Tuesday, June 29, 2004

The empty side of the bed

  For a long time now, my bed stays made at night.                   

I sleep here instead.

 This is a twin size day bed in my home office. It happens to be quite comfy actually and it is near my computer, stereo, TV, phone, my books and all of my friends at AOL-J's. What more could a girl ask for?

     Now I don't consider myself an extremely lonely person but I have been divorced for almost 6 years and have not really started dating again, so ... yes, that does mean that I do sleep alone !!! 

     I have decided over the years that it is better not to sleep in a bed that is to big for just me. When I do, the empty side of the bed seems to feel cold and makes me wish that someone was there.  So for now I'll keep sleeping in the office where I feel less alone.


   I've been holding on to this entry for a while now. I guess it just felt a little to personal to be posting my bed on my journal. But recently there have been a few other bed postings sooo... I figured if SloMo and Freepeace can post these bed entries then this was as good a time as any to post mine as well. I invite all of you to join me and post your own bed entry if you dare and drop me the link (rated PG please)!  

      Oh, and since I've been showing you around my sisters place this week this is her bed, she sleeps there with her husband Chris. I sleep there when she is away and Angie the doberman sleeps there sometimes too.


                                           *** Coy ***


Monday, June 28, 2004

Self taught computer techs.

Most of us don't want to know how to build the car, we just want to drive it, right? Well that goes for building computers too. We've had a few laughs this week at work, with some of the self taught computer techs in my department. Give a guy a subscription to PC World or PC Magazine and they become a PC expert. Hmmm...

     There are 3 of them that are quite knowledgeable and they are teaching each other as they are teaching themselves and sometimes the conversations they have can be quite entertaining.  

    Mind you, these are not you typical computer geeks, with horned rimmed glasses spending their entire lives in a sterile lab, pouring over all of the latest scientific information they can find. They are just regular guy's, sort of mens, men or maybe they are just the misplaced mechanics of yesterday, Grrrr...

      I would guess that if we still had the gas guzzling, husband fixing cars of a generation ago, these guys would probably be found under the hood on weekends, tinkering with the family car, or tweaking the old race car in the garage.

      Actually I am pretty thankful to know them. Danny built my computer from scratch. Yep, just for the love of it. All I had to do was buy the parts and oh, do I ever love my computer.

      When I have questions or need technical advice, I have access to more information than a girl can stand. These guy's rebuild the old computers of my co- workers sometimes. Mel just got an update over the weekend, a new hard drive I believe. Although there were no left over parts, I do think he was unable to access the intranet when he got it home.           

      The conversations inspired by this situation has been very comical to say the least. I am sure they will work it out and Mel will be back online in no time. But for today they have lended themselves to a little office humor on an ordinary work day.                                                                                                

                                                      *** Coy *** 

Gumbo Limbo

       Yesterday, Mandy and I took a long overdue trip to the beach. There is nothing like a little salt air and sunshine to help you relax and recharge. Before we hit the beach we stopped by Gumbo Limbo for the first time this year to check in on the Sea Turtles.

      Gumbo Limbo is a local environmental preservation center which among other things is dedicated to saving sea turtles. They have moved mountains as far as helping to pass ordinances for coastal lighting to be the yellow lights that will not attract hatchling turtles away from the ocean and right towards the street.

      They rescue many sea turtles, sometimes assuming the job of nursing them back to health and releasing them back into the ocean when they are ready. I appreciate their efforts and visit the turtles when I can. The photo above is of one we took of a turtle that reside there right now. Awww how cute is he?

      The rest of the rest of Saturday was like a day at the beach with my daughter. Just what we both needed.       

*** Coy ***

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Still showing you around




I can't believe my sisters computer is out of commission. With Brittney leaving for college with a new lap top in hand and Theresa and Chris each with their own personal computers at their offices, I guess the home computer has been a little neglected. Not only is it still running on windows 98, but when I tried to use it just kept saying Abort, retry, ignore, fail? Sooo... I have not been able to update much this week or even finish showing you around.

