Sunday, June 13, 2004

The tree guy

     I just made a quick run to Walgreens before I get dressed and head off to help set up for our party tonight. When I got home I noticed a new face in the neighborhood.

     Barbara lives 2 doors down and I have never noticed this guy before. He has to be new, her driveway is only a short distance from mine and I get in and out of the car here every day. Surley I would have noticed the tree guy before now, right?

     I can't wait to ask her about him, he is very interesting indeed. It won't be today though. way to much to do. Gotta go for now

                           *** Coy ***




billbinford54 said...

The thing I love about you is that you do notice everything!  I also would like to tell your sister how much you love her!  

merelyp said...

I just learned a lesson in clicking the links for these journal update alerts, since the pics aren't included there...
As I was reading your entry from the alert, I was thinking to myself, "Coy is being a nosy neighbor... an affair with the tree-trimming guy is occurring under her very eyes, and she is going to tell all of AOL-J-Land all about it."
I am so glad your journal proved me wrong.

~~mumsy...eschews the gossip when she can.

slowmotionlife said...

Interesting way to dress up a tree.  LoL  Is that on a busy street?  I can see how it could cause a lot of accidents from people doing a double-take.  tehehe..