Saturday, July 31, 2004

A colorful walk

     This was a beautiful Saturday morning. I took a colorful walk around the local Swap Shop and this is some of what I saw there.

     I bought Rainier Cherries and ate most of them while I was there. The coconut guy was there with his machete, cutting the tops off of coconuts and serving them up with a coconut shell scoop or with a couple of straws. No pictures of that, I am still not to comfortable with taking random photos of people, to bad.

     On my way home I found a new nature preserve, less than 2 miles from my house. I think it will prove to be a new favorite place for quiet walks and photos:-)

     It is really raining out, perfect time for a Saturday afternoon nap. Without all of this rain things would not look so lovely and green here. 

                  *** Coy ***

Friday, July 30, 2004

So many shades of blue

all across this evenings sky,

silently I watch.

    *** Coy ***


It's been worth the wait

It's been worth the wait

for the amazing beauty

of this little gym.

      *** Coy ***

This flower never ceases to amaze me. I love it!!! Steven, at Sometimes Photo Blog says that he may have the same flowers in his Cypress Tree. He's going to see if he can find out what it's called. Isn't it lovely?


Thursday, July 29, 2004

On the cover of the Ku'

AOL J-Land

circle of creative friends

sharing who we are

     *** Coy ***


I am so proud that this graphic and Ku' are on the cover of the Anniversary Haiku Journal. Congratulations to Mumsy for Interactive Haiku's "Most Creative/Original Journal Award."

Go HERE to read some of the amazing Ku's that are being written for the Anniversary Journal.

 Happy Anniversary to all in J-Land

                    *** Coy ***




Almost forgot to put out my flag.

              *** Coy ***


You've really gotta see this.


it's promise of tomorrows

beauty beyond words.

   *** Coy ***


    This is one of my favorite flowers. Each year I anxiously await it's first signs of bud. Does anyone know what it's called? The small plant has vined it's way up and around both of the cypress trees in the yard. For a long time it only bloomed towards the top of the tree but now has worked it's way back down to eye level in several places. 

     Come back tomorrow, it should be open by then, I cant wait to show it to you. OMG they are just sooo beautiful.

*** Coy ***

Barack Obama

Keynote Speaker Barack Obama. <- click

I don't watch much T.V., especially since the war started. I have stayed fairly clear of all the mud slinging by our Presidential hopefuls as they have been on the campaign trail but I really wish that I hadn't missed this speech.

*** Coy ***




Thursday, July 29th at:

 77:77 cybertime

10:00 am Eastern Time

9:00 am Central Time

8:00 am Mountain Time

7:00 am Pacific Time

3:00 pm (1500) BST


Wednesday, July 28, 2004

The details

       OK, ok ... I did not mean to stage such drama :.:.wink:.:.wink:.:. Actually, I just lost my entry before I had time to save it (darn dial up) and now my in box is filled with inquiries and my comments lines show promise of some of you returning for "details." So, here goes ...

          You may recall me referring to this as "The Month Of The Birthday" <clickThat is exactly what July has turned out to be starting from day one when I found out that I would be working on the 4th of July, and on a Sunday no less.

        Although my birthday is not actually until the 6th, I have always celebrated it on the 4th. A celebration in which it is custom for the employers of my family and friends to give them a paid day off to celebrate with me. It's usually quite the event, <click but not this year.

        Mandy and I did go to Del Ray <click to see fireworks after I got off work, but other than that the 4th of July came and went very quietly this year. Very quietly-indeed. Now I am not one that thrives on being the center of attention, but it was my birthday and maybe secretly I pouted.

        I did receive many birthday E cards and major good wish comments, from all of my friends in J-land. I am very grateful for that. But my Mom and Dad went away for 2 weeks, they attended 2 family reunions in Alabama  < click while they were away, Hmmm-  I wished them well as they set out on their adventure (without Mandy and I). If I secretly pouted they never found out.

