Tuesday, August 10, 2004

They Bloomed


    I got home from work about 10:30pm, I

could tell they were just about to open. I

thought I would have to wait until midnight

but they were full open by 11:30.

     OMG, the picture does not even begin to

do them justice. I wish that I could share the

smell as well, it is sooo lovely smells like an

island night. Mmmm ...

     I had trouble getting a good shot. My macro  setting did not

 work in the dark, no flash. I took quite a few shots and I was not

 happy with any of them so I picked one of the flowers and brought

 it inside to take this  photo on macro.  Any suggestions on getting a clear, close

up photo at night?

                                *** Coy ***






merelyp said...

You are finding fault with this photo?  are you nuts?  it's beauteous!

coy1234787 said...

    No faults Mumsy, the photo is great. Just wondered if any one had tips on getting a good night shot, up close.
                                *** Coy ***

patspaintings said...

Found you by way of the Editors Pick --Congrats!!  You take *gorgeous* photos.  Wish I could help you with your question about taking night photos.  I'm not that good at taking pics.

I so love the alleyway pic from St. Thomas.  I was sitting here thinking I could *live* in that alleyway its so beautiful!

I will definately be visiting your journal regularly now.  You've done a fantastic job.

dbaumgartner said...

What a lovely flower.  I know you were thrilled to see them blooming.  Thanks for the wonderful pic.

domesticangel35 said...

they are beautiful!

loveheatherc said...

How beautiful!!!!!! And I like the pic :)


judithheartsong said...


cneinhorn said...

Oh Coy! that is so beautiful...........I can't give you any suggestions.......having problems with my macro setting too......but your photo is still lovely.....do you have photoshop?  you can correct alot with that......


csandhollow said...

Beautiful flower. Try using fill flash.

brooklynsplayer said...

Hey Coy, my names Mimi. I love the picture of the flower its beautiful. I have an AOL journal and one I made myself which is at http://www.licious.cjb.net I love your blog and I'll keep tunning in for more.

mlrhjeh said...

Beautiful flower!
I have a night setting on my camera. If the pic turns out too dark..I go to picture edit on my photp site. I can lighten the picture there and save it.

Great journal!

Mary Louise of Watching