Saturday, October 30, 2004

Weekend Assignment

Boo! It's time once again for the weekend assignment!

Write your own, preferably rhyming, epitaph.  For example,

Here lies Jed,
He fell out of bed.

OK heres mine, I might feel differently tomorrow.

Here lies Coy
a mother, sister, daughter and friend
tried to hold things together for all
until the very end

She left Mandy behind
to pick up the slack
you can cry if you want
but she aint coming back

 I thought I might skip this assignment, it seemed a little creepy but everyone else was being so clever I thought I would give it a try.

 *** Coy ***    

Out Of Rythum

    Tomorrow is Halloween and although I am not that big on ghosts, goblins and spirits, I still love Halloween. I am usually the first one up for the excitement of getting together with friends dressed in costume or handing out candy to the little tric or treaters. I also look forward to the opportunity to celebrate fall by visiting a pumpkin patch and carving a Jac- O'lantern or going on a hay ride.

     With all that is going on with Mandy right now,  I just don't feel that excited about celebrating, we did not even finish the Miss Understood costume. Maybe I will just join the festivities here in J land tomorrow night instead.

      Mandy is not the only thing that's effecting the rhythm of my life right now, I can't tell you how sad I feel about the upcoming election on Tuesday. 

     I am having a real problem understanding the "Vote for the lesser of the two evils" concept. How many of us will be casting a vote for someone we dislike or disagree with on Tuesday only because we dislike the other guy more or because we feel that as bad as things are and as much as we disagree with the way things are, status quo is safer? I hate that and can't wait for this to be over.

     Whether we consider ourselves liberal or conservative or somewhere in-between we all know the difference between right and wrong and if asked our opinion on the important issues facing our country we would all probably come close to agreeing about most things, so why does big business get so much of the say?

     A few of the important issues:

* Peace * Education * Discrimination Against Race, Creed, Age, Gender Or Sexual Preference * Human Needs Here At Home * The War on Terror * Tax Reform * Conservation * Balancing The Budget * Creating More Jobs * Appointing Impartial Supreme Court Judges * Health Care * Social Security * Prescriptions For The Elderly * Agriculture * Civil Union * Scientific Research * Increasing Minimum Wage * Luxury Taxes * Corporate Crime* Weapon Control * Poverty * Etc ... Etc ... Etc ...

     On another note, I am also a little upset about a problem I am having with my photosite. It is an outside source I have been using for months because of some incompatibility problems between Windows XP and AOL's Hometown Software.

     The photosite is great, it's easy to use and for a couple of bucks a year, I no longer had to stress myself out trying to overcome the incompatibility issues but ... since Tuesday, I have not been able to access my photosite and that's not good.

     I depend on the site every day to post the photos in Dancing in the Rain. They have been quick to answer each and every E-mail I have sent in the past 5 day's but so far have not come up with any answers or hope that the problem is going to be rectified. As soon as I finish this entry I'm going to E-mail again asking them to recommend another service I can use until the problem is rectified. If any of you use Windows XP and post photos on AOL-Journals, your advice would be appreciated. BTW, I have already tried loading JAVA software.

                                          *** Coy ***

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Halloween Flowers

     They say that there is no such thing as a truly black flower but I think these Lilies are about as close as you can get. When I lived in Louisiana I had some of these, I thought they were absolutely beautiful and exotic. I haven't seen them around in years.


     I took these photos at Butterfly World on Saturday, I still think they are beautiful and thought you might want to see them since they are so Halloween like.

                          Happy Tuesday all

                             *** Coy *** 

Saturday, October 23, 2004

A quiet walk with the butterflies


     I spent a quiet morning at Butterfly World today and took some awesome photos. I have had a very busy week this week, I enjoyed spending some time with my friends and it did help to keep my mind off of how sad I have been feeling.


     I am not as good as most of you at expressing my self when I am sad, I tend to sugar coat things with happy thoughts and words and look for fun things to do. The truth is for several months I have been very concerned with some of the things going on with Mandy in this final hour before she leaves home.


     Do we ever feel that they are ready? She has been away for two weeks now, nowhere in particular just away. Even though she has finished her cosmetology classes and has started a job (very part time for now) I still do not think that she is ready to fly out into the world all alone.

