Thursday, August 5, 2004

Exotic fruit and top 5 picks!

 Ahhh ... grateful for friends bearing gifts of "Exotic Fruit" !!!

     My friend Aubrey from work, brought me these beautiful homegrown starfruit yesterday. Mmmm ... they are going to be so good in a day or so when they are fully ripe and juicy, can hardly wait!

     The following are reruns of past entries on "Exotic Fruit Bearing Friends. "

June 4th

Succulent, Sweet and ohhhhh so yummy!

Anybody know what they are?

Hint-the brown things in front are the seeds.

                           *** Coy ***    


June 9th                                      


The Question,

Anybody Know what these are? 


The Answer.

Lychee Nuts! <click here


     This is my friend Aubrey. He reads the news paper to me on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings at break time at work. He is one of a hand full of friends that keep me up to date on what is going on in the world. These friends are a very valuable commodity to a girl like me who almost never makes time to watch the news. Thank you Aubrey, David, David and Dad without you I would be less enlightened.


     Aubrey also brings in exotic fruit to share at work. The house he lives in previously belonged to a man from Thailand. This man grew Lychees, Pomegranates, Mangos, Star Fruit, Pineapples and the likes.


     Aubrey and his wife are reaping the benefits of all of this exotic mans hard work over the years. Lucky Aubrey! Lucky me to have a friend that shares.


                       *** Coy ***

July 14th

Last week Aubrey brought in Mangos, yesterday Becky brought in Bananas.

It's great to live in Florida where so many kinds of tropical fruit grow.

Quite often you will find a basket full of fruit by the time clock at work that someone is looking to share from their garden. Yummm ...

                                          *** Coy *** 

     Ok, enough with the fruit stories. Before I rush off to work, I wanted to thank all of you for your kind words of congratulations in comments this morning. Dancing in the Rain is on the Editors top 5 picks list this week along with 4 other must read journals.

     Hmmm ... with all of the other great journals out there, I was a little surprised (but honored) that they picked mine. Have a great rest of the day all.

                                 *** Coy ***


barbpinion said...

CONGRATS. I'm new to your journal. It's terrific.


july171995 said...

Great Journal...congrats on being in the top 5!!


a2002v2002 said...

Congrats for being Editor's #3 pick!!!!!...Ann
Smile Yes, I even have more!!!!! Journals are lots of fun:):):):)

cneinhorn said...

Hey! Just noticed on the Journal screen: Editors Pick!
And as for that star fruit, I've never tried that fruit before
but it does look good :-)


memedecarlis said...

Bravo! i truly enjoyed your journal, it is origanal and upbeat with a neet story, thank you for sharing. http//  

mzgoochi said...

Congrats and thanx for stopping by mine. Love the fruit entry.


sasonalmah said...

Oh I do so love exotic fruit!!!!!!!  Congratulations on the editor's pick as well!!!!!!!


taffilah said...

congratulations on being in the top 5. Love your journal.

bookncoffee said...

OH, I can tell......I love your journal already!   Congrats on making the top 5 this week and I'm glad to be introduced to your journal.  Mine is at :
I'll be back to visit again!

xzasporated1 said...

Beautiful photos!  And tasty fruit.  LOL  Congratulations for your top 5 placement.  You have a wonderful journal.  Enjoy your week in the spotlight!

~~ jennifer

punky5678 said...

Congrats on being an editors pick this week.

lilrazcal79 said...

Congrats on getting picked. Here's my journal in case you ever get a chance to stop by.  

aiibrat said...


I think I've had Starfruit before...but I don't know.  However, I had Lychee before & it's yummy!!! When we were Taiwan, we would buy bunches of them.  :::now I got the cravings:::

deabvt said...

Good lookin Fruit.

dbaumgartner said...

How yummy!  When's the party????