     Heres some quick photos, Mandy and I are doing well and enjoying our change of pace. Theresa will be home tomorrow and we will say good bye to Angie the Doberman and go home. (just a few blocks away) Back to life as we know it and being able to catch up on my journal reads and writes.

                        *** Coy ***

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Showing you around, continued...

The reason I even thought about house photos is because Theresa's colors are sooo... SloMo like, I wanted her to see.   Today we will look at the kitchen. Slo, look at all that red!!! The new kitchen is absolutely awesome the earthy colors are so pleasant, cherry cabinets, beautiful granite and look at the colors of the trim. All of these commercial quality stainless appliances are like a dream to work with. Wow! Makes me want a new kitchen.             This plate photo is the very most SloMo like piece in the house. I love it, the kitchen is just lovely. Tomorrow we will look at another room.  

 *** Coy ***    


This is Angie

This is Angie...  


This is Angies house...                                         

       Mandy and I are going to be staying with her this week while my sister is camping in the Keys. Theresa has spent the last year or so remodeling her house and it's almost done. It's so beautiful, I thought I might show you around over the next few days. 

     I know that she won't mind, they are getting use to my journal. Before Brittney left for college I heard her warn a friend not to do anything when Aunt Coy has her camera in her hand that you don't want the whole world to know, cause she might show it. She was just kidding (well sort of).  

 Pictures to come...                                    

    *** Coy ***  

Tuesday, June 22, 2004


            My Friend Jo, just got back from Hawaii and she brought me back these beads. Funny how just a little token can sometimes mean so much. She gave them to me as soon as I got to work and I wore them all day long. Everytime I looked at them or touched the perfect little shells, it reminded me of the look on her face and the excitemet in her voice as she told me all about her adventure.

     I've never really had a big desire to go to Hawaii, there is so much Caribbean close by that I have not yet explored. But... listening to her describe her adventure and looking at the breath taking photos, I have to admit that I kind of wish I would have been there,  There was a photo of a helicopter dropping thousands and thousands of orchids on the beach, luau's with island delights, hula hoops and hula dancers and all those gorgeous orchid leis.

    Tomorrow, I'll hang the beads on my rear view mirror, but for tonight, I just want to touch them again and think about Jo's adventure, who knows, maybe someday I just might go to dance in the rain in Hawaii.

                                      *** Coy ***


Rainbow Brite


     Some brilliant, familiar color has returned to my world!!!



     We call her Alli  daughter, aka Rainbow Brite. She worked with us for several years, entertaining us with her sparkling personality and outrageous colorful attire.

     Allison is an actress. Mandy and I went to one of her plays ant the Quillo Center on Clematis Street one night with my friend Dan (also a friend of Alli's) The play was awesome, Alli did a great job and Mandy had her first experience a live theater. With the exception of The Nut Cracker Ballet, she had never been to a live performance before.

    Very impressed Mandy commented on how much better it was than watching a movie on the big screen and she wished that all of her friends could have seen the play as well. I think that Mandy with her flair for the Dramatic would be a natural if she would get involved with a Childrens Acting Guild. (Alli was 21, so I guess 17 would still be considered the Childrens Guild).

     No doubt there are some interesting surprises in store now that Alli is back. She does indeed color our world !!!

                             *** Coy ***

Random thoughts... The Partly cloudy state?


Photo From American Childrens Safety Network


Take a look at our license plates and you will know that in Florida we call ourselves the Sunshine State. According to the National weather service there are 5 states that are sunnier than we are. Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas. 

     I have heard a few jokes lately that Florida should actually call it's self the Partly Cloudy State. It seems that they must be referring to our little thunderstorms that roll in from the Everglades in the afternoons this time of year. Here we know how important those clouds really are to "The Sunshine State" how else would we stay so beautiful, lush, green and inviting to our visitors and guests looking to soak up a little "Florida Sunshine"?

