Monday, June 21, 2004

1 week retreat a few blocks away

 I am preparing for a 1 week retreat to my sisters house. She finally got Brittney off to college this weekend and all settled into the Dorm. Lucky girl to be going to school in one of the most beautiful towns known to man. Naples Florida Take a quick tour. 

     When she first got to school, she was the only one there and was very upset that her Nextel has no reception in her room and she will have to go outside to make phone calls. (How inconvenient) She was busy setting up house and her room mates soon began to arrive and now life is good and she's as happy as can be. Mandy and I will make a visit there soon, we will take lots of pictures so you can see it too.

     Theresa and Chris are leaving tomorrow for a camping trip in the Keys. I am the dog sitter when they go away. I use to go with them quite often but now with my hectic work schedule it is almost impossible so when they vacation I stay at there house with Angie the Doberman and consider the change of pace a vacation of my own.     

     I will bring my camera software with me to down load on to there computer so I will be able to keep my journal updated, even though their computer is really old, the good one is at Party Perfect and Brittney got a new Lap top to bring to school.     

      I do miss joining them on the camping trips in the Keys but my vacation time is so limited and I have gotten use to using it near the end of the year, near the holidays. I try to take little mini vacations in my own back yard on my days off as often as I can, but it's not like going camping with lot's of good friends in the keys.   

     The photo below is of the last Keys trip I was on with them a few years ago. The boats, the jet skiis the snorkling, the lobster!!! Ohhhh seeing this photo makes me really want to go. OH NO I'm not going :-(         *** Coy ***



wildflower121764 said...

I'll be turning forty in December this year. I hate to say goodbye to my thirties. I love your journal description. What a great attitude! :)


billbinford54 said...

My daughter had the same experience at BC - mobile did not work in the dorm. I think they put microwave absorbing steel in the building!

Camping out in the Keys.  Does that mean no tent construction and just laying down with perhaps a blanket and if it rains who cares?  If yes, then I'm in. I have never gotten into the camping where you down a fifth of bourbon just to stay warm!