     I know that she can't afford to rent an apartment yet, even with a room mate it would be impossible on what she is making right now. I don't want to see her set herself up for failure, I am her Mom and I want everything to be perfect.




     Maybe some of the fear I have for her is really just fear of what comes next for me when my whole world does not consist of helping Mandy learn to balance spreading her wings and keeping her feet planted firmly on the ground.

     I don't like being alone, I tried it for 18 months once and I'm just not good at it.I was married for 17 years with a house full of kids and for the last 5 years (since my divorce) I have centered my life around Mandy, I'm sad and I'm afraid. OK I said it, I'm afraid of being alone.

                                *** Coy ***


Friday, October 22, 2004

Vacation in my own backyard.

     Well, my vacation is over and everything went pretty much as planned. We checked into the Hard Rock Hotel on Sunday night and stayed out in the casino until day break.

     On Monday, we had an early breakfast and then headed out to the beautiful pool for some fun in the sun. You can't really tell from the photo how beautiful the 4 acre pool area is.

      The mountain that you see in the middle of the pool has a really cool waterslide down it and a swim up Tiki Bar at the bottom complete with lots of little table areas hidden away in all of the caves and crevices. There is a very large area of powder white sand lined with beautiful beach chairs with white covers and yellow towels, it's practically a theme park like setting.

     We did have one unplanned incident on Monday at the pool. Mary Lou hit her head (really hard) coming down the water slide and the nice people at the Hard Rock insisted that I drive her to the emergency room to make sure that she didn't have a concussion.

      It's amazing how businesslike accidents have become, everyone is so focused on having to do everything that they can to make sure that they don't get sued.

     Anyway she did get a quick check up and they said that she would be fine. Besides a head ache and a stiff neck I guess she is, thank God.

     After the emergency room detour we headed to the board walk on Hollywood Beach. As you can see from the photo below there are not actually any boards on this particular boardwalk but it is a closed off strip of beach lined with some of the cutest little shops and what's gotta be the worlds best pizza. Mmmm ...

     I call this photo bartering, don't ask because you wouldn't even want to know. Just trust me when I say sometimes my friend can be an absolute trip.

     There was a small outdoor theater on the beach, we noticed that there would be a show playing at 7:30 so we hung around to see what it would be. It ended up being a swing dance band. The crowd started shuffling in before showtime and the smell of Brute and Oldspice began to overcome the smell of Banana Boat and Hawaiian Tropic LOL. You can tell from the photo that it was an over 60 crowd and oh how they loved to dance.

     The real party was going on behind the theater, we could defiantly tell we were not in Boca. Hollywood Beach is a very old area and spending the day there had a very Bahamian feel to it.  You could tell that the locals were defiantly living on island time (it was great). It would have been very easy to get caught up in the culture if not for the fact that we had to be to work at 3:00 on Tuesday.

     The culture and the people were not the same as on our beach just 30 or 40 miles away but the beautiful surf and sand were very familiar even the sea gulls were there.

     The Party continued Tuesday morning in Pompano and then we headed off to work and met again on Wednesday night for the Singing in the Rain musical, it was the best part of the whole week.

     First we had dinner in the Hard Rock Cafe. The food was good, the decor was great and the staff was a lot of fun standing on the furniture to do their dance routines to some of the songs that would play.

     The musical was beautiful, the props that they used were absolutely amazing. Tim Faulter played Don Lockwood, he was really cute and was an amazing dancer, he's no Artsy Albert or anything but he did do a good job. (I love Albert)

     For anyone not familiar with Singing in the Rain, the story line is from 1932 and is about the transition in Hollywood from silent movies to talkies, it was a very funny show.


     The props for the actual Singing in the Rain number were awesome. There was real rain up on that stage ( it was so cool). All of the performers were great especially Tim Falter, I don't know that Gene Kelly him self could have done it any better.

     I would highly recommend seeing this if you ever get the chance, but then again I love most any live performance.

                                *** Coy ***


Saturday, October 16, 2004

A girls night or 2 out.

