Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Recording the mundane yet magical ...


  Last night, Mandy told me that she went to the Library this week and instead of checking out books, she found herself sitting down at the computer and reading Dancing in the Rain from cover to cover. She said she laughed and cried herself all the way through it. Why wouldn't she? It's our story.

     I know that in the beginning, it was a little awkward seeing photos of herself and reading things about our life in such a public forum but it didn't take long for her to find interest in keeping up with the most recent entries and to secretly look forward to reading the comments that you guys would leave behind.

     Mandy moved out nearly a year ago and when she comes home she often sits down to read what's new, still ... it was a bit surprising to hear her say that she sat down for hours in a public place to read the whole thing.

      Oh ... and  don't think she didn't notice that the almost daily entries I once found time to write have dwindled down to an occasional few. She even went so far as to give me some words of encouragement to continue writing here often saying that some day I'll be glad that I did.

      Mandy has agreed to write a guest entry, I'm looking forward to seeing what she comes up with. All three of my kids are writers, guess they come by it honestly.

     Anyone else have a story regarding this unique way that we've found of recording the mundane yet magical moments of our lives?


     My pick for J-link du jour was written by a sports nut from This Sublime Dance  journal, it's about a different sort of barometer and a beautiful girl named Katrina. Stop by and say hi to Jamey.



krobbie67 said...

Ha! I was just thinking of Jamey this morning as I drove by the theater where he performs. I will have to drop by his journal soon. Alas, not tonight. Time for lights out.

I like your stories regarding your daughter. It seems you have raised her well. Her sensitivity is endearing. I look forward to reading her entry. :-) ---Robbie

krobbie67 said...

I almost forgot that the reason I came by here to begin with was to wish you well in the face of the latest storm surging off the coast over there. As such, fare the well!  :-) ---Robbie

gdireneoe said...

Oh how wonderful, and what a beauty!  My kiddies are following the same path.  My son writes little song bits all the time, and my diva has produced some pretty talented pieces already.  My youngest is just beginning to write sentences...I'm sure she will be along soon. ;)  C.  http://journals.aol.com/gdireneoe/thedailies

nicurnmama said...

"Anyone else have a story regarding this unique way that we've found of recording the mundane yet magical moments of our lives?"

Mandy is a beauty! I can't wait to read her guest entry.
No real story here. I jut found that since I started writing in my own blog the day to day sameness, anxieties, tears, fears, frustrtaions, joys, giggles and hugs that is my life raising my 5 children and working hard to feed those kids is actually quite an adventure....a remarkable adventure. I have come to discover that despite my struggle this year to come out of a dark cloud, I am having a great time juggling.....it's sort of a George bailey kind of moment for me.....I really do have a wonderful life!

jeanno43 said...

How nice that she did that, she must really get something out of it as we all do. Pretty girl.  Looking forward to her guest entry.

delela1 said...

Isn't it funny how often the mundane moments of today become so significant tomorrow?  Magic...hmmm, maybe.  But I think you have the gift to see the magic in the little things when and as they happen.  Few lucky souls possess that gift, and sharing it with others in your journal is the best way to spread it around.  Keep writing your story Coy.  Everyone needs a little beauty in their day.  Dona  http://journals.aol.com/delela1/BlueSkiesandGentleBreezes

cneinhorn said...

I look forward to her guest entry...how great that she read and enjoyed what we've all looked forward to reading all this time!

ryanagi said...

Yes! I've got a story... Yesterday I got an email out of the blue from a friend of mine who lives close by. I had no idea he read my journal! But there he was, sending me the name of his favorite mason and landscaper...because...ya know...I am looking to have work done. LOL Today I got something in the mail from Wilsonart Flooring all about their hardwood and laminate flooring products. NO idea who put my name in for info on their products. But again, I talked about wanting new floors in my journal.

Things that make you go "Hmm!"

deabvt said...

Aw, Coy, Mandy is beautiful!
I hadn`t remembered that she had moved; she looks so young!
You must feel so proud!  Four hours; in the Library!
Can`t wait to see her post!

sasonalmah said...

That is beautiful!


luvmort said...

Not exactly, my boss found out that I wrote some not-too-nice things about him (example: my asshole manager, Chris LoDico) and I got in a hellacious lot of trouble for it. Glad your "secret" reader was a bit nicer and took it way better.

samnsmile5 said...

This is really nice and I hope your daughter does do a guest entry.  I'm glad she liked what she read.  :)   She is beautiful!


bookncoffee said...

Oh, I hope my daughter sits down and reads My Southern Home one day.  
How neat.  Your daughter is beautiful.