     Without those lovely little clouds our beautiful Florida might look dry and desolate maybe a little like, The Moon State  instead of the Sunshine State. Sooo... regarding our liquid sunshine, we like it and we will take all that we can get and to most we will always be considered "The Sunshine State."

                                                     *** Coy ***

Monday, June 21, 2004

1 week retreat a few blocks away

 I am preparing for a 1 week retreat to my sisters house. She finally got Brittney off to college this weekend and all settled into the Dorm. Lucky girl to be going to school in one of the most beautiful towns known to man. Naples Florida Take a quick tour. 

     When she first got to school, she was the only one there and was very upset that her Nextel has no reception in her room and she will have to go outside to make phone calls. (How inconvenient) She was busy setting up house and her room mates soon began to arrive and now life is good and she's as happy as can be. Mandy and I will make a visit there soon, we will take lots of pictures so you can see it too.

     Theresa and Chris are leaving tomorrow for a camping trip in the Keys. I am the dog sitter when they go away. I use to go with them quite often but now with my hectic work schedule it is almost impossible so when they vacation I stay at there house with Angie the Doberman and consider the change of pace a vacation of my own.     

     I will bring my camera software with me to down load on to there computer so I will be able to keep my journal updated, even though their computer is really old, the good one is at Party Perfect and Brittney got a new Lap top to bring to school.     

      I do miss joining them on the camping trips in the Keys but my vacation time is so limited and I have gotten use to using it near the end of the year, near the holidays. I try to take little mini vacations in my own back yard on my days off as often as I can, but it's not like going camping with lot's of good friends in the keys.   

     The photo below is of the last Keys trip I was on with them a few years ago. The boats, the jet skiis the snorkling, the lobster!!! Ohhhh seeing this photo makes me really want to go. OH NO I'm not going :-(         *** Coy ***


Sunny Day's

And then there were 3!!!


                                  With plenty more on the way!!!



   Just to think that this glorious site came so close to being pulled out with the rest of the weeds. My back yard is full of birds and bird feeders, often sunflowers will be dropped or deposited in inopportune spots in the yard and they usually do get pulled out with the weeds.

     Not this time. This particular plant had a strong desire to live. Growing so strong and tall in such a short amount of time and before we knew it had a bud waiting to bloom. The day it first opened was a day that I was feeling a little blue and one look at it's sunny face reminded me how much there is to be thankful for.

    In no time it had new buds and now you can see there are three sunny faces with plenty more on the way. So happy to be alive. Obviously planted by a well wishing bird as a reminder to be "Happy and Sunny."

                                                 *** Coy ***



Sunday, June 20, 2004

I have 2 Dad's

It's Fathers Day      I always feel especially blessed on Fathers Day. I have 2 Dad's. George gave me life, his creative spirit has influenced my life and helped to inspire the art in my heart. His love of excitement and adventure have guided my life as well and kindled a deep down from the core of my soul, desire to make sure that parades dont pass me by. I try my best to see the good in everything and become part of anything fun that comes my way. George knows how to have a good time. He also was also quite responsible for giving me one of the greatest gifts in my life, my sister. For that, how could I be less than greatful.    

  Al, is my Step Dad. He married my Mom when I was 10 years old. He has taught me what integrity is and how to be persistent and consistent. Very valuable qualities. Al is not a fair weather friend. He has been there us rain or shine, good times and bad and has always been a rock with never swaying ethics and integrity. Thanks Al for everything.    

   There are a few other Dad's that I have to mention. My brother in Law Chris, has been such a great Dad to my Niece Brittney. We couldn't have asked for better. My Friend David, a single Dad for many years and his job is not over yet. David, hope you Father's Day is happy. Brad, is the Father of my children. No matter what's gone on between the 2 of us in recent years, I will always be grateful that we had 3 beautiful children together. Louie, married my best friend Mary Lou. He has 4 children and 4 grand children. I spent the day with all of them yesterday. Happy Father's Day Louie. Last but not least Billbinford, One of my favorite Aol-J Dad's. A fun spirited guy living with a house full of girls. Happy Father's Day Bill.  