     My Friend Mary Lou's Husband is going to be out of town this week so we've planned a girls night or two out. YAY!

   After work tomorrow we will check into The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood (Florida) and a few of us will spend some time catching up and doing a little gambling (and on a Sunday).

     We have taken the day off work on Monday so we will start the day off at the 4 acre pool at the Hard Rock and later move our way to Hollywood Beach and Boardwalk. Maybe we will do a little shopping while we are there.

     We have plans to meet some friends for a movie on Monday night in Pompano and then have a Pajama Party at Mary Lou's place on the Intercoastal.

     Plans are to head to the beach on Tuesday morning,(a block away) have lunch and then everyone will head off in their own direction for work that evening.

     We will meet again on Wednesday night for Dinner and then back to the Hard Rock to see the Musical Singing in the rain. Wednesday night at Mary Lou's place again another visit to the beach and then off to work by 3:00 again. Good thing Louie doesn't go away to often. LOL

     I know it may start to seem that I am quite the gambler (I am not) but ever since my sister and I went to the Hard Rock for my Birthday in July and left so much of our money there, these nice people have been sending me tickets for complimentary rooms and tickets to their awesome shows.

     Hey I've got Jim Belushi tickets for Friday, October 29th, anyone care to join me?

     I'll try to keep you updated. Good night all, I've got a little packing to do.

                                                    *** Coy *** 

     BTW this is the first vacation day I have taken all year, 6 day's a week has a way of catching up to you after a while.

Sunlight, Camera, Action ...

     Actually not as much Sunlight as I would have liked but I did manage to catch a little action.

     I spotted hundreds of these beauties dotting the landscape across the lake and I so wanted a photo, they looked so incredibly beautiful. Just as I got close enough to snap the picture, someone slammed a door in one of those apartments and within seconds the sky was filled with the white birds. I did manage to get one shot and then they were gone, I guess I was very lucky to get this photo of a few of them, (there were hundreds).

     I'm not sure what they are called, maybe some type of Ibis but we have plenty of them around here. This is an up close photo I posted of one not to long ago.

                       *** Coy ***

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Stalking Ugly

      I see these guy's on my way to work every day and I know that most would say "That's one ugly bird." To that I simply say "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

     I wanted a good photo so I found myself moving in quietly on my unsuspecting subject and waiting with the patience of a saint for a good shot.

   I tried snapping a few shots from a distance and finally figured to get what I wanted I would have to move in much closer.

    The stork did not become overly alarmed but did slowly start strolling in the opposite direction. I followed him for quite a distance until I finally got a few photo's I liked and I must say it did feel a little like stalking, yep "stalking ugly." LOL

                                                 *** Coy *** 

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Wow You Guy's Are Fast

     Yes, it's Coca-Cola Cake, not just any Coca-Cola Cake it's SloMo's Famous Coca-Cola Cake. I'm not much on sweets but with all of the subliminal advertisement throughout her journal I had no choice but to finally give in to temptation. Just take a look at Free's face.

Photo stolen from A Life In Slow Motion JournaL

     One look at the photo below and it's obvious that if you are going to try this cake then it's gotta be in October. Does this say fall or what?

Another stolen photo, hope you don't mind Slo.

     You can find the recipe in A Life In Slow Motion Journal Archives from October 2003 by clicking the links below. If you go there make sure to take note that even Our Lady Of The Blog only got 2 or 3 comments in her journal when she started out too. LOL

     Coca-Cola Cake Recipe     Coca-Cola Cake Icing Recipe      

By the way ...

Jeanno - obviously it was not the ingredients for biscuits but if you've got a great biscuit recipe from England that you want to share let me know.

Derasta - it was not a cliffhanger for very long, guess you see now where the Coca-Cola comes in LOL

Elizabeth - You Southern Belle, of course you would guess.

Monica - I don't think I can send cake out to everyone in J-Land but if ever you are in South Florida let me know and maybe I'll bake you a cake.

Mumsy - I'm with you, I don't really do marshmallows but I'm going to trust Slo on this one.

                                        *** Coy ***



A Wednesday Night Project.

These are the supplies, can anyone guess what we're making?

Hint ... It's an old school J-Land favorite.

