Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Feel free to speculate

      The following is an entry I was going to post several weeks ago and didn't, you'll find out why in a minute.


Sushi Tuesday,  

         Sushi Tuesday is a tradition that comes and goes where I work. We try to order Sushi as often as possible, especially on Tuesday's. This week David sprung for the best take out Sushi that we know of. 

     The picture above is of David, that look on his face is pure delight in the middle of a Tuesday night at work. I want to tell David's funny Sushi story, I don't think that he will mind. Actually there are two, I have already told the other one <--click 


             A few months ago David bought a brand new Honda S2000, it's really cute and it's really fast. After just having the car for a few weeks, he was driving home in the pouring rain very slowly and very cautiously (just ask him) Ummm Hmmm. He gets run off of the road by a fast passing truck and he wrecked his cute and new little car. We have all thanked God a million times that no one was hurt.

     Dave gets out of the car in the pouring rain, bag of Sushi in hand and stands stunned, looking at his cute and crashed little car. He continues to stand there in a state of shock,Sushi clutched tightly in hand. 

      Later when we were recounting the events of the crash he says "I have no idea why I was standing there with my bag of Sushi" But I knew the answer to that one right away.       

     First of all, it is the best take out Sushi in town, secondly just a few day's prior to the accident I remember Dave reading me a report of a cop being suspended from the police force for eating a Big Mac out of the crashed car of a girl that was being rushed to the hospital an ambulance.

     In his subconscious mind I know that he was saying to him self, "They may take my cute little crashed car but they will never get my Sushi"

     By the way, after weeks and weeks of intense repair he did get the car back. It's still really cute, it's still really fast and it is almost as good as new.

                                W A S S A B I !!!

                                     *** Coy ***

     After writing that entry, I  E-mailed it to my friend David for his approval before posting it, I decided to hold off because of what happened next. Heres the rest of the story ...

      It's Monday morning, Dave is not at work and I have to cover for him. He threw his back out (something that happens to him every now and then). A little later in the day we get a phone call from him ...  David says "I happened to look out my window and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that both of my parking spaces were empty."

     He said "I rushed down to the parking lot (bad back and all) I'm standing where my car should be parked and it's not here, it's just not here. Someone has stolen my car!  OMG SOMEONE STOLE MY CAR!" Then we hear a little static on the phone and he says "OMG my cell phone is dying (the only phone he has) I've thrown my back out, someone has stolen my car and my cell phone charger is in the trunk!" then the line went dead.

     Not funny, right? (well OK, maybe a little funny but not to Dave). We did send someone to bring him a new cell phone charger and he had to take his old car in to be serviced, get everything legal to put it back on the road. It has been sitting up for almost a year, except for the few weeks he had to drive it after the and the car was being rebuilt. Good thing he held on to it.

     Four weeks later, still driving the beat up old Nissan. Everyone has been saying from day one that a stolen car is usually returned within 48 hours unless it was taken by professionals completely dismantled in a matter of minutes and loaded in parts on the next boat to the Dominican Republic or some other 3rd Word Country.       

     He has been taking it pretty well and seemingly coming to terms with the fact that the car was gone forever. Then believe it or not he gets a call yesterday (4 weeks later) from the police department saying that they have found the car and it's in one piece, it has been abandoned and sitting in the parking lot of a Country Club.

     Elated he rushes down to see it and although it has a little mud on it and it's covered in fingerprint dust, it seems like there has been very little damage. The only things missing are the extras he has added since he bought it, like spoilers and other sporty stuff.

      Although these parts were a pretty pricey loss, they can all be replaced he is just so happy to be getting his car back.

        I thought it might be fun for us to humorously speculate on what may have happened to Dave's car in the past few weeks.  I will be forwarding this entry to him soon.       

Heres my speculation ...

     I imagine Junior, a spoiled rich kid has the same car as Dave (a Birthday present from Dad) He sees Dave's car and all of the extras he has added to it this year and wants them for his car too. Mom and Dad are away on Holiday, Junior has been left home alone.

     He decides to take the carin the middle of the night and take it home and park it safely in the garage where he politely begins to remove the parts he wants on Dave's car and put them on his own.          

     His car is looking sweet, he impresses the guy's, he's busy picking up new chicks with his now very cool car and all is going well until he finds out Mom and Dad are coming back from their trip a few days early.

     He is panicked, heart beating, blood pumping and adrenaline flowing he drives the car to a local Country Club drops it off and starts his long walk home alone in the rain.                                                        

                                                  *** Coy ***


nanmm11 said...

Well!!! lol first tell Dave to stay inside when there is the least bit of chance for lightening!! I think a few of his nine lives have been dispensed already. Now about his car!!! I imagine that a person living his complex knows that he has a bad back and shouldn't be driving anyway and decided to take it knowing that he could not run after him even if he saw them.Upon steeling his new sporty fast speed demon,they proceed to the nearest dragway after picking up their friends (as what good is a stolen care if you don't have 10 of your closest friends with you lol) and take turns behind the wheel to see who can screech the brakes the loudest!!!. They continue this until it runs out of gas and they drop their 10 friends who are by the way all stuffed into the back seat of the sporty fast demon car and then the perpetrator goes home to the complex and sits by their window with camera in hand and waits patiently for Dave with his bad back to appear in the space of which his sporty fast demon car was so that they can now get Dave's expression on Digital film and then post it on the internet entitled"Bad back dave gets car stolen" Enlarge to see facial expressions and wrinkles on his brow!! lol Tell Dave that this is only my speculation and that I'm in a very silly mood right now. lol I hope his back gets better,his car rides and looks ok but...... I have no pitty for the sushi in the rain as I hate sushi!!! thanks for the invite!!

coy1234787 said...

Nanmm, thanks for the laugh that was a really funny speculation. Can't wait for Dave to read it.
                                              *** Coy ***

dbaumgartner said...

What to say, but LOL, LOL.

csandhollow said...

OR Dave is on pain pills forgets about driving car to club leaves it there and somebody that works there takes the stuff off of it.

judithheartsong said...


emfeasel said...

..too funny....was' up Wassabi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ann7inflorida said...

Coy, this is so funny (even though if it were me, I would be freaking!!!) I like Celestes twist on it..."pain pills"...LOL!  Sushi..YUM ~Ann : )

slowmotionlife said...

LOL!!!  What a great story from start to finish.  I love the part where Dave is standing outside his wrecked car in the rain holding onto his bag of sushi.  LOL  I never liked sushi that much, but to each their own.  And dangit, if you love it, don't let those pesky police officers get it!  LOL  

bookncoffee said...

Wow.  What an interesting story.  THe car is very cute.  Guess someone wanted a joy ride!  I think my Hubby would be holding on to his Sushi too!  Maybe David should buy an old clunker just to be safe!!!  I love your journal!  It's very entertaining.  
Sonya (MySouthernHome)