night, the promise of another day. 

For me, it's just another reminder, of living another day just like the one before.  I'm being pushed into a place I don't want to be.  Into light.  Harsh reality, seeing shadows of the past, places I've been and thought I would never go back to, but I'm slipping back into the darkness, it's beginning to feel comfortable again, cool and quiet. 

Without light, I don't attempt to find my way in the blindness, I'm just there.  Without light, I don't have to look into a mirror, reflecting back an image that I don't recognise.  Without light, I don't see the ring that once circled around my left finger, holding promise.  Without light, I can't see the pictures of loved ones, now gone and quickly becoming distant memories, I can't remember her voice. 

In darkness, I don't feel the hot stinging of tears.  There is no stimulus to remind me.  I don't feel the pain or the longing.  Anxiety no longer exists.  I havethe luxury of being...nothing.  I am washed in comfortable numbness. 


Daybreakdown again.


Why did this one stand out for me?  click----> Here to find out.


The second one was written by Elizabeth <--- click at My Elegant Chaos. It was an entry about having Margaritas on the roof top with a friend, watching a very uninhibited little girl on another building dance like no one was watching. I love passion in Elizabeth's writing, when I read this entry I could almost taste the salt and lime from the half melted Margaritas.

I can't seem to link to this entry, so I will have to take an incomplete on the assignment. I am hoping that some of you have already read it, I'm sure you wouldn't have forgotten if you did:-)


This assignment would not be complete without mentioning 2 of my favorite new reads. Two very different men with two very, very different journals.

Albert <-- click and Mgraves <--- click

The why is easy with these two, because they always make me laugh.

                       *** Coy ***

Saturday, August 14, 2004

He left much destruction in his path


Look what I saw this afternoon in the park, don't think he would have been to bothered by a flood.

Thanks to every one for you good wishes in regard to Charley. Unlike many of our neighbors, here in Boca we got little more than some heavy winds.

 Prayers and best wishes to everyone that did end up in Charleys path, he left much destruction in his wake.

                       *** Coy ***


Friday, August 13, 2004

The calm before Charley


This Mornings Quiet Glimpse at the calm before the storm.

     No major storm preparation going on here, Charley is expected to make land fall this morning on the West Coast.

     Here in Boca Raton we will be under tropical storm, tornado and flood watches all day today. We do expect to get a little wet.

                                      *** Coy ***                     


Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Tiny Reminders

  School started here today, it's a reminder that summer is almost over. Here in South Florida (the land of endless summer) we depend on prompts to let us know when the seasons change.

     We won't expect to see much change in temperature until maybe mid October and chances are good that like last year, you may find us basking in the sun at the beach come Christmas or New Year's Day.

     Summertime seems so much different now that I am single (after 17 years), the kids are nearly grown (21, 20 & 17) and I am starting a new life on my own.

     I was just sitting here asking myself whether or not I really slowed down enough this year to take time to enjoy the simple pleasures of summer. You know the simple things like ...

Relaxing in a hammock * catching fireflies * making homemade ice-cream * attending a family reunion * going to a drive in movie * pitching a tent and singing campfire songs * swimming in a lake * attending an outdoor concert * watching a fireworks display * remembering to wave the flag * watching a local parade * hosting a pot luck dinner * collecting seashells on the beach * flying a kite * taking a moon lit walk * stargazing * picking fresh strawberries  * making homemade potato salad * having a crawfish boil * baking a special cake * garage sale-ing on Saturday mornings * having a block party with the neighbors * playing volleyball * spending a lazy afternoon fishing * having a picnic in the park * entering a watermelon seed spitting contest * running a 3 legged race * playing tug of war * enjoying ice cold lemonade outdoors in the shade * attending a little league baseball game * watching the birds or a butterfly * planting a garden * going horseback riding * snorkeling at a local reef * taking a row boat out on a lake  Hmmm ... did I even take time to dance in the rain?   

    I may not have gotten around to all of the things I would have like to have done but pictures above are tiny reminders of some of the sights, sonuds, smells and tastes of the awesome summer I did have this year.

