Friday, July 2, 2004

Scalizi Assignment #13

Pictures from IMA Hero   Scalizi's Assignment # 13, not exactly my cup of tea.

     Which Founding Father would you want to hang out and have a beer with?

     First off, call it what you want; Beer, Brew, Ale, Grog, Malt, Draft, Bock, Weizenbier, Lambic, or Kreik. It's all just "Ferminted Hops" to me and frankly, I don't care to partake.      

    Not that I have a problem with people that drink a little beer, it's just that I am not much of a drinker. If I did decide to have a drink or two, chances are great that it would not be beer. If for some unexplainable reason it did happen to be a beer, I can't imagine choosing a Founding Father to drink it with. This must be a guy thing Grrr...

    I did do a little research on the topic and it seems that quite a few of our founding fathers were more than a little fond of the brew. According to The Beer Institute Thomas Jefferson, wrote the Declaration of independence an a Tavern in Philadelphia. Ben Franklin was said to have handled much of his business in taverns. George Washington made sure his troops received beer daily!  I have no real desire to kick back and have a beer with any of them sooo... with all due respect, Mr. Scalizi. I'll just sit this assignment out:-)    

                               *** Coy ***       


billbinford54 said...

Ben knew had a good time and so whether you imbibe or not, I would opt for Ben.  Jefferson would want to play his fiddle (remember the musical 1776) and George was always afraid that Martha would find out and so was a bit stiff. Ben was that era's Bill Clinton.

coy1234787 said...

    Hi Bill, thanks for the great comment. No, I have to say that I do not remember the musical "1776" but you make me feel that I should check it out. Maybe adding a little humor to my perception of those rigid faces, would warm me up to the idea of a mug of Grog with ol Ben or maybe even with the fiddle playing, declaration writing Tom. Not George though, naaa not George.
    Funny you mention Bill, Mandy was close by when I started this assignment, she is usually unipionionated about these things but she said " if I were going to kick back with one of them it would be Clinton" I asked, "Clinton"? She said "yea he's the P=I=M=P!!" I said, " he is???" she said "yep, I think he is" I didnt have the heart to remind her he wasn't exactly a Founding Father, I was just impressed that at 17 she would have any opinion at all. LOL    

                                             *** Coy ***

viviansullinwank said...

THANK YOU! I'm happy to see the torch here and delighted that you are helping light the way to the anniversary festivities!! And Happy Almost Birthday to YOU!  :)