Tuesday, July 20, 2004

The Golden Assignment

    The AOL Journal Awards        What could be better than an award for AOL Journalers, given by the readers and the writers of AOL Journals? Congratulations to all who have been nominated.

       Gregg, our resident J-Land Angel (well sort of), has given us a Golden Assignment. We have been asked to pimp our favorite nominees in our journals. I am not going to go into detail about my long time favorites on the list, my daily reads. ((Gregg))),   (((Trish))),  (((Amy))), (((Mumsy)))   and (((Penny))). You guys already know how I feel about you and you know that you have my vote.

        Instead I would like to say a few words about some of my new favorites that I may not have found, if not for all of the festivities around the Journal Awards and our 1st Anniversary Celebration. 

        I have no doubt that Gregg, and the other B2B members that have been working so hard on these events, had a master plan in mind. The plan, to bring us closer as a community by encouraging us to pimp and read each others journals. It's working. Thanks Gregg.

       Steven at Sometimes Photo Blog, Steven has made a Beautiful Garden where we can leave a nice word or 2 for our favorite journals. If you have not been to the garden yet, what are you waiting for? I feel honored that Steven used 3 of my photos when he was creating the flower icons for the garden. Thank you Steven.

       Mumsy at interactive Haiku, has been very active in helping spread the word about activities for the Anniversary Celebration. She is also designing a Haiku Birthday Gift for us. Still busy collecting votes for the image that will go on the cover, I'm sure that we will soon be voting on a Haiku as well. My AOL-J Land graphic below is in the running for Haiku book cover. Thanks Mumsy

       Vivian at Viv's E- Thoughts has been the resident cheerleader for this huge Celebration of ours. It's kind of like a family reunion, isn't it? Visit Vivian's journal to find out all of the behind the scenes details on who's doing what in preparation. Thanks Vivian, thanks to all involved behind the scenes.          

     Now on to some of my new favorite picks. I started at the top of the list and have worked my way down. Wow!!! they are all sooo good. Patrick at Patrick's Place has just made this easier by posting the link to every nominee in his journal. Visit Patricks Journal for easy access to all of your choices. Thanks Patrick.

       Michael, at All Things Just Keep Getting Stranger. If you have not been to Michael's journal yet you really should go. He's a performer, he's a writer, he's funny and he's really cute. This is one of my favorite new finds and is now on my list of daily reads. He lives in Orlando, that practically makes us neighbors.

      Jamey, at Sublime Dance. this one is new to me, not so new to most everyone else. I have absolutely fallen in love with this journal. Jamey is also a performer and a writer, he seems to also be somewhat of a perfectionist. His writing style seems so genuine and honest, this journal is now without a doubt among my all time favorites.

       Lisa, The Occupant. This journal spoke to me, the moment I opened it. This is a girl that I can really relate to and is now on my list of daily reads. I am so glad that I stopped by here.     

      Jessi, at Lessons from the heart. Awww...this is a very cute, heart felt journal. Stop by and say hi to Jessi if you can.

        Albert, at Albert's Artsy world of fun. I should have started with Albert, he's got a thing about being first. Here you will find the great big harry, glittery Madame Glinka, she just cracks me up. Albert wants to win more than anyone else wants to win so please visit his journal and then vote for Albert. Please, vote for Albert. Everyone vote for Albert.

       Jersey Girl. A journal filled with family thoughts and sappy love notes from her really cute husband. I really like this girl and the way she writes will keep me coming back for more, I'm sure.

      Adam, at General Dispatches. I've pimped Adams journal before. I just love to read what this kid writes. There is plenty of lively, well written content found in Adam'sjournal. Just think how good he will be in a couple of years, if he keeps writing. Visit Adam's journal and welcome the new kid from England. vote for Adam, vote for Adam, Vote for Adam, Vote for Adam, Vote for Adam, Vote for Adam, Vote for Adam, Vote for Adam,

       Elizabeth, at my Elegant Chaos. Now this has to be right up there at the top of my list for the best writing that I have read here in J-Land.I could read this every day. Visit her journal now and you will not be sorry. No way that I'm wrong about this one.:-)

        Judi, at Judith Heartsong I have been visiting Judi for a week or so now. She paints the most magnificent paintings filled with color and light and post them in her journal along with the writings about her most painful past. I look forward to seeing the new paintings and leaving a comment for her each day.

       Vince, at James and the Animals I have just started reading James and the Animals. He is on part 47, it's an ongoing story that I look forward to keeping up with. Vince leaves short but sweet comments in my journal, I look forward to his visits.

       These are just a few of the best (new to me) finds that I have run across in the past week or two. I have added them plus quite a few more to my alerts, that's a lot of reading to keep up with, Don't forget to go to Patrick's Place for easy access to all of the nominated journals. And then VOTE!!!                                                                                                              *** Coy ***


judithheartsong said...

Oh Coy,
you are very sweet and a good new friend. I look forward to your visits at my journal and love to come and see what you have been up to. Thank you so much for thinking of me! judi

deabvt said...

Thks, coy....you`ve pimped some great stuff here!

slowmotionlife said...

Woohoo!  Pimp in progress.  I love it. LOL  Thankfully for me, I've already been to most of the journals on your list.   There's just too many new journals to keep up with.  I envy the new kids on the scene because their choices are wide open, as far as favorites go. For those of us who have been around a long time, we're already full up and tend to go to the same journals all the time.  Kinda stinks.  Good to read a proper pimp now and then.  There are a few journals in your list that I haven't visited, so I'll be sure to check those out.  :)

wildflower121764 said...

Isn't this so cool! I love it!

lamove04 said...

Hey Coy: thanks for your pimping and for the nice comments in my journal!  So you picked up that I wanted to win?  hmmm, you must be PSYCHIC, lol!   Anyway, I'm SO over it, cuz it looks like my dreams won't be coming true this year, but at least some new folks like you stopped by to read my journal, so thanks!  --Albert/Madame G.

cneinhorn said...

Awwwwwwww, I'm humbled.  Thanks!  However, when Husband hears that yet another woman called him "cute", I'll never hear the end of it, hehehe

"Jersey Girl"

emfeasel said...

Thank you for your kind words!......



slowmotionlife said...

Several of my old and new favorites are in your list.  Good call!  :)