                                *** Coy ***

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Sweet Home Alabama

     My Mother is from Alabama and a very large percentage of every person I am related to still lives there today. Reading all of your autumn entries out there in J-Land is leaving me with a deep desire to be there on Lookout Mountain to witness the Amazing display of the changing autumn leaves. Living here in South Florida <-- click things tend to stay pretty green year round.

     The truth is that over the years most of my visits to Alabama have been during the Summertime <-- click as a child. Summertime in the mountains holds it's own magic but the fall hands down has the most spectacular nature displays.

      I am thinking that a visit there mid October next year is a visit that's long overdue and if I'm lucky, I may be able to persuade my sister to come with me. October is right at the beginning of her busiest season in the Party Decorating business but how could she day no to the vibrant hues of red, orange and yellow down the long and winding roads?

     I don't have many beautiful fall photos but I do love the one above. It's a photo of my Aunt Elouise and My Uncle Orval taken several years ago all dressed up in autumn costume (how cute were they?)

   If any of you are thinking of adding some fall color to your own yard, think Red Maple (for red), Japanese Maple my favorite (for yellow, orange & red), Sugar Maple (for yellow, orange & red), Chinese Pistashe (for orange & red), Willow Oak (for yellow & red), Ginkgo (for yellow) and Crepe Myrtle (for yellow, orange & red).

     Just thinking of these brilliant colors on the plentiful hiking trails in Rock City Gardens, Little River Canyon, Sunset Rock on Lookout Mountain and Nuccalula Falls makes me sure that this is a trip that's long overdue.

                         Happy Autumn All 

                                *** Coy ***

Monday, October 11, 2004

Texas Hold'em


     Played a little Texas Hold'em last night with

family and friends. 3 games and no, I didn't win

but fun was had by all. 

     My niece Brittney was home from college this

weekend, actually she has been home almost every

weekend through her summer and now fall classes.

Good thing she is only a few hours away. She did

start a new job this week so probably will be home

less often for a while. Oh check out my brother-in

law's new tattoo, it a shark.

                   Happy Monday all

                       *** Coy ***



Thursday, October 7, 2004

Remember when we use to get 0 comments?



      I spent a little time last night and again this morning reading the oldest entries from some of my favorite J-Land writers, it was great. I wish I would have thought of it when we were locked in the house with nothing to do through out the hurricanes.

     I started with SloMo, Albert, Freepeace, Krobbie, Ann in Florida, Chance and Jersey Girl, (all found in my sidebar). I highly recommend trying this.

     You would be amazed at the jewels of information you can pick up from the very artistic and talented writers here. I think I will continue reading old entries and leaving comments (I hate seeing 0 comments)as time permits, for now, back to the real world. 

     Happy Thursday everybody.

                 *** Coy ***


 Entry Update- I just have to tell you that I have had so much fun with this today. I have not stopped laughing since I got home from work at the hilarious comments and E-mails I've recieved from you guy's when you found out that someone had been snooping around reading your early entries that you wrote before you knew anyone was reading. Thank all of you.


Wednesday, October 6, 2004

One mans trash becomes a Miss Understood treasure.

    Foraging through the odd and abandoned items at a local Salvation Army for a really cool piece or two for Mandy's Halloween costume. This year she will be Miss Understood ... Ha,  I understand perfectly Mua ha ha ha ha ha ...

     Ok, plenty to choose from if you were looking for glitter and glitz.

     Ah ... no ... not exactly the look we were going for.

     Hmmm ... lot's of great jackets here. Anyone for linen, silk, leather, suede, wool, tweed you can be assured that they've got it here.

     Lot's of signage and prints and even a painting or two ... Nope, none of this will be going home with us today.


    Hello ... can we get our mind back on the task at hand, we've got a costume to design.


     Ok, that's more like it. It's not the whole costume but it is a start. She's going to look great.

                                             *** Coy ***

Saturday, October 2, 2004

Butterfly kisses and hummingbird toungs

     After reading the ultra depressing entry that I wrote in the middle of the night last night, I thought I should treat myself to a very uplifting experience today. I thought Butterfly World might be just what the Doctor ordered, I love this place.

