Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hello Dali ...

I have fallen in love with youtube ... who would have thought? I recently visited the site for the first time to experiment with one of our journals new features and have been treated to some of the most amazing and most important works of art right here on my laptop ever since. Thought I would share my visit tonight with Dali. Enjoy ... I know I did!

     Dali's art is a little darker than I am used to and it always surprises me to find how attracted I am to it. Michael from "All Things Just Keep Getting Stranger" introduced me to  Dali's art through my comment threads a few years ago when I posted my version of Artsy Albert's search for yellow art found --> HERE <--

     I miss the early days of AOL Journals, what a tight knit little community we were back then! Speaking of tight knit community ... Mort is in Orlando right now visiting Michael (in the middle of the week, mind you) and I had to decline an invitation to be in the same place at the same time with two of my most favorite J-Landers of all times. I'm sure you'll have a blast boys, can't wait to read all about it.


     Anyway ... back to Dali. I have not been painting much lately but when I do, I often find myself flipping through the images at Dali's Gallery to find inspiration. I'm not so much into surrealism, but looking at the simple lines in many of his early works always helps me get started again when I'm stuck for idea.

                           Happy Tuesday all

                                 *** Coy *** 

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gaboatman said...

This was an interesting presentation of Dali's work.  Ienjoyed it.  I hope Mort and Michael have a great visit, sorry you had to pass on the rendezvous...

luvmort said...

I didn't go.  Long story.