Saturday, August 7, 2004

She should have known better.

     My daughter Mandy asked me to take her shopping after I got off work yesterday for some new school clothes. In return she agreed to spend a couple of hours with me (and on a Friday night)!

     She picked the place for dinner (Pizza Hut), she had her choice of any fine restaurant in South Florida and she picks Pizza Hut. I found out why when we got there, it's because 3 of her friends work there:-)

     Now Mandy should have known better than to let me pick the early evening activities, I had to make it good after all she is 17 and will not be spending her Friday nights with me to often.

     Hmmm ... you can tell from the photos above that I picked watching the sunset with the alligators and the buzzards. Believe it or not she didn't even roll her eyes and give one of those big sighs that let's you know that you are way off mark.

     This park is only a mile or 2 away from our house but not many people even know that it's there. We spent a lot of time chatting, got really up close and personal with the gators that wanted to dance at our feet like little puppies for some left over pizza, YIKES!!! We did have to make a run for it once when they got a little to excited and friendly.

     The buzzards were back, this must be where they sleep. We were there earlier than I was on Wednesday evening so the mosquitos were not quite so bad, I even got a shot of the buzzard tree.

                                        *** Coy ***



domesticangel35 said...

Those are some incredible pictures! Wow.. I live in Florida too and I have yet to even see a gator... how sad , huh? ha ha ha! Great journal! Peace and Blessings* Melaney

hesetmefree71199 said...

Beautiful pictures!  I live in Florida too, but wouldn't dare feed one - I've seen too many CNN reports!

dbaumgartner said...

Wonderful pics.  You brought back a lot of memories for me since I grew up in South Florida.

cneinhorn said...

I'm glad you and your daughter had a nice time, alligators and buzzards~~ Oh My!
Lovely photos.......there's just something so spooky about all those buzzards in one place though.....I've never seen that before.....
I'm thrilled when my 17-in-three-months-daughter spends time with me too.......just took her shopping the other day.....if there's shopping involved and it's for her......she's always willing to see me ;-)

mgraves6033 said...

Nice photos. Congrats on being featured.

itsaudrey9 said...

My goodness, a park with Gators less than two miles away????
Greta Journal!
:) Audie

coy1234787 said...

    Domestic Angel - I know, these guys live just a mile or 2 from my house and I almost never take time to go see them. Most people that live near by don't even know that they are there.

    He set me free - Yes, I have seen all of those CNN reports too. Having the gators so close you can almost reach out and touch them has to be pretty dangerous. I have found that some times when in Rome, I tend to risk doing as the Romans.
    My sister and her husband are divers and sometimes they go out on shark feedings, I guess that is pretty dangerous too:-)

    D Baumgardner - You have mentioned before that you grew up in South Florida, it sounds like it still holds a special place in your heart.

    Jersey Girl - Thanks, I didn't think that you were old enough to have a 17 year old daughter and yes daughters seem to always be eager to get together for a little shopping. I hope that you are being good and getting back into routine while husband is away:-)

Hi Mark, I just stopped by your journal to check it out, you are a funny, funny man that writes silly but sweet poems to wife. I will be back to your journal often my new friend:-)

                                    *** Coy ***

ciciaqua said...

You take beautiful pictures. My journal is nonsense  but it's a work in very slow progress.  little jealous of yours! :)

cathy0o0 said...

You have some great pictures in your journal. This is my first visit and i enjoyed it alot. I wish i had a park like that near Love the bird tree.

billbinford54 said...

I'm worried about you now.  I don't want alligators living two miles from me! Friendly?  Beautiful shots.

jojo8585 said...

Your Journel is GREAT i love all the pictures. It's SOOOO cool how the gator came up to you 2!

mzgoochi said...

Very nice photo's! Gators? yikes!


deabvt said...

Wow! Gators & Buzzards!
Just a couple of miles away?

fisherkristina said...

I absolutely love EACH of these photos! -Krissy

nanmm11 said...

your pictures as they say are worth a  thousand words!! wow what awsome photos!! Your right the buzzards and the aligator sort of go together.But are you sure "friendly" is the right word to use for that gator coming up on land? lol looks more like his dinner bell was rung!! lol  

coy1234787 said...

I    know, I know, I am still feeling a little guilty for feeding the alligators. I's a no no like feeding the bears, no wonder they are sooo friendly. It was a one time thing, I won't be doing it often but I did get some awesome photos.
                         *** Coy ***

artloner said...

I love the pics, but you know better than to feed those gators. girl!  Be Careful!


sunnyside46 said...

we ate last night at a restaurant where you lean over the deck to see alligators & raccoons, not rea appetizing when the former eats the latter while you are at dinner.
I love it though, the lowlands are so wild ...I ,too have been guilty of throwing the occasional hushpuppy over the edge to watch the gators scramble for it...I am aoways amazed at how fast they can move!