Monday, August 2, 2004

Her labor of love.

     I am in absolute awe not only over Gregg's Golden Tribute to Vivian this morning, but to the many tributes that are popping up all over J-Land today in honor of this dear lady.

       I have only known Vivian for a short time, as a matter of fact I had never even heard her name until she started making such a big to do over all of the 1st Anniversary preparations.       

     It did not take long to notice what a driving force she is here in J-Land and how much she is loved by all. I would like to take my turn in thanking you Vivian for all your hard work and dedication in making the Journal Awards and the 1st Anniversary Celebration such a success. I would also like to mention how inspiring it has been that you have completely managed to make it look like a labor of love.

        I am still rather new here and your efforts have no doubt helped me become more connected with this community, I have met so many new friends in the few weeks leading up to the Awards and the Celebration. If it was your master plan to help us all become more connected, It worked!!!

        I join the entire community in bestowing upon you the Torch-Bearer Award, or the Vivi Award as I have heard it called across J-land this morning:-)

        Thank you Vivian, you have truly helped to light the way!


Oh- by the way, my AOL-J Graphic

 for Mumsy's Ku' was inspired by you.

 I was so happy to read your comment

 choosing it for the cover of the Ku'.

 This one was for you Viv!  

                    *** Coy ***    



lucylouladybug said...

Beautiful Coy!  

Love, Penny

deabvt said...

Coy, just great!

lab2401 said...

Great tribute Coy!  Congratulations on the `ku graphic. This is such a great group of people, it's an honor to get to know them all.
Blessings, Auntie Lyn

his1desire said...

Coy .. i really enjoyed reading your tribute to Vivian !! i know for many people it doesn't matter how long she''s been in your life .. once she's there, its so obvious that she adds so many positive qualities that its impossible not to consider her a friend and a wonderful person :)
i'm sure she'll be touched by your tribute !!
hugs !!

babyshark28 said...

yeah!  that was great Coy :)  and so true, she never complains of all the work that she has done for the anniversary.  It was a labor of love.  Great job!

judithheartsong said...

Yea! She is wonderful!!!!

goldenchildnc said...

This is beautiful Coy! Thank you so much! LOL! I sound like *I'M* receiving the award. LOL! But the truth is, I'm SO incredibly happy that so many people have come together on this with such short notice to voice their love and support of Vivian!  I can only imagine how happy this must make her! She really IS a powerful force in this community! And I love how you pointed out that for all the work she puts into J-Land, she never, EVER complains about it at all. She really loves us and does everything out of the pure goodness in her heart! So thank you again Coy! I KNOW she'll love this entry! :-)

dbaumgartner said...

Absolutely lovely!  What a nice tribute.

quitlaffinatmysn said...

I have to agree!  Vivian is the coolest person ever. :D