*** Coy ***

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Dwayne's 2nd Birthday


     Bright sunny day in South Florida,spent the day at the beautiful Sea Garden Resort with lots of people that I adore. (4 munchkins in particular ages 3 and under).

It was Dwayne’s 2nd birthday (my friend Mary Lou’s grandson) I can’t believe I am already talking about the grand children of my friends. She married Louis a few years ago and he came complete with 4 kids and some grand children so, now they are family.

            I was in charge of face painting; balloon hats crazy glasses and MC of kid songs. It was just what the doctor ordered for help in feeling sunnier. To much life to live to get slowed down by the blues.

      I love being loved by a small child. When they look for you in a crowd to be picked up or talked to or to figure if you have something new for them to do. I love when they crawl up in your lap with there bottle and hold your finger while they go to sleep.

     I have so many good friends, I have made them my family. Life after divorce is a whole new world. If not careful, it could get lonely.


                                                       *** Coy ***


     Our Margaritaville Party was almost a week ago now and it was absolutely perfect. There were 120 guest, people I know and love the most. I also invited my 3 closest friends to be there, we all felt very excited about the night. Photo above front couples my friend Marylou on the left, Sheila on the right and both of their husbands named Louis. One friend missing and it has made me feel so sad all week. Don't ever recall being stood up by a friend before, I am sure it is something more.

   Not to often will you find me down or blue. Don't have time for this to often. I am always afraid I'll miss something if I take time out for tears or fears. But this week no matter how I've tried to shake it, my heart has felt empty and sad.

    I have known David for 7 or 8 years now, we worked together for years. We talk together almost every single day and with out a word he decided not only not to show for the party, but not to call, IM or E mail for over 10 days now.

     I guess this is why I havent written much this week, even though I have so many things to say. I am concerned about my friend, I am concerned about feeling so sad, wondering when the tears will go away.

                                   *** Coy *** 

Thursday, June 17, 2004

The volunteer in my back yard near the bird feeder

     Bright, sunny and beautiful. Not at all the way I feel today. I have felt more blue and quiet and almost sad this week, quite unusual for me. 4 people asked me what was wrong yesterday, I didn't even know that it showed.     

      After reading Penny's  daybreak entry    last night, I cried for Penny and I cried for another friend and I'm crying for them both again right now!

                        *** Coy ***     


Sunday, June 13, 2004

Margaritaville preview



    Ahhh… just got back from 3 hours of set up, lot’s of help today about 20 sets of hands helped everything get done in a short amount of time. The kids were great the room looks amazing for an evening of fun ahead.   Preview here

     Something so exciting about the concept of spending the evening with 120 of my most favorite people in the world. Old friends and family and new friends too. Even though this is not my party I did invite 3 of my closest friends David, Sheila and Mary Lou. Sheila and Mary Lou both have husbands named Louis they are among my favorites as well and will be there tonight. I can hardly wait.

     Things will seem so quiet next week when the party is over and no more preparation is required. Hmmm back to the real world. More details to come. Gotta go for now.

                                   *** Coy ***

The tree guy

     I just made a quick run to Walgreens before I get dressed and head off to help set up for our party tonight. When I got home I noticed a new face in the neighborhood.

     Barbara lives 2 doors down and I have never noticed this guy before. He has to be new, her driveway is only a short distance from mine and I get in and out of the car here every day. Surley I would have noticed the tree guy before now, right?

