Thursday, July 1, 2004

Artichoke Hearts

Scalizi asks in his entry            

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for a recipe of a side dish to serve with Barbecue that does not involve green beans in any way.

 I'm not much on roasted animal John but this goes great with anything. It's my moms recipe. You've gotta try it!

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lucylouladybug said...

OMG, I've had that before (or something similar) and it is goooood!  I love artichokes.
Love, Penny

slowmotionlife said...

Mmmmm... I love artichokes.  I know most people turn up their nose, but they're delicious.  One of our Tita's makes a delicious cold rice and artichoke salad.  I wish I had the recipe to post.  

But I'm so happy to see that Scalzi has finally posted an assignment I can get my head around!  Woohoo.  I'm gearin' up.  :D

dockart said...

Loving this recipe! I had to copy it. Yum! Thanks for sharing.