Tuesday, August 3, 2004

Hurricane Alex

A ...  is for Alex!

I'm sure a few more names will follow in alphabetical order this season.  

   Ok, so tropical storm "Alex" was upgraded to a hurricane and heads for the North Carolina Outer Banks. From what I have read this morning it does not appear to have the people of the North Carolina Coast to worried. Guess they are not expecting it to get to bad.

     No doubt Alex will effect plenty of people out there, at least in some small way. Mother natures decisions have a way of keeping people waiting in the wings. I know that there is one girl in Jersey <click waiting to find out if she gets to have a bonus day with husband, the weather will dictate whether or not he will be going to sea tomorrow as scheduled.

     This one won't have much effect here besides being the official kick off to the above average weather activity expected this hurricane season. Living in Florida, we always tend to keep tabs on what's going on out there.

     The following, is a rerun of an entry I posted a few months ago ...     

Photo from Hurricane.com    This is not Alex

      I read in the news today that a busy Atlantic Hurricane season is predicted. Possibly 14 named storms 3 of them intense hurricanes and a great chance that at least 1 of them will make landfall.

     So many people are understandably terrified and panicked at the thought of a hurricane. We watch the supermarket shelves become bare as hurricane supplies fly out the door and people rush around boarding up windows and battening down the hatches. Others of us (and you know who you are) are secretly thrilled about all of the excitement and mystery involved in the unknown as storm warnings intensify.

     Not the feeling of excitement that would make you want to become a hurricane hunter and fly aircraft directly into the storm for scientific purposes, more the kind of excitement that would make you want to drive to the beach even after coastal evacuation had been recomended.

     The whole world seems to be on stand still awaiting Mother Natures decision on just how much fury she intends to unleash. You can expect to find many of us on the beach to witness up close and personal the excitement of the storm and you can bet the waters will be filled with surfers taking advantage of the changes in the surf. Oh yea,  the shelling in Florida is usually at it's best right after a big storm.

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    Isn't it wonderful how nature can put things into perspective. Twelve inches of snow and suddenly that big project at work can wait.
    Comment from
    billbinford54 - 4/3/04 6:46 PM

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judithheartsong said...

My biggest worry is that now my children are down there without me, and the parent they have there is not big on common sense. I will hold my breath until the end of the season. Having a storm come across the center of the state was an eye-opener for me. I wish you good shelling as the season progresses. I am envious of that!

ondinemonet said...


I have lived in California, specifically the Bay Area, with the Pacific Ocean at my front door, and we have had some severe weather, but nothing compared to that. I would be more frightened of rough weather than earthquakes because earthquakes always surprise you, but to know the storm is coming and waiting for it to hit would be just nerve racking, Take care love.

Always, Carly :)

dbaumgartner said...

Oh yes, the shelling in Florida is wonderful after a storm.  My grandfather was the General Manager at the Crandon Park Zoo and he lived right on the ocean.  It was wonderful. Of course that was many years ago, but is still a fond memory.

cneinhorn said...

ahhh yes, another Hurricane season is here.....apparantly Alex blew out to sea, so Husband is home after all. that is an amazing photo you posted.  I hear they are already tracking the next one.....