Sunday, July 11, 2004

A one day vacation



  These are a few of my favorite photos from Saturday. Mandy and I spent the day at Sea Garden Resort in Pompano. It's not often that she gets a day off on Saturday so we took advantage of it.

     The first photo of Mandy and Barber Boy required a major detour on the part of the driver (me), but it was worth it. Won't the girls at beauty school be jealous on Monday, when they see her with this cutie?

     The light house looked like a nice short walk down the beach, ended up being over a 2 mile hike in the mid day sun. The walk was pleasant, picking up a few shells and a perfect piece of black coral along the way. It's always nice to have some catching up time with my daughter, she is as much at peace near the ocean as I am.

     The photo's of the light house made the walk worth while but the walk back was another story. Nearly 100 degrees out and my ice water and sunscreen over 2 miles away, I felt like giving up half way back, Mandy kept me going. I was really happy when we finally did make it back, we still had much to do.

     After a long swim in the ocean, we made our way back across the street to the resort. We had something cold to drink from the Tiki Bar and took a few photos of the resident Iguana. He lives in the garden there, where he has everything an Iguana should need.

     We spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool and got much more sun than we should have. Had to leave by 5:00, my sister is in Los Vegas and I am on doggie patrol again this weekend. Nice Day!!!

                                        *** Coy *** 



billbinford54 said...

That day is precious. One day vacations are the best.  No worries, no packing frenzies.  

cneinhorn said...

.....had to zip right over and check out  your lighthouse photo......
that is an unusual looking one too!  The rest of the photos are very nice
as well.  We were married (eloped) at the Ponce Inlet lighthouse in
Florida, not far from Daytona :-)
thanks for the link Coy!