Sunday, February 26, 2006

Beginner Guitar Class #4 ...

  2 new songs.

     Before we got instruction on our two new songs on Wednesday, we practiced playing the ones from last week together. Hush Little Baby was not so bad but Oh Susannah was a different story.

     We played through it and then the Good Dr. stooped and asked what the problem was. When he got to me, I said that I don't actually have a problem playing the song, unless I try to sing the words with it. For some reason they did not all seem to fit. He looked at me and said try it, try the music and the words together. I figured he meant all of us, but once I started playing and singing it didn't take long to figure out that I was in it alone. Of course the words all fit and I made it through my first solo in front if the class. The only solo so far ; )   


     Our two songs for this week are On Top Of Old Smokey and Home On The Range. I was sort of surprised to read the words to Old Smokey about a false hearted lover and all, the only part I remember is something about spaghetti and loosing a meatball when somebody sneezed.

     Both songs are in 3/4 time, three beats to a measure. Home on the Range adds two new chords G7 and A7 and the use of the alternate G (with pinkie finger) for smoother chord exchange.

     A capo on the fifth fret changes the song to the key of C and makes it easier to sing. I know this music class stuff is probably getting pretty boring to most of you, it's just what's on my mind most right now so please be patient with me. Plus ... once I become a "Famous Rock Star", you can say you knew me when, right? (wink)



nhd106 said...

Lol Coy!  I remember learning songs just like these!  That solo is a big moment...may there be many more.  I'll be at your first public concert.


ryanagi said...

You are all set for the next campfire, that's for sure. And you were remembering "On Top of Spaghetti". That's a same tune/different lyrics kinda scenario. LOL

suzypwr said...

You are having so much fun with that! I bet you are planning a more advanced course next! I will be down there for opening night when your band gets going :)


ally123130585918 said...

Maybe you will make TV then we can all listen to you sing and play the guitar.......arn't you doing well though....Ally

luvmort said...

I am so loving the new Coy! I can see you now, on the beach in Ft. Lauderdale with Moose, Annette and Frankie, by the bonfire leading them all in a rousing gituar version of Kumbaya!

sunnyside46 said...

I am cutting and pasting your autograph so I can sell it on Ebay!