Monday, June 28, 2004

Self taught computer techs.

Most of us don't want to know how to build the car, we just want to drive it, right? Well that goes for building computers too. We've had a few laughs this week at work, with some of the self taught computer techs in my department. Give a guy a subscription to PC World or PC Magazine and they become a PC expert. Hmmm...

     There are 3 of them that are quite knowledgeable and they are teaching each other as they are teaching themselves and sometimes the conversations they have can be quite entertaining.  

    Mind you, these are not you typical computer geeks, with horned rimmed glasses spending their entire lives in a sterile lab, pouring over all of the latest scientific information they can find. They are just regular guy's, sort of mens, men or maybe they are just the misplaced mechanics of yesterday, Grrrr...

      I would guess that if we still had the gas guzzling, husband fixing cars of a generation ago, these guys would probably be found under the hood on weekends, tinkering with the family car, or tweaking the old race car in the garage.

      Actually I am pretty thankful to know them. Danny built my computer from scratch. Yep, just for the love of it. All I had to do was buy the parts and oh, do I ever love my computer.

      When I have questions or need technical advice, I have access to more information than a girl can stand. These guy's rebuild the old computers of my co- workers sometimes. Mel just got an update over the weekend, a new hard drive I believe. Although there were no left over parts, I do think he was unable to access the intranet when he got it home.           

      The conversations inspired by this situation has been very comical to say the least. I am sure they will work it out and Mel will be back online in no time. But for today they have lended themselves to a little office humor on an ordinary work day.                                                                                                

                                                      *** Coy *** 

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slowmotionlife said...

My sister actually says it's easier to put a computer together than most people think. You can buy the parts and download the instructions off the internet.  And if *she* can do it, anyone can.  LOL