     As you walk toward the building the first thing you notice is the beautiful classical music that is piped in throughout the park and you know right away that it is time to relax and unwind. Ahhh ...

     Butterfly World is only about a 15 minute drive, we are very lucky to have this gorgeous park right here in our own backyard. This was the very first park of it's kind in the United Stated and it is the largest in the world. There are over 150 different varieties of butterflies found here throughout the year and I can't tell you how amazing it is to walk through the enchanted gardens surrounded by 3000 + butterflies floating all around you.

     If any of you are planning a trip to South Florida let me know, maybe we could meet for a magical walk where the butterflies fly, feed, court and bask in the tropical sun.

     Inside the aviary the life span of these beauties is doubled to an average of 14 day's compared to 7 day's in the wild. Some varieties can live for 10 months or more.

     I did get a few good photos, I found myself wishing that I had been paying more attention to Stephen's suggestions in his Sometimes Photo Blog , he's been getting in a lot of practice taking butterfly photos lately and has journal is always full of good advice.

     I think that I was almost as excited about the hummingbird aviaries as the butterflies. It's not everyday that you get such an up close and personal look at these amazing little jewels. I spent the whole afternoon trying to photograph the hummingbirds sticking out there little tongs at me.LOL

     The lighting in the hummingbird aviaries was not conducive to taking good photos at that particular time of day, almost impossible to shoot with the sun to your back. I'll have to play around there at different times of the day.

     The gardens themselves were so awesome, you can't have happy butterflies and hummingbirds without lots of beautiful flowers. On my way out I bought some of the loveliest little note cards if any of you care to send me your address, I'll make sure to get one right out to you. I love snail mail.

                                               *** Coy *** 

So long September ...


   I took the last week of September off from my journal. I'm exhausted and have felt almost to frazzled to think. This has been a very trying month to say the least.

     Let's start with the fact that there have been 4 major hurricanes to hit our state in the last few weeks along with all of the preparation and recovery involved with each one, that's enough to leave anyone feeling utterly drained. I'll say no more about it, just the mention of the "H" word makes me tired.

    I had a pinched nerve and for over 3 weeks the pain was so excruciating that I couldn't sleep. There was no way to get comfortable enough to fall asleep for more than an hour or so at a time. The pain meds gave some relief but the only time I could get comfortable was when I was at work. There was just something about the really great chairs we have there and the way my arm would rest in just the right spot on my desk that gave me some comfort.

      I spent another 2 weeks gradually feeling better and stopped taking the muscle relaxers the minute I could bear the pain without it. I stopped taking the anti-inflammatory a few days ago. I don't smoke, I don't drink (not even coffee) or take any other kinds of medications so it has been a shock to my system to have to take anything for 5 weeks, there is defiantly a detox thing going on here.

     There has also been a series of adjustments this past month at my house as Mandy has finished up with her cosmetology classes and is beginning to spread her wings. The whole job search thing between hurricanes coupled with my own soul shifting as I watch our relationship fall from it's place as the center of our lives. I know it's the natural progression of things and yes it's pretty exciting to think of all the space it will open up in my life for new things now but the truth is, that doesn't make it any easier.

     For those of you that have been asking, her job is going great, she is at a local salon working as an assistant until she gets her license. She loves and is loved by the people that she works with and the owner has taken her under his wing and has really seemed to embrace this whole mentor thing, lucky girl!

     The Presidential race has also been more than a little stressful to me. The issues facing this country just seem more important the me this time around with the huge mess we have going in Iraq among other very important issues.

     Normally I consider my self only moderately political at best and although me voting for Bush to remain in office for the next 4 years is totaly out of the question, I am just not comfortable with Kerry thinking I am backing him either. No one has seemed to come up with any good reason to vote for him other than the fact that we do not like Bush and I hate that.

     My job ... some major growing pains going on there right now. I won't go into all of the details but we have been in a major transition phase for the past week or so. The changes are very positive ones but have included a lot of attention to some very fast paced detail. All of us there are on overload at the moment. No wonder I needed a journaling break but I am back now.  Ahhh ... welcome October

                                     *** Coy ***