        My two older kids, Angie 20, Joey 21, are in Louisiana right now.  I did not spend my Birthday with them. They have so many places to go, people to see and things to do. Secretly I pouted, but they won't ever know.

        My niece Brittney <click had just left for college, she is taking a few summer classes in preparation for the fall when she starts her first full year. Not even a phone call from her! Secretly I pouted, but she doesn't know.

        My sister and her husband were off to Los Vegas with 2 other couples, (Mandy and I stayed with her dog <click while they were living it large in Los Vegas). It seems that Lady Luck was on there side and they could do no wrong - they were winning crazy money; the casino's were comping their dinners, they had their rooms upgraded, they went from taking taxi's around town, to Limo's and they were able to treat the other 2 couples in their party to a very good time. They saw some shows, had lavish dinners and got to do some shopping a few of the exquisite shops in Los Vegas.

        None of us are gamblers, but they did get a good taste of what it's like to get caught up in the glitz and glamor of the game. Secretly I pouted but still, I stayed home with the dog.        This past week has been spent making up the "Unnoticed Birthday."  Wednesday Night <click , I went out for Mexican Food with my sister, Friday Night <click I went out for really good Sushi with my parents and Saturday <click was the day that we really celebrated.

        We got up early, just my sister and I. We headed to Adanelle <click , in the Parkland Town Center. This is one of my favorite little shops when looking for a special gift. I have bought quite a few of my sisters holiday or birthday gifts from there and she had never been.

        While we were there, we  looked at the Jay Strongwater collection. I just gave her one of his beautiful little frames <click, for her birthday. We chatted with the store owner about the amazing door frames at the Strongwater store front on the Vegas Strip. My sister was just there and she said that the door ways were encrusted with the same jewels and crystals found on the little frame. She did not take a picture but,  I would have really liked to have seen it.

         While we were there, Theresa bought herself a cute leather and silver necklace from Brighton and she bought me a pair of Brighton sunglasses. <click. We looked around at a few other new boutiques in the Parkland Town Center. Ohhh ... There were so many beautiful things to see, but we kept our money in our pocket and headed south to Hollywood (Hollywood, Florida) to the very new Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. <click

        OMG, it is so beautiful, the photo of the pool is from the hotel. It's a lagoon spreading out for what seems like acres, with a whole network of caves built in and it has the cutest little tables tucked away throughout the caves. The bar area was surrounded by magnificent waterslides (comparable to the finest theme parks). There were hundreds of brand new white pool chairs covered with bright yellow towels sitting on the whitest, cleanest, most pristine sand you can imagine. It looked just like the beaches in Pensacola.

        The Hard Rock Cafe theme was spread through out the grounds. Inside and out there were awesome displays of memorabilia from music icons in rock history.

             We arrived at the hotel,  around three o'clock in the afternoon and left around ten in the evening. We spent an awesome day winning and loosing, winning and loosing, winning and ultimately loosing a little more than I would like to talk about here.

        When they left Vegas, they had the thrill of living it up and still coming home with so much more than they started with.  On Saturday we too, played like the big dogs only we ended up leaving a lot of our hard earned money behind.    So there, you have it, the details.

                                                             *** Coy ***            

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

A day out with my sister


What do these 3 photos have to do with a day out with my sister on Saturday? Details tomorrow.

                        *** Coy ***

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Can you hear her heart's song?


Zoom Zoom Zoom

Judithheartsong <--- Click has designed these 3 beautiful torches for our Anniversary Celebration. She invited us to use one, I couldn't  choose so I'm using them all. (hee, hee, hee!)

Thank you Judi, for sharing.

              *** Coy ***


Saturday, July 24, 2004

The month of the Birthday


   Most of my family was out of town for my Birthday (July 6th). Usually having a near 4th of July Birthdate works out to my advantage but not this year.

     We did celebrate at work, Mandy, I did do the fireworks thing on the 4th, I did get lot's of E-cards and birthday wishes from all of you, (thank you again) but no real celebration until now.

