Thursday, July 8, 2004


I share the week of my Birthday, with a Spanish Tradition dating back to 1591.

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Fiesta de San Fermin  

    Many events take place at this non stop, week long celebration, in Pamplona Spain. Expect to find wood chopping, barrel lifting, live music, Latin dancers, Spanish food, bull fighting and fireworks. The main attraction however, is the "Encerrio," the running of the bulls.

      Every year I find myself feeling sympathetic with the bulls and concerned with the reports of such cruelty being inflicted on these animals. At the same time, I can't help my self from being fascinated by the passion of these people in Spain as they continue this long standing tradition.

     Click the bull above to read John Afflecks story of Pamplona. He also reminds us of what Ernest Hemmingway had to say about the event, back in the 1920's.

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deabvt said...

Thank you for sharing Affleck`s story. I really enjoyed it!   Ah. Papa.

wildflower121764 said...

I hate that too...very sad.

stacy1tbkl said...