Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Rainbow Brite


     Some brilliant, familiar color has returned to my world!!!



     We call her Alli  daughter, aka Rainbow Brite. She worked with us for several years, entertaining us with her sparkling personality and outrageous colorful attire.

     Allison is an actress. Mandy and I went to one of her plays ant the Quillo Center on Clematis Street one night with my friend Dan (also a friend of Alli's) The play was awesome, Alli did a great job and Mandy had her first experience a live theater. With the exception of The Nut Cracker Ballet, she had never been to a live performance before.

    Very impressed Mandy commented on how much better it was than watching a movie on the big screen and she wished that all of her friends could have seen the play as well. I think that Mandy with her flair for the Dramatic would be a natural if she would get involved with a Childrens Acting Guild. (Alli was 21, so I guess 17 would still be considered the Childrens Guild).

     No doubt there are some interesting surprises in store now that Alli is back. She does indeed color our world !!!

                             *** Coy ***


lucylouladybug said...

She's cute, and just seeing her smile would brighten anyone's day!
Here's to Rainbow Brite Alli!
Love, Penny

merelyp said...

As you know, I am not into "children"-- but I, as producer of many children's theatre productions, have watched with grateful awe the absolute thrill young ones enjoy on their first experience of live theatre. Your entry strikes a cord with me.  Parents take note:  Your toddlers will not settle for violent cartoons and dorky TV after they are hooked on the energy and "realness" of Staged Make Believe. . . trust me.  At least not for a while.  But never mind, if you don't like doing something you and the children can enjoy doing together.

coy1234787 said...

Penny, yes Alli is sure to brighten up anyone's day. You can't help but love her.    I am so glad she is back.

Mumsy, you strike a cord with me too, to the tune of, maybe you are all talk about not being into children hmmm...  Can't quite buy that one.
If we lived closer, I would do my best to encourage Mandy to get involved with one of your productions, even though she is already 17.
                                       *** Coy ***