     Wednesday night out with my sister, last night a birthday celebration with my parents. Sushi!!!!!  I love Sushi!!! any time we have Sushi it's like a celebration.

    One of our favorite places to have Sushi, is a little hole in the wall in a near by strip mall. Beautiful presentation. My favorite part is being greeted with a steaming hot basket of wet, fragrant towels to clean up with. Just set's the evening off right.

     We chatted and laughed over the freshest sushi around. Nice evening. Today I celebrate my Birthday with a special day out with my sister. Photos and details later. I can't wait.

     Hmmm... the month of the Birthday, maybe this did work out to my advantage after all:-) 

                                  *** Coy ***



Friday, July 23, 2004

Just what the Doctor ordered.

 <---Theresa, my sister.      

     I've had a very hectic week or 2. That's why you have not seen as many postings in "Dancing in the rain." Even though I have not been to inspired to write much, I have been doing a lot of reading here in J-land and have made a lot of new friends along the way:-)  

       On Wednesday night, I had an impromptu dinner with my sister at our favorite Mexican Restaurant, La Bamba's. Mandy was not home, Brittney is home this weekend from college but had dinner plans with a few friends, Chris,(brother in law) had plans for the gym and a healthy bite to eat with a neighbor so...

       Theresa called, she asked if I wanted to go get something to eat. Shhh... I just finished cooking dinner, was just about to sit down and eat. I decided to wrap it up, put it in the fridge and go anyway. I am so glad that I did. We ended up spending a great few hours together over Fajitas and a couple of Margaritas. Something I have been craving since reading this (maybe my favorite entry that I have ever read in J-land).

          We talked and laughed for hours about all of that rain that I've been dancing in over the past few years and again in the past few weeks. It was just what the Doctor ordered. By the way, Dancing in the rain, describes my life to a tee. Trust me it has really rained here, or should I say Monsooned, better yet let me say it has been a full blown category 5 Hurricane at times.

            Through it all, I try my best to live my life and focus on gratitude for all of the amazing, wonderful things that I do have. You will probably notice I don't write much about the rain. Many people that I know read this journal or could read this journal. People like my parents, my sister, my children, my co workers and my friends from time to time.   

       I would never write anything personal that might embarrass or hurt someone else. One disadvantage to my old way of journaling in a beautiful black leather book that I just keep refilling over the years. There I could write anything and know that no one would ever read it.

            I am toying with the idea of starting a separate private journal called Raining on the dance, for weeks like the past 2 when it's not as easy to keep dancing.

                                         *** Coy ***    


The sun is fading fast

The sun is fading fast.

I caught one last glympse of daylight.

All is quiet now.

*** Coy ***

BTW this is a thought, not a Haiku!



Tuesday, July 20, 2004


OMG, it is so late, I have been working on entry below and the links are not working:-(  It's  way to late to fix it tonight, I was lucky to stay up long enough to press send. I will fix it tomorrow. for now just go to Patrick's Place. He has all of the links posted there.

                                 *** Coy ***  

The Golden Assignment

    The AOL Journal Awards        What could be better than an award for AOL Journalers, given by the readers and the writers of AOL Journals? Congratulations to all who have been nominated.

       Gregg, our resident J-Land Angel (well sort of), has given us a Golden Assignment. We have been asked to pimp our favorite nominees in our journals. I am not going to go into detail about my long time favorites on the list, my daily reads. ((Gregg))),   (((Trish))),  (((Amy))), (((Mumsy)))   and (((Penny))). You guys already know how I feel about you and you know that you have my vote.

        Instead I would like to say a few words about some of my new favorites that I may not have found, if not for all of the festivities around the Journal Awards and our 1st Anniversary Celebration. 

        I have no doubt that Gregg, and the other B2B members that have been working so hard on these events, had a master plan in mind. The plan, to bring us closer as a community by encouraging us to pimp and read each others journals. It's working. Thanks Gregg.

