Thursday, July 1, 2004

OMG- 35 Years Of Terror!


   Photo from BBC News  

35 Years Of Terror!  

The unimaginable crimes against humanity!  

The suppression!

The torture!

The chemical weapons!

The mass murder of thousands in a single swoop!

How will justice ever be served?

How will hope be restored where so much devastation has occurred? 

 When will our brave men and women come home?

*** Coy ***


slowmotionlife said...

How could a single man have gone soooo wrong.  It's sad.  What's more sad is that even though he's out of commission, others have moved to fill his place.  And there's a line a mile long behind them.  ::sigh::

lucylouladybug said...

I saw this earlier, your entry.  I had to let some things absorb, and then when I watched this fool today, well, I decided to have my say.  Hehehehe, much less violent, you are right, yours is, but I do get it and totally understand.  I can't help it, I do have a slightly dark side, I just would never "act" on it!
Love, Penny

coy1234787 said...

Slo... gone so wrong is right and it is very sad that others are waiting to fill his place.

Penny, I sort of admire your dark side. It makes you, you.
                       *** Coy ***