Sunday, August 15, 2004

Scalzi Assignment #19


When I read this ...

Weekend Assignment #19: Tell us about an entry in someone else's AOL Journal or blog that really left an impression on you in the last year. Why does it stand out for you? Include a link to it within your entry (come back here and link to your entry in the comments).

I thought "Oh Yea, this is my kind of assignment, easy A on this one Coy" There are two AOL-J entry's that I will never forget reading. Two entry's written by 2 very different women, both striking a chord not just with me but with plenty of others that left their comments behind.

Here's the first one ...

I can't link to it because it is from a journal that is now private. It was written by Penny and she gave me permission to copy and paste.



Daybreak, that tiny moment when light escapes the darkness of night, the promise of another day. 

For me, it's just another reminder, of living another day just like the one before.  I'm being pushed into a place I don't want to be.  Into light.  Harsh reality, seeing shadows of the past, places I've been and thought I would never go back to, but I'm slipping back into the darkness, it's beginning to feel comfortable again, cool and quiet. 

Without light, I don't attempt to find my way in the blindness, I'm just there.  Without light, I don't have to look into a mirror, reflecting back an image that I don't recognise.  Without light, I don't see the ring that once circled around my left finger, holding promise.  Without light, I can't see the pictures of loved ones, now gone and quickly becoming distant memories, I can't remember her voice. 

In darkness, I don't feel the hot stinging of tears.  There is no stimulus to remind me.  I don't feel the pain or the longing.  Anxiety no longer exists.  I havethe luxury of being...nothing.  I am washed in comfortable numbness. 


Daybreakdown again.


Why did this one stand out for me?  click----> Here to find out.


The second one was written by Elizabeth <--- click at My Elegant Chaos. It was an entry about having Margaritas on the roof top with a friend, watching a very uninhibited little girl on another building dance like no one was watching. I love passion in Elizabeth's writing, when I read this entry I could almost taste the salt and lime from the half melted Margaritas.

I can't seem to link to this entry, so I will have to take an incomplete on the assignment. I am hoping that some of you have already read it, I'm sure you wouldn't have forgotten if you did:-)


This assignment would not be complete without mentioning 2 of my favorite new reads. Two very different men with two very, very different journals.

Albert <-- click and Mgraves <--- click

The why is easy with these two, because they always make me laugh.

                       *** Coy ***


ggal3133 said...

Excellent choices and I love Elizabeth's writing :)

cneinhorn said...

Excellent choices!  I love the life with a wife poems.....he cracks me up!  
I picked Dustbunnyclub for the same reason, sometimes you just need
a good laugh! :-)

emfeasel said...

Aww.....I'm so glad you enjoyed that entry...



slowmotionlife said...

Both great entries. And I really miss Penny - let's hope she comes back.  I think her impact on our community was larger than any of us realized - until it was gone.  :(

merelyp said...

Great, great choices, my dear!  I remember them both so well!