       Steven at Sometimes Photo Blog, Steven has made a Beautiful Garden where we can leave a nice word or 2 for our favorite journals. If you have not been to the garden yet, what are you waiting for? I feel honored that Steven used 3 of my photos when he was creating the flower icons for the garden. Thank you Steven.

       Mumsy at interactive Haiku, has been very active in helping spread the word about activities for the Anniversary Celebration. She is also designing a Haiku Birthday Gift for us. Still busy collecting votes for the image that will go on the cover, I'm sure that we will soon be voting on a Haiku as well. My AOL-J Land graphic below is in the running for Haiku book cover. Thanks Mumsy

       Vivian at Viv's E- Thoughts has been the resident cheerleader for this huge Celebration of ours. It's kind of like a family reunion, isn't it? Visit Vivian's journal to find out all of the behind the scenes details on who's doing what in preparation. Thanks Vivian, thanks to all involved behind the scenes.          

     Now on to some of my new favorite picks. I started at the top of the list and have worked my way down. Wow!!! they are all sooo good. Patrick at Patrick's Place has just made this easier by posting the link to every nominee in his journal. Visit Patricks Journal for easy access to all of your choices. Thanks Patrick.

       Michael, at All Things Just Keep Getting Stranger. If you have not been to Michael's journal yet you really should go. He's a performer, he's a writer, he's funny and he's really cute. This is one of my favorite new finds and is now on my list of daily reads. He lives in Orlando, that practically makes us neighbors.

      Jamey, at Sublime Dance. this one is new to me, not so new to most everyone else. I have absolutely fallen in love with this journal. Jamey is also a performer and a writer, he seems to also be somewhat of a perfectionist. His writing style seems so genuine and honest, this journal is now without a doubt among my all time favorites.

       Lisa, The Occupant. This journal spoke to me, the moment I opened it. This is a girl that I can really relate to and is now on my list of daily reads. I am so glad that I stopped by here.     

      Jessi, at Lessons from the heart. Awww...this is a very cute, heart felt journal. Stop by and say hi to Jessi if you can.

        Albert, at Albert's Artsy world of fun. I should have started with Albert, he's got a thing about being first. Here you will find the great big harry, glittery Madame Glinka, she just cracks me up. Albert wants to win more than anyone else wants to win so please visit his journal and then vote for Albert. Please, vote for Albert. Everyone vote for Albert.

       Jersey Girl. A journal filled with family thoughts and sappy love notes from her really cute husband. I really like this girl and the way she writes will keep me coming back for more, I'm sure.

      Adam, at General Dispatches. I've pimped Adams journal before. I just love to read what this kid writes. There is plenty of lively, well written content found in Adam'sjournal. Just think how good he will be in a couple of years, if he keeps writing. Visit Adam's journal and welcome the new kid from England. vote for Adam, vote for Adam, Vote for Adam, Vote for Adam, Vote for Adam, Vote for Adam, Vote for Adam, Vote for Adam,

       Elizabeth, at my Elegant Chaos. Now this has to be right up there at the top of my list for the best writing that I have read here in J-Land.I could read this every day. Visit her journal now and you will not be sorry. No way that I'm wrong about this one.:-)

        Judi, at Judith Heartsong I have been visiting Judi for a week or so now. She paints the most magnificent paintings filled with color and light and post them in her journal along with the writings about her most painful past. I look forward to seeing the new paintings and leaving a comment for her each day.

       Vince, at James and the Animals I have just started reading James and the Animals. He is on part 47, it's an ongoing story that I look forward to keeping up with. Vince leaves short but sweet comments in my journal, I look forward to his visits.