                                     *** Coy ***  


Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Bonnie and Charlie

B is for Bonnie & C is for Charley


     Hmm ... there are a couple of storms brewing out there. Both look like they are coming our way. Charley is looking like he may be wanting to raise a little ruckus around here, we will be keeping a close eye on both of them.


     Oh, my apologies for the blank entry this morning, I don't remember doing that, must have ran out of time before work. Thank you for leaving your comments anyway. I wonder if anyone has ever gotten more than 6 comments on a blank entry before :-) 

                                              *** Coy ***



They Bloomed


    I got home from work about 10:30pm, I

could tell they were just about to open. I

thought I would have to wait until midnight

but they were full open by 11:30.

     OMG, the picture does not even begin to

do them justice. I wish that I could share the

smell as well, it is sooo lovely smells like an

island night. Mmmm ...

     I had trouble getting a good shot. My macro  setting did not

 work in the dark, no flash. I took quite a few shots and I was not

 happy with any of them so I picked one of the flowers and brought

 it inside to take this  photo on macro.  Any suggestions on getting a clear, close

up photo at night?

                                *** Coy ***





Monday, August 9, 2004

Happy Monday and Night Blooms.

     The backyard is full of Night-blooming cactus buds. I guess when you love something so much you tend to let it take over and use up as much space as it want's.

     The tiny bud in the center is what they all looked like just a couple of days ago and most look like they should open either tonight or tomorrow night:-)

     I will wait up until midnight, venture out into the back yard with flashlight and camera in hand in hopes of snapping a good picture or two when they are open.

    A lot of trouble you may say, but I say it's so worth it! Just wait until you see how gorgeous they are. It is a little strange though, that Mother Nature would reserve all of that beauty for the middle of the night, Hmmm ... what could she have been thinking?

                                   Happy Monday all

                                      *** Coy ***

Sunday, August 8, 2004

Rain Lilies and one day weekends.

     With all of this rain we have been having, the Rain Lilies by the back door have really been showing off this week, thought you might want to see them.

     Well, the weekend is over for me, back to work today at noon. I hate one day weekends, I really hate one day weekends!!! It is hard enough to do some of the things you have to get done in one day and squeezing in some of the things you want to do is even harder.

     I try not to complain to much because it does beat being unemployed. Yep, it really beats being unemployed:-)

                  *** Coy *** 


Saturday, August 7, 2004

She should have known better.

     My daughter Mandy asked me to take her shopping after I got off work yesterday for some new school clothes. In return she agreed to spend a couple of hours with me (and on a Friday night)!

     She picked the place for dinner (Pizza Hut), she had her choice of any fine restaurant in South Florida and she picks Pizza Hut. I found out why when we got there, it's because 3 of her friends work there:-)

     Now Mandy should have known better than to let me pick the early evening activities, I had to make it good after all she is 17 and will not be spending her Friday nights with me to often.

     Hmmm ... you can tell from the photos above that I picked watching the sunset with the alligators and the buzzards. Believe it or not she didn't even roll her eyes and give one of those big sighs that let's you know that you are way off mark.

     This park is only a mile or 2 away from our house but not many people even know that it's there. We spent a lot of time chatting, got really up close and personal with the gators that wanted to dance at our feet like little puppies for some left over pizza, YIKES!!! We did have to make a run for it once when they got a little to excited and friendly.

     The buzzards were back, this must be where they sleep. We were there earlier than I was on Wednesday evening so the mosquitos were not quite so bad, I even got a shot of the buzzard tree.

                                        *** Coy ***


Friday, August 6, 2004

comments and links!



  I work really late on Thursday nights and then I am right back there first thing on Friday mornings so I don't have a lot of time for an update right now.

     However ... I did want to take just a minute to say "OMG- 25 comments in one day" that's a record for Dancing in the rain.

     Thank each one of you that has taken time to stop by and leave kind words or just a link to your own journal. Tomorrow is my day off, looks like I will be doing a little journal hopping and leaving behind a few comments of my own.

     The photo above is one of my very favorites (also my screensaver). I took it in January when I first got my digital camera, (I love my digital camera). It was taken in a beautiful alleyway in St. Thomas, I was there as part of a company trip for Employee of the year in 2003.

