Wednesday, August 4, 2004

Turkey Buzzards and Mosquitos!


    Ugh ... it's been raining since Saturday, we really did need it but OK-enough already! All this rain has resulted in several not so great photo days.

     I drove out to a new nature preserve near my house after dinner, I guess I was hoping it might stop raining long enough for me to take a photo of something ...  anything! When I got there the gates were locked, sign said sunrise to sundown they must have closed early because of all of the rain.

     I ended up driving to the near by South Entrance of Loxchatchee Wildlife Preserve, it's a long drive down a swampy road but I just felt like being out doors. By the time I got to the end it was nearly dark, I stopped my car when I saw what looked like hundreds of Turkey Buzzards beginning to roost on this tower.

     It was a pretty interesting sight but when I got out of the car to take a quick photo, I was absolutely amazed at the sound of all of those giant wings flying. It was kind of like Hitchcocks "The Birds" only they were bigger, they can get up to 30 inches tall with a wing span of up to 6 ft. That's pretty big! 

     I guess these guys are not what you would call trendy creatures, but they do serve a purpose, cleaning up all of that dead stuff and all.  I have heard it said that in Huckley Ohio, they hold a celebration to welcome the big birds home each spring. Hmmm ... I guess some people think they are pretty cool after all.

     Oh, by the way ... to get out of the car in the Florida Swamps during a rainy season is like being in a "Deep Woods Off" commercial. You know the ones where the guy's arm turns black with all of the mosquitos covering it. Yikes!

     All of the photos I shot of the buzzards with decent light came out blurry, this one was really dark so I lightened it with photo editor and I'm not to happy with it.  Maybe I will make it a projectto try to get some better shots of these guys while they are here. Wish my camera had a stronger lens.

      Anybody got a good mosquito defense, besides "stay indoors"? 

                                         *** Coy ***



cneinhorn said...

OMG, that's kinda a scene out of the Hitchcock movie "the Birds"......I think that was the name of it......we've been avoiding the mosquitos by staying indoors, ac full blast, it's just not worth it.....("bonus day" was great by the way.....thanks for stopping by my journal and asking.......)
hope you can get some more photos of the buzzards....would love to see one up close......or closer anyway.......maybe not too close ;-)

csandhollow said...

We have them here year round. It is amazing when a whole flook of them lands in the trees or on the field. They fly circles daily above me. Does that mean I am dead or dying?

lamove04 said...

Hi Coy!  Just wanted to pop in and say congrats for being an Editors Pick!  Go Coy!!!  :-)  Albert

lab2401 said...

Coy, this picture is great! I wondered where all these birds went to spend the night. Apparently they like that tower! Where is the LWP anyway?
Congratulations on the editors pick this week.  They got it right with your journal.
Blessings, Auntie Lyn

my78novata said...

Congradulations on being one of the top 5. You're journal is great!!!!!!! We homeschool & I have two girls one 23 who graduated from Homeschooling & is teaching at a private school & one 16 who has her permit now and takes care of a special needs child several time a week. Both care for the elderly, love kids & animals & take Karate & Piano. We also love to go camping. We love animals and always take our tw big dogs camping. We love working on old cars also or just fixing our up. You can also check out our kodak pictures page first link in our OTHER JOURNALS LINKS. Cars, animals and our way of living are all there. We love getting posts in my journal & see how our daily life goes on I 'd love to hear from you.  LORI  

emfeasel said...

Top 5.......Right on!


deabvt said...

Coy.............. Y  E  A  !!!!!!!!!
Editor`s Pick!      So well deserved!

mzgoochi said...

Avon has a Mosquito and bug repellent that is awesome. Can't remember the name of it though. i know it's in a green can.


plieck30 said...

I have never heard them called turkey buzzards, but i am kind of fasinated by them. When we see them circling here in south texas we always go to investigate to see if one of the cows has died. Congratulations on being in pick 5. Paula

kokoapuffy1 said...

Use a Bounce dryer sheet, that seems to repel mosquitos. You can either tie a piece to your belt loop, or just rub it on the exposed areas. I have tried it, and it works...we live in a very wooded area, and the mosquitos are terrible.