       These are just a few of the best (new to me) finds that I have run across in the past week or two. I have added them plus quite a few more to my alerts, that's a lot of reading to keep up with, Don't forget to go to Patrick's Place for easy access to all of the nominated journals. And then VOTE!!!                                                                                                              *** Coy ***

Sunday, July 18, 2004

A J-Land Haiku

AOL J-Land

circle of creative friends

sharing who we are


*** Coy ***


Saturday, July 17, 2004

A typical Thursday in Mid July

I seldom turn on the news since the war started in Iraq. Now with the election campaigns in full swing even more reason not to watch. Some times though, there is a story that you read somewhere or you over hear people talking about that strikes a chord deep inside you.  

That happened to me today when I heard this local Dad's story.


It's a typical Thursday in Mid July.  

Dr. Sierra, a dentist in Boca Raton Florida leaves for work with 3 year old son in tow.  

It seems that Dr Sierra is a hard working dad, looking to spend a little extra time with his boy.  

He arrives at his office, just like any other day.   He hurry's inside and in a matter of moments is caught up in the hustle bustle of an ordinary day in a busy dental office.  

3 hours later a family member calls to check on Dad and the boy.  

Dr. Sierra and staff, run out to parking lot to find the boy still strapped into his car seat with all of the windows rolled up.   He's no longer breathing.

It's a typical Thursday in Mid July.  

There are no words to describe that kind of grief.    

*** Coy ***

Friday, July 16, 2004

Weekend assignment #15


  Bad Food Moments.

This assignment is easy for me. Over 3 years ago I stopped eating meat again. Mainly because of the chemicals, antibiotics, hormones and pesticides found in the commercial animal products where I shop.  

The possibility of Mad Cow Disease or E Coli Contamination are additional reasons for my decision. Anyone looking for a reality check, the truth about the meats in this country can be found in "The Mad Cowboy" a book written by Howard Lyman, a former cattle farmer. This is a real look at just how disgusting meats in this country actually are. Read it and you will never look at Steak on the Barbi, the same way again.  

Johns question is actually "What is the most disgusting food you have ever had in your mouth. Hands down I will choose Fried Calf Liver. OMG YUCK!!!

Extra credit a food product so awful that you couldn't even bring your self to try it... Brussel Sprouts. Nope, never tried em', never will.

                                         *** Coy ***




A place to muse, to share to reminisce. A place to dream, to create, to feed our inner child.


A place where we are empowered by our own truths as well as by thoseof others.


A place where we are all connected, where permission is granted to dance our dance, to sing our song and to paint what moves our soul.


A place where we learn haw to give, to take and to receive. A place where we practice seeking and being sought after. A place where rejection rarely exists.



I started Dancing in the Rain in March so I am still pretty new here. In the beginning I thought of it simply as a place to continue the journaling I have been doing all of my life. It has turned out to be so much more.


I have made so many new friends here. I could have never imagined what it would be like to have the the inner activity through comments and E-Mail with all of you that I have found here.


With all the excitement in the air over the 1st Anniversary of J land, I have found many of my favorite journals pimping their favorite journals so I have been spending much more time reading journals than writing my own in the past few weeks. I just love this place. I just love all of you.          


                                *** Coy ***



Thursday, July 15, 2004

Becky's Bananas

Last week Aubrey brought in Mangos

Yesterday Becky brought in Bananas.

It's great to live in Florida where so many

kinds of tropical fruit grow.

Quite often you will find a basket full of

fruit by the time clock at work that some

 one is looking to share from ther garden.


         *** Coy *** 



Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Awesome Blossoms

     I love the Hibiscus bush by my back door. No two flowers are ever the same. Peachy colored buds give way to surprise colored combos of red, orange white and yellow. Mmmm... Lovely!

                                               *** Coy ***





Sunday, July 11, 2004

Moon Pie Haiku


One more junk food Haiku

because the photo opp was there.

Moon Pie, Paradise

melted snack, in summertime

taste good anyway.

