Saturday, October 16, 2004

A girls night or 2 out.

     My Friend Mary Lou's Husband is going to be out of town this week so we've planned a girls night or two out. YAY!

   After work tomorrow we will check into The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood (Florida) and a few of us will spend some time catching up and doing a little gambling (and on a Sunday).

     We have taken the day off work on Monday so we will start the day off at the 4 acre pool at the Hard Rock and later move our way to Hollywood Beach and Boardwalk. Maybe we will do a little shopping while we are there.

     We have plans to meet some friends for a movie on Monday night in Pompano and then have a Pajama Party at Mary Lou's place on the Intercoastal.

     Plans are to head to the beach on Tuesday morning,(a block away) have lunch and then everyone will head off in their own direction for work that evening.

     We will meet again on Wednesday night for Dinner and then back to the Hard Rock to see the Musical Singing in the rain. Wednesday night at Mary Lou's place again another visit to the beach and then off to work by 3:00 again. Good thing Louie doesn't go away to often. LOL

     I know it may start to seem that I am quite the gambler (I am not) but ever since my sister and I went to the Hard Rock for my Birthday in July and left so much of our money there, these nice people have been sending me tickets for complimentary rooms and tickets to their awesome shows.

     Hey I've got Jim Belushi tickets for Friday, October 29th, anyone care to join me?

     I'll try to keep you updated. Good night all, I've got a little packing to do.

                                                    *** Coy *** 

     BTW this is the first vacation day I have taken all year, 6 day's a week has a way of catching up to you after a while.


emfeasel said...

oh man have fun!


geminiwilder said...

wow, that sounds fantastic!  have a great time!!!

     ~will be waiting on a story upon your return~

csandhollow said...

Have a terrific time!

dbaumgartner said...

I hope you guys have a great time!  Wish I could join you.  :-)

nanmm11 said...

girlfriends need that every now and again!!! can't wait for the pics!!!

indigosunmoon said...

That sounds like so much fun!!!
Have a great time sweetie!!!
Oh, and thank you so much for
your sweet butterfly card! I
just loved it!!!

cneinhorn said...

Coy,  your plans sound fabulous!  I can't wait to hear more and see the photos too!

ann7inflorida said...

Have a BLAST Coy!!!!! I can't wait to hear all about it! Hugs to you ~Ann : )

njlittlebear said...

Great Journal !!  I am a new here and hope to be a frequent visitor...I hope you had a nice trip !


sharkie412 said...

Sounds like some had some fun. :) Glad to hear you made the most of your time off.

ile7905 said...

hi Coy!! thankyou for complimenting my journal!! I absolutely love yours!!! Mine is so new I havent even put pictures in yet so you are quite inspiring!!! Keep up the good work!!


P.S. I have to try the coke cake!!

krobbie67 said...

It sure does! I've been sick this past week and I think it's because I wore myself out working too much. I hope you had a great time! :-) ---Robbie