     I can't wait to ask her about him, he is very interesting indeed. It won't be today though. way to much to do. Gotta go for now

                           *** Coy ***



Saturday, June 12, 2004

2 More Days, but who's counting?


Friday, June 11, 2004

The Gift



     I think I found the perfect gift for my sisters 40th Birthday. It was the most exquisite piece I could find for her to frame her fabulous self in at 40. It's a Jay Strongwater piece. (to go near her perfume bottle collection) What girl wouldn't want a little something in a Jay Strongwater box for her birthday?


The Designer:

Jay Strongwater

In 1995, Jay Strongwater created and launched a collection of jeweled picture frames for the home furnishings market. Each piece is individually cast in metal in his Rhode Island workshop, then plated with an antique finish, enameled by hand and set with Swarovski crystals. Crafted like a fine piece of jewelry, each piece is ablaze with and exquisitely detailed from all angles.

They Made the O list. "I have these handmade picture frames all over my house. They are exquisite! Every one of them is like a work of art." — Oprah


     I went to Adanelle, one of my favorite little shops in Coral Springs. I only shop there for very special occasions. Went with a new Perfume bottle on my mind to add to Theresa's collection.

     This was not the best time of year to shop for something like that, the selection was small and I did not find one that I absolutly fell in love with. Party is very near, I came close to settling for less than the right thing and then I saw this frame. I saw it, I loved it, I bought it.

     On my way out the door, the woman that was helping me said, "I wish I could tell your sister how amazing it was to watch you take your time, examine each piece and then zero in on just the right gift. Then she said "I hope that some one will shop for me like that, just once." Maybe she says that to people all of the time or.... maybe not.

                                                   *** Coy ***

weekend assignment


     So it's not a photo and it's not a furry friend. This is my weekend assignment. Kia was my very favorite pet of all times and I have had quite a few. Tons as a matter of fact. When my kids were growing up, I had a petstore in Louisiana and raised my own exotic birds and some small animals.

     I cant find a photo of Kia, he was a Burmese Python I had him for many years and ended up being a good 10 ft long. I dont know if you can read the picture, it is from one of my other journals. 

     My favorite things about having him as a pet was * taking him to show and tell at the kids schools when they were little. Some kids would have to leave the classroom before I got there (understandable fear of snakes) the rest would come up after my presentation and line up in the front of the class to jointly hold all 10 foot of him. * I also love how he would swim with my kids in the pool in the summertime and also he also loved sunning himself in the back yard on the warm stones around the Koi pond when I would be out feeding the birds.

     One day as he was sunning and I had kids plus their friends out rollarbalding, it started pouring down rain. Busy getting the kids in out of the rain, I turned around to look for my beloved friend and he was long gone. Not amused by the cold rain one bit he ran for cover and I never was able to find him. I could still cry to think about it.

     My neighbors for years would call me in the middle of the night to come out with flashlights because they imagined that they heard the snake near their house. I always knew it wasn't him but we would have a good laugh in our night gowns with flashlights in the middle of the road in the middle of the night.

                              *** Coy ***

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Echoooo1 questions



I'm taking 3 questions too!

Comment from: echoooo1
"OK, I never commented on your Journal b4, but here's a question:

1. Do you believe a whirlwind sweep you off your feet relationship is love or lust or fantasy or?

      My answer to that is yes, yes and yes!!! Although we are taught that the true measure of love is the final outcome and that if it is real love it will last a life time, I believe that the kind of love that shakes you up, changes the way you view everything and leaves you weak in the knees is very real.

     Do I believe that this kind of love is lust, yes most defiantly, fantacy also yes, it may be near impossible to hold on to forever. I am just grateful that for a brief moment in time I accepted the invitation of a love like this and found out what it was like to love truly, and completely with every fiber of my heart, body and soul.

     I have heard it said that this kind of love only comes around once in a lifetime. I do fear that this may be true and hope with all of my heart that it is not! (good question, by the way)

2. If you lived in the Caribbean would you try to help the children that live in poverty or not?

     I must admit that the reasons that I choose St., Martin or St. Thomas as the place I would mostlike to live in the world, is not that politically motivated.