*** Coy ***



A one day vacation



  These are a few of my favorite photos from Saturday. Mandy and I spent the day at Sea Garden Resort in Pompano. It's not often that she gets a day off on Saturday so we took advantage of it.

     The first photo of Mandy and Barber Boy required a major detour on the part of the driver (me), but it was worth it. Won't the girls at beauty school be jealous on Monday, when they see her with this cutie?

     The light house looked like a nice short walk down the beach, ended up being over a 2 mile hike in the mid day sun. The walk was pleasant, picking up a few shells and a perfect piece of black coral along the way. It's always nice to have some catching up time with my daughter, she is as much at peace near the ocean as I am.

     The photo's of the light house made the walk worth while but the walk back was another story. Nearly 100 degrees out and my ice water and sunscreen over 2 miles away, I felt like giving up half way back, Mandy kept me going. I was really happy when we finally did make it back, we still had much to do.

     After a long swim in the ocean, we made our way back across the street to the resort. We had something cold to drink from the Tiki Bar and took a few photos of the resident Iguana. He lives in the garden there, where he has everything an Iguana should need.

     We spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool and got much more sun than we should have. Had to leave by 5:00, my sister is in Los Vegas and I am on doggie patrol again this weekend. Nice Day!!!

                                        *** Coy *** 


Friday, July 9, 2004

Under The Boardwalk


 Sunflower Kat, went to the beach at Avon By The Sea, in New Jersey today. Her story and pictures brought me back to 1980 when I lived in Atlantic City on Michigan Avenue, just a block or so from the beach.

     This is the only photo I have of that beach way back then. I call it "Under the Boardwalk" even though it is a photo underneath a pier, connected to the Boardwalk. (I was standing "Under the Boardwalk when I took it!)

     I remember that day like it was yesterday. I was with a few friends, taking random photos with my new camera that I saved up to buy from the Pawn Shop.

     Mmmm... Good friends, fresh air, sunshine and a little saltwater taffy! Wish I was there right now.

                                *** Coy ***


Junk Food Haiku

Weekend Assignment #14


"OH BOY" we are playing Mumsy's game with John this week! "Technically speaking" mine has no reference to the weather or the seasons. I sometimes have trouble just counting to 17.    


Chocolate inside

outside a rainbow so bright

 I love M&M's

 *** Coy ***     


Thursday, July 8, 2004


I share the week of my Birthday, with a Spanish Tradition dating back to 1591.

 <--- click the bull

Fiesta de San Fermin  

    Many events take place at this non stop, week long celebration, in Pamplona Spain. Expect to find wood chopping, barrel lifting, live music, Latin dancers, Spanish food, bull fighting and fireworks. The main attraction however, is the "Encerrio," the running of the bulls.

      Every year I find myself feeling sympathetic with the bulls and concerned with the reports of such cruelty being inflicted on these animals. At the same time, I can't help my self from being fascinated by the passion of these people in Spain as they continue this long standing tradition.

     Click the bull above to read John Afflecks story of Pamplona. He also reminds us of what Ernest Hemmingway had to say about the event, back in the 1920's.

                                 *** Coy ***


Passion Flower


Red hot passion blooms

in the garden near the gate.

No holding her back.

     *** Coy ***


Tuesday, July 6, 2004

          Welcome a new kid from England 

 Check out Adams AOL-J

                           *** Coy ***






This mornings look at yellow

Playing with color

This mornings look at yellow

so sunny and bright

*** Coy ***

I am a little slow, just figured out how to convert my photo shop photos to jpeg so I can post them. Now I can start having a little fun. I have to learn everything the hard way. You would think I would just take a class or something. 

Monday, July 5, 2004

Happy 5th of July

Patriotic garb

and a happy smiling face

Alli's  back in town

        *** Coy ***


All that Home Town America stuff


Happy 5th of July all

     Hope you had plenty of Barbecue, potato salad,  watermelon and apple pie yesterday. Hope that some had a family reunion or went to the beach or a park and played horseshoes, volleyball or football. You know all that Home Town America Stuff.

