Monday, July 5, 2004

All that Home Town America stuff


Happy 5th of July all

     Hope you had plenty of Barbecue, potato salad,  watermelon and apple pie yesterday. Hope that some had a family reunion or went to the beach or a park and played horseshoes, volleyball or football. You know all that Home Town America Stuff.

     I had to work but got off just in time to pick Mandy up and drive to Del Ray to see the fireworks on the beach as usual. The show was awesome, choreographed to patriotic music on 104.3. The fireworks were in fact beautiful, even though you can't tell from the picture above. (the only one I took that came out).

     I did give a feeble, last minute try to insure good firework photos. I made a stop on my way to see the fireworks to pick up a tripod from Best Buy, (I was 10 minutes to late) the store had closed. It was a spur of the moment inspiration from reading Steven's Sometimes Photoblog, <---click. You guys at AOL-J's never stop inspiring me. 

      In Steven's journal there was a link to photographing fireworks with a digital camera <---click. I plan to be more prepared for New Years.    

*** Coy ***




billbinford54 said...

Just had hamburgers and hotdogs on the deck with two daughters and one boyfried.  It was a lot of fun.  We have a very open discussion at such dinners.  We discussed local Milf's.  I had to be taught and so you may ask your daughter.  If you know, I am impressed.

coy1234787 said...

    Sounds like a good weekend at your house. Milf's? I have no clue. I just tried to look it up by typing it into keywords. I would not advise trying this at home.
Thanks for the comment.
                                            *** Coy ***

billbinford54 said...

ok, I just tried a google on the word.  That produced results out a lot more vulgar than it was presented to me. Simply put for my kids, it means mothers who are hot.