     There were 120 top sales reps from around the country on that trip and I have no problem saying that it was the best trip I have ever been on. Yep, I did say ever and that's a really long time, ahhh ummm errrr ... Ok 42 years, but who's counting?

     I would say that being together for a week with all of those people that I am use to only speaking to on the phone would compare to all of us here in J-land getting together for a week to take a community cruise. Hmmm ...  now there's an idea.

     Gotta run, would not want to be late for work. Have a good day all.

                                        *** Coy ***


Thursday, August 5, 2004

Exotic fruit and top 5 picks!

 Ahhh ... grateful for friends bearing gifts of "Exotic Fruit" !!!

     My friend Aubrey from work, brought me these beautiful homegrown starfruit yesterday. Mmmm ... they are going to be so good in a day or so when they are fully ripe and juicy, can hardly wait!

     The following are reruns of past entries on "Exotic Fruit Bearing Friends. "

June 4th

Succulent, Sweet and ohhhhh so yummy!

Anybody know what they are?

Hint-the brown things in front are the seeds.

                           *** Coy ***    


June 9th                                      


The Question,

Anybody Know what these are? 


The Answer.

Lychee Nuts! <click here


     This is my friend Aubrey. He reads the news paper to me on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings at break time at work. He is one of a hand full of friends that keep me up to date on what is going on in the world. These friends are a very valuable commodity to a girl like me who almost never makes time to watch the news. Thank you Aubrey, David, David and Dad without you I would be less enlightened.


     Aubrey also brings in exotic fruit to share at work. The house he lives in previously belonged to a man from Thailand. This man grew Lychees, Pomegranates, Mangos, Star Fruit, Pineapples and the likes.


     Aubrey and his wife are reaping the benefits of all of this exotic mans hard work over the years. Lucky Aubrey! Lucky me to have a friend that shares.


                       *** Coy ***

July 14th

Last week Aubrey brought in Mangos, yesterday Becky brought in Bananas.

It's great to live in Florida where so many kinds of tropical fruit grow.

Quite often you will find a basket full of fruit by the time clock at work that someone is looking to share from their garden. Yummm ...

                                          *** Coy *** 

     Ok, enough with the fruit stories. Before I rush off to work, I wanted to thank all of you for your kind words of congratulations in comments this morning. Dancing in the Rain is on the Editors top 5 picks list this week along with 4 other must read journals.

     Hmmm ... with all of the other great journals out there, I was a little surprised (but honored) that they picked mine. Have a great rest of the day all.

                                 *** Coy ***

Wednesday, August 4, 2004

Turkey Buzzards and Mosquitos!


    Ugh ... it's been raining since Saturday, we really did need it but OK-enough already! All this rain has resulted in several not so great photo days.

     I drove out to a new nature preserve near my house after dinner, I guess I was hoping it might stop raining long enough for me to take a photo of something ...  anything! When I got there the gates were locked, sign said sunrise to sundown they must have closed early because of all of the rain.

     I ended up driving to the near by South Entrance of Loxchatchee Wildlife Preserve, it's a long drive down a swampy road but I just felt like being out doors. By the time I got to the end it was nearly dark, I stopped my car when I saw what looked like hundreds of Turkey Buzzards beginning to roost on this tower.

     It was a pretty interesting sight but when I got out of the car to take a quick photo, I was absolutely amazed at the sound of all of those giant wings flying. It was kind of like Hitchcocks "The Birds" only they were bigger, they can get up to 30 inches tall with a wing span of up to 6 ft. That's pretty big! 

     I guess these guys are not what you would call trendy creatures, but they do serve a purpose, cleaning up all of that dead stuff and all.  I have heard it said that in Huckley Ohio, they hold a celebration to welcome the big birds home each spring. Hmmm ... I guess some people think they are pretty cool after all.

     Oh, by the way ... to get out of the car in the Florida Swamps during a rainy season is like being in a "Deep Woods Off" commercial. You know the ones where the guy's arm turns black with all of the mosquitos covering it. Yikes!