     I had to work but got off just in time to pick Mandy up and drive to Del Ray to see the fireworks on the beach as usual. The show was awesome, choreographed to patriotic music on 104.3. The fireworks were in fact beautiful, even though you can't tell from the picture above. (the only one I took that came out).

     I did give a feeble, last minute try to insure good firework photos. I made a stop on my way to see the fireworks to pick up a tripod from Best Buy, (I was 10 minutes to late) the store had closed. It was a spur of the moment inspiration from reading Steven's Sometimes Photoblog, <---click. You guys at AOL-J's never stop inspiring me. 

      In Steven's journal there was a link to photographing fireworks with a digital camera <---click. I plan to be more prepared for New Years.    

*** Coy ***



Sunday, July 4, 2004

Let Freedom Ring!

 It's the 4th of July! Independence Day I'm sure means a little something different to each of us. As a country still in the early after math of 911, we are reminded just how significant this celebration really is.

        The Parades, the fireworks, the barbecues, represent our gratitude for the freedom we are reminded, not every body has. The following is an entry I've been thinking about for a while now. Today seems like the perfect day to post it, as a reminder to myself to be grateful on Independence Day and every day.

        Ever since a friend of mine started visiting her husbands family in Cuba, I have had a growing interest in this island of Castro's. Cuba's 1959 revolution marked the beginning of the US trade embargo on Cuba along with the beginning of Castro's 1 party rule.

         Her husband's family is among the 60% of the population, considered non dollar holding Cubans. The poorest of the poor. The average monthly salary in Cuba is between $7-$12 along with a guaranteed allotment of 2000 calories per day in dietary intake. Yikes!!!

        My friend comes back with stories of houses with no floors or beds. Showers, etc.. (if you know what I mean) are taken outside. The cooking is done outside as well. (speaking of cooking, whole roasted pig is a celebration meal. Hmmm... I would be happy to stick to beans and rice if ever I were there). I'm not sure how long I would survive without cold bottled water.

        One thing she talks about that I have never read anywhere else, is the rationing of utilities as a means of power and control. It is bad enough that he payshis people so little that they would never have time to organize and rise against him. They are to busy figuring out how to live on pennies per day. But when he want's to flex a little muscle, he holds back the electricity and water. Last year when she was there, water was only being turned on for a very short time at 4:00 in the afternoon when the men came in from work. Wow!!!, that's control. Not to mention the monitoring of the mail, the phone and E-mail, forget it. Thinking about these things makes me so proud to be an American.

        All political and economic issues aside, Cuba is a place that I have a great desire to visit. I would love to visit with my friend and experience first hand what it is like for the people that live there. Also the artistic side of me is deeply attracted to the thoughts of seeing Cuba through the lens of a camera. WOW!!! it would be like stepping inside of a time capsule.

        Havana's early 1900s architecture with it's attention to detail is host to an amazing array of beauty and art. The balcony's over the street, the light house, the bell tower, the Cuban cigar rollers, the out door market places, the street musicians, the parades, the colorful painted buildings, the horse drawn carriages, the street vendors, the amazing sunset's, the brilliant Cuban art but mostly... The Classic American Muscle Cars of Cuba <---click here.       

     It would be one of my hearts desires, to see, to photograph these; Chevrolets, Fords, Chryslers and Caddilacs of long ago. There have been no American cars imported to Cuba since 1960. The few later model cars on the island belong to Castro and the Cuban hierarchy. Just imagine, the beautiful old buildings,together with only the early model cars. It would indeed be a site to behold in my book. 

        It is amazing to me how people so repressed have found way's to preserve, protect and cherish these amazing gas guzzling relics. They have had to improvise to keep these cars not only running but in tip top shape after all of these years. 

