Sunday, July 25, 2004

Can you hear her heart's song?


Zoom Zoom Zoom

Judithheartsong <--- Click has designed these 3 beautiful torches for our Anniversary Celebration. She invited us to use one, I couldn't  choose so I'm using them all. (hee, hee, hee!)

Thank you Judi, for sharing.

              *** Coy ***



cneinhorn said...

All the torches I'm seeing around J-land are great........I entered a torch to my blog all the way back on 7/4.........think it's time for a new one.........I'm partial to the one in the middle.  thanks for showing the torches.   love the artwork.


lucylouladybug said...

I adopted #2 from her J, they are all so pretty!

Love, Penny

judithheartsong said...

Coy, you are looking socolorful this am! Thanks so much for the nice toot, you are a delight and I am so glad to know you...... :):) judi

dbaumgartner said...

Wow, those are really pretty.  Thanks for sharing them.

emfeasel said...

Aren't they all lovely?!!!


ondinemonet said...

Hi ***COY****

Just dropping in to say hello and to say thank you for all the wonderful comments you have been leaving on Ellipsis. I have had compy troubles or I would have been here before now. Take care honey and I will talk to you soon.

Always, Carly :)

slowmotionlife said...

I saw another version of this torch this morning.  Just beautiful!!  That's one talented girl.  :D

lamove04 said...

Coy: these look great all together like you have them. Judi is an amazing artist & journaler, I'm glad her work is getting so much attention!  :-)  Albert