Friday, June 11, 2004

weekend assignment


     So it's not a photo and it's not a furry friend. This is my weekend assignment. Kia was my very favorite pet of all times and I have had quite a few. Tons as a matter of fact. When my kids were growing up, I had a petstore in Louisiana and raised my own exotic birds and some small animals.

     I cant find a photo of Kia, he was a Burmese Python I had him for many years and ended up being a good 10 ft long. I dont know if you can read the picture, it is from one of my other journals. 

     My favorite things about having him as a pet was * taking him to show and tell at the kids schools when they were little. Some kids would have to leave the classroom before I got there (understandable fear of snakes) the rest would come up after my presentation and line up in the front of the class to jointly hold all 10 foot of him. * I also love how he would swim with my kids in the pool in the summertime and also he also loved sunning himself in the back yard on the warm stones around the Koi pond when I would be out feeding the birds.

     One day as he was sunning and I had kids plus their friends out rollarbalding, it started pouring down rain. Busy getting the kids in out of the rain, I turned around to look for my beloved friend and he was long gone. Not amused by the cold rain one bit he ran for cover and I never was able to find him. I could still cry to think about it.

     My neighbors for years would call me in the middle of the night to come out with flashlights because they imagined that they heard the snake near their house. I always knew it wasn't him but we would have a good laugh in our night gowns with flashlights in the middle of the road in the middle of the night.

                              *** Coy ***


lucylouladybug said...

I'm sorry you lost your beloved Kia.  I wonder if someone eventually found him.  Did you lose him in Florida or Louisiana?  Just curious!  Not that I'm gonna go looking for a big snake!  But I know how it feels to lose a pet... :(

Sorry I haven't been around much, kinda slacking from AOL some.  But just know I'm here for you always my friend,

Love, Penny

judithheartsong said...

Oh, Dear Kia. You must miss him so much. Thank you for sharing this with me..... you have been in my thoughts!!!! hugs, judi