Tuesday, July 20, 2004


OMG, it is so late, I have been working on entry below and the links are not working:-(  It's  way to late to fix it tonight, I was lucky to stay up long enough to press send. I will fix it tomorrow. for now just go to Patrick's Place. He has all of the links posted there.

                                 *** Coy ***  


dbaumgartner said...

That's OK you need some rest.  I am sure you will get all fixed up today.  BTW, you just have a double http:// in the link address.

Have a wonderful day.

stacy1tbkl said...

GET SOME SLEEP !!!!  I can't get my links to work when it isn't late...LOL !!

emfeasel said...

I did the same thing the other night...was too tired to go fix the links....errrrrrrr....