     I know that there is a thin line between the very rich and the very poor on these islands. Being that I do not qualify as very rich, it would probably only be a short period of time before I would be considered among the very poor.

     I am very proud of the fact that I have done my share over the years in my own community. Helping a friend start up aYouth Activity Center geared towards low income families, offering no cost after school and summer camp programs.

     We also worked very close with teens trying to reach their community service goals for college entrance, for Mitzvahs or to fulfill sanctions by a judge for community service hours.

     Still, I admit that my reasons for choosing the Caribbean are much more self serving.

3. Do you have a purpose for your life?

     For the past 21 years my purpose in life has been to raise 3 happy, healthy, well adjusted children that will fit in nicely as productive members of our society.

     My baby will soon be 18 and I am watching as my purpose is slowly changing. The center of my attention these days seems to be coming to terms with the fact that I am enough, I have enough, I do enough and I love enough. Maybe there is a new purpose out there just waiting for me.

                        Thanks for the questions Echoooo1

                                         *** Coy *** 

4 more days


     4 more days until our Margaritaville party, This is turning into some more major production. I just spent the last 6 hours painting salt shakers as place cards with a house full of 18 year olds. (you know " searchin for my lost shaker of salt.")

     They came out really cute, the kids cooked dinner (and cleaned up the kitchen afterwards) but how many times in one week can you listen to Margaritaville and Cheese Burger in Paradise?

     Last night we stayed up very late and got the seating arrangements under control. 120+ people. If it were my choice I would opt for open seating but I was actually over ruled on that one.

     There are 25+ 18 year olds that are going to be there and at the 3 tables reserved for them we have left seating open but for every one else there was the task of who should sit with who.

     Have not had much time to keep my journal updated or to really visit all of my favorite journals long enough to leave comments. I hate that, but busy is good. Next week, I'll be back.

                                     *** Coy ***



Wednesday, June 9, 2004


The Question,

Anybody Know what these are?


The Answer.

Lychee Nuts!


     This is my friend Aubrey. He reads the news paper to me on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings at break time at work. He is one of a hand full of friends that keep me up to date on what is going on in the world. These friends are a very valuable commodity to a girl like me who almost never makes time to watch the news. Thank you Aubrey, David, David and Dad with out you I would be less enlightened.

     Aubrey also brings in exotic fruit to share at work. The house he lives in previously belonged to a man from Thiland. This man grew Lychees, Pomegranates, Mangos, Star Fruit, Pineapples and the likes.

     Aubrey and his wife are reaping the benefits of all of this exotic man’s hard work over the years. Lucky Aubrey! Lucky me to have a friend that shares.


Tuesday, June 8, 2004

    I knew it would rain today, the rain flowers are all in bloom.

Sunday, June 6, 2004

Anybody know what these are?

Succulent, Sweet and ohhhhh so yummy!

Anybody know what they are?

Hint- the brown things in front are the seeds.

Friday, June 4, 2004

Margaritaville Party Count down, 10 days.

 OK, this is it. Our Margaritaville party is only 10 days away. All of the big plans in order, now it is time to get down to all the tiny details. If you knew my family, you would know what a big job the details are going to be.

     The room, Pete's Grande Terrace. (One of the nicest rooms in South Florida). The Invitations are all out. I created them myself and they are absolutly beautiful, responces comming in. (I don't want to talk much about the fact that I did not number the responce cards) making it dificult to know who is who. Nobody is perfect. right?

     Huge Staff from Party Perfect just waiting for direction on decorating. They are the best, they are also a large part of our guest list.

     Gotta go to work right now, much Margaritaville details to come. Maybe to much.

                                *** Coy ***




Check out

Dancing Bush

Thursday, June 3, 2004

My question for you...

            How will I know when I am enough, when I have enough, when I do enough and when I love enough?

                     *** Coy ***