Saturday, June 19, 2004


     Our Margaritaville Party was almost a week ago now and it was absolutely perfect. There were 120 guest, people I know and love the most. I also invited my 3 closest friends to be there, we all felt very excited about the night. Photo above front couples my friend Marylou on the left, Sheila on the right and both of their husbands named Louis. One friend missing and it has made me feel so sad all week. Don't ever recall being stood up by a friend before, I am sure it is something more.

   Not to often will you find me down or blue. Don't have time for this to often. I am always afraid I'll miss something if I take time out for tears or fears. But this week no matter how I've tried to shake it, my heart has felt empty and sad.

    I have known David for 7 or 8 years now, we worked together for years. We talk together almost every single day and with out a word he decided not only not to show for the party, but not to call, IM or E mail for over 10 days now.

     I guess this is why I havent written much this week, even though I have so many things to say. I am concerned about my friend, I am concerned about feeling so sad, wondering when the tears will go away.

                                   *** Coy *** 


lucylouladybug said...

Dear Coy,
I'm sorry you're feeling blue, you know already that I am too.  But it's getting better.  I also know how it feels to have a friend let you down.  Seems odd, after all these years, and then not to show or say why.  I hope you find the answers, I hope your friend is ok.  
I would have loved your party, awesome job!  And fun too!  

Love you, Penny

ps. when I move to Florida, eventually, we will meet.

coy1234787 said...

    No doubt Penny, if you were here you would have been among 4 of my closest friends invited to the party, then there would have been 3 plus 2 Louis'. Party was fun, I'm feeling better today and yes "IF" you ever move to Florida we will meet. or, next time I am in Louisiana. That does happen every now and then.
                                        *** Coy ***