        With no trade there they have had no access to American parts for these American cars. They have had to learn to create them from scratch and become creative in finding way's to keep them in repair. We could all learn a lesson here on how to be a less disposable society by loving, repairing and maintaining what we already have. Happy 4th of July all!

                                        *** Coy ***




Saturday, July 3, 2004

A secret from a past millennium

       My friend Aubrey shared this story with me and I thought I might share it with you.

         A rancher named Waldo Wilcox, bought a 4,200 acres in Utah back in 1951 and has been protecting an amazing ancient secret ever since!!! Click here  for the story.               


                                               *** Coy ***

The welcome wagon!


      Today is my Aunt Muriel's birthday. Mom and Dad have gone to Alabama for a surprise celebration. My dad is one of 11 children, anytime they all get together it's automatically a party.

     They are getting a little older and they have started a tradition of making sure that each others 75th birthday becomes a blow out to remember. Hey, anybody that makes it to 75 deserves a big blow out, right?

       The Festivities begin today. Muriel does not know that any of them are there. Her son James has built a covered wagon float to pull behind his truck in their 4th of July Parade.

        Muriel will be a spectator watching the parade. But when the wagon comes by "SURPRISE" she will find the it filled with her family and friends. They will pick her up and whisk her away and that's when the weekend party begins.       

Awww how cute are they?  Pictures in a couple of weeks.  

*** Coy ***

Friday, July 2, 2004

like a spiders web

on a summers day

the mangrove awaits it's prey

         *** Coy ***    

Scalizi Assignment #13

Pictures from IMA Hero   Scalizi's Assignment # 13, not exactly my cup of tea.

     Which Founding Father would you want to hang out and have a beer with?

     First off, call it what you want; Beer, Brew, Ale, Grog, Malt, Draft, Bock, Weizenbier, Lambic, or Kreik. It's all just "Ferminted Hops" to me and frankly, I don't care to partake.      

    Not that I have a problem with people that drink a little beer, it's just that I am not much of a drinker. If I did decide to have a drink or two, chances are great that it would not be beer. If for some unexplainable reason it did happen to be a beer, I can't imagine choosing a Founding Father to drink it with. This must be a guy thing Grrr...

    I did do a little research on the topic and it seems that quite a few of our founding fathers were more than a little fond of the brew. According to The Beer Institute Thomas Jefferson, wrote the Declaration of independence an a Tavern in Philadelphia. Ben Franklin was said to have handled much of his business in taverns. George Washington made sure his troops received beer daily!  I have no real desire to kick back and have a beer with any of them sooo... with all due respect, Mr. Scalizi. I'll just sit this assignment out:-)    

                               *** Coy ***       

Thursday, July 1, 2004

Birthday Bash

  Imagine a Birthday Bash each year, complete with parades, marching bands, spectacular firework displays, live entertainment all across town, neighborhood block parties, family vacations and "bonus" everyone gets time off work to celebrate with you!!!  Pretty good, right?

      My birthday is on July 6th and I have always celebrated it on July 4th for obvious reasons. The birthday has always been a pretty big to-do!

     Not this year though:-(   I am going to be working on the 4th from noon til 8pm. YUCK!!! It is just sooo hard to take a Sunday off at our place. Who's idea was it to have the 4th of July on a Sunday anyway?                                     

                                           *** Coy ***  

Artichoke Hearts

Scalizi asks in his entry            

A Moment of Audience Participation <---click here 

for a recipe of a side dish to serve with Barbecue that does not involve green beans in any way.

 I'm not much on roasted animal John but this goes great with anything. It's my moms recipe. You've gotta try it!

                                            *** Coy ***  


OMG- 35 Years Of Terror!


   Photo from BBC News  

35 Years Of Terror!  

The unimaginable crimes against humanity!  

The suppression!

The torture!

The chemical weapons!

The mass murder of thousands in a single swoop!

How will justice ever be served?

How will hope be restored where so much devastation has occurred? 

 When will our brave men and women come home?

*** Coy ***