Thursday, February 16, 2006

Beginner Guitar Class #3 ...


     We didn't have class last Wednesday, so last night was class #3 and we are moving right along at a pretty rapid pace. We received copies of the songs we will be learning in the weeks to come. By the end of the 8 weeks our repertoire should include such classics as Oh Susannah, Hush Little Baby, He's Got The Whole World In His Hands, Home On The Range, On Top Of Old Smokey, You Are My Sunshine, She'll Be Coming Around The Mountain, and The Hokey Pokey. (Hey ... no laughing, everybody has to start somewhere.)     

     It was sort of interesting when we were looking over our first two songs (above) and Dr. Bob was explaining that both are played in 4/4 time (4 beats to each measure) and that on Old Susannah, you sing the first two pick up notes before beginning to strum down, down up, down down. I looked at the guy sitting next to me and said, "Good God ... we're going to sing!" He says "This could get ugly." We all laughed.     

     Luckily Dr. Bob ended up handling the vocals for the evening, wouldn't want to be pressured into to much to soon, ya know ;-) So far I seem to be keeping up ok, I'll let you know how it goes.     

    It's not to late, to catch up if you like, I'm only 3,  1 hour classes into this and would be happy to share details of anything I've picked up so far and I know from you comments that many of you have been playing music all of your lives, all comments and suggestions welcome.                     



suzypwr said...

I have no musical talent whatsoever, and I admire you for learning this! It's good that he moves you along like that so you don't get frustrated and bored. The kid who used to live next door to me was learning guitar one summer. I know this, because his room faced mine, and we both tended to leave our windows open in the summer. Every weekend morning, he practiced his guitar. It was fun to listen to him improve. It went pretty fast. Now their is a kid in the next block with a sax. He is getting good, too :)


luvmort said...

Now, if you were taking ukelele classes, I'd be all in!

gaboatman said...

Dr. Bob seems to be doing just fine teaching this class.  I enjoyed seeing the songs above with the picking (or in this case, strumming) direction marked on the side.  It brings back so many memories.  Keep up the good work and practice as much as you can.  You are in the painful process of building caluses on the finger tips of your left hand.  This takes time, but it is so worth it after you get them.  I'll be looking forward to hearing about future class sessions.

sunnyside46 said...

we are still laughing over a beginning guitar book I had once which contained such gems as "Massa's in De Cold Cold Ground" and Hallelujah, Im a Bum"