     All of the photos I shot of the buzzards with decent light came out blurry, this one was really dark so I lightened it with photo editor and I'm not to happy with it.  Maybe I will make it a projectto try to get some better shots of these guys while they are here. Wish my camera had a stronger lens.

      Anybody got a good mosquito defense, besides "stay indoors"? 

                                         *** Coy ***


Tuesday, August 3, 2004

Hurricane Alex

A ...  is for Alex!

I'm sure a few more names will follow in alphabetical order this season.  

   Ok, so tropical storm "Alex" was upgraded to a hurricane and heads for the North Carolina Outer Banks. From what I have read this morning it does not appear to have the people of the North Carolina Coast to worried. Guess they are not expecting it to get to bad.

     No doubt Alex will effect plenty of people out there, at least in some small way. Mother natures decisions have a way of keeping people waiting in the wings. I know that there is one girl in Jersey <click waiting to find out if she gets to have a bonus day with husband, the weather will dictate whether or not he will be going to sea tomorrow as scheduled.

     This one won't have much effect here besides being the official kick off to the above average weather activity expected this hurricane season. Living in Florida, we always tend to keep tabs on what's going on out there.

     The following, is a rerun of an entry I posted a few months ago ...     

Photo from Hurricane.com    This is not Alex

      I read in the news today that a busy Atlantic Hurricane season is predicted. Possibly 14 named storms 3 of them intense hurricanes and a great chance that at least 1 of them will make landfall.

     So many people are understandably terrified and panicked at the thought of a hurricane. We watch the supermarket shelves become bare as hurricane supplies fly out the door and people rush around boarding up windows and battening down the hatches. Others of us (and you know who you are) are secretly thrilled about all of the excitement and mystery involved in the unknown as storm warnings intensify.

     Not the feeling of excitement that would make you want to become a hurricane hunter and fly aircraft directly into the storm for scientific purposes, more the kind of excitement that would make you want to drive to the beach even after coastal evacuation had been recomended.

     The whole world seems to be on stand still awaiting Mother Natures decision on just how much fury she intends to unleash. You can expect to find many of us on the beach to witness up close and personal the excitement of the storm and you can bet the waters will be filled with surfers taking advantage of the changes in the surf. Oh yea,  the shelling in Florida is usually at it's best right after a big storm.

                                     *** Coy ***

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    Isn't it wonderful how nature can put things into perspective. Twelve inches of snow and suddenly that big project at work can wait.
    Comment from
    billbinford54 - 4/3/04 6:46 PM

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Monday, August 2, 2004

Her labor of love.

     I am in absolute awe not only over Gregg's Golden Tribute to Vivian this morning, but to the many tributes that are popping up all over J-Land today in honor of this dear lady.

       I have only known Vivian for a short time, as a matter of fact I had never even heard her name until she started making such a big to do over all of the 1st Anniversary preparations.       

     It did not take long to notice what a driving force she is here in J-Land and how much she is loved by all. I would like to take my turn in thanking you Vivian for all your hard work and dedication in making the Journal Awards and the 1st Anniversary Celebration such a success. I would also like to mention how inspiring it has been that you have completely managed to make it look like a labor of love.

        I am still rather new here and your efforts have no doubt helped me become more connected with this community, I have met so many new friends in the few weeks leading up to the Awards and the Celebration. If it was your master plan to help us all become more connected, It worked!!!

        I join the entire community in bestowing upon you the Torch-Bearer Award, or the Vivi Award as I have heard it called across J-land this morning:-)

        Thank you Vivian, you have truly helped to light the way!


Oh- by the way, my AOL-J Graphic

 for Mumsy's Ku' was inspired by you.

 I was so happy to read your comment

 choosing it for the cover of the Ku'.

 This one was for you Viv!  

                    *** Coy ***    


Sunday, August 1, 2004

With the warm summer rain.

    We have been getting our fair share of

warm summer rain, with that you are sure

get mushrooms.

     These were near my house this morning,

maybe some type of shaggy capped variety.

 Nothing all that exotic. If the rain continues we

are sure to see other varieties popping up all over.

                          *** Coy ***