Tuesday, June 22, 2004


            My Friend Jo, just got back from Hawaii and she brought me back these beads. Funny how just a little token can sometimes mean so much. She gave them to me as soon as I got to work and I wore them all day long. Everytime I looked at them or touched the perfect little shells, it reminded me of the look on her face and the excitemet in her voice as she told me all about her adventure.

     I've never really had a big desire to go to Hawaii, there is so much Caribbean close by that I have not yet explored. But... listening to her describe her adventure and looking at the breath taking photos, I have to admit that I kind of wish I would have been there,  There was a photo of a helicopter dropping thousands and thousands of orchids on the beach, luau's with island delights, hula hoops and hula dancers and all those gorgeous orchid leis.

    Tomorrow, I'll hang the beads on my rear view mirror, but for tonight, I just want to touch them again and think about Jo's adventure, who knows, maybe someday I just might go to dance in the rain in Hawaii.

                                      *** Coy ***



goldenchildnc said...

Hawaii is one place I've been WANTING to go to but the idea of setting up camp on a frickin volcano...LOL! I just don't know about that. ;-) The beads are beautiful! :-)

coy1234787 said...

GREGG-I'm not sure about setting up camp on a  volcano either but the black volcanic beaches would defiantly be a site to see. Hope I will get to see it some day, hope you get to see it someday too!
                                          *** Coy ***

slowmotionlife said...

Awww.. those are really beautiful.  It's nice to get little gifts like this from friends who have been on vacation.  This is the type of gift you'll actually use and love for a long, long time.  And when you wear it, you'll always think of that person.  So thoughtful. :)

ryanagi said...

I see someone went to Hilo Hattie's (I'd recognize their shell leis anywhere)! You really must go if you get the opportunity! It's my very favorite place on earth. We are waiting for our son to get a wee bit older before we go back, but I have my photo album from our trip there just before he was born. Ahhh memories...