Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Mythical Girls From Ancient Greece ...

Despite GiGi's warning yesterday ...

"Ah foolish mortal ~one does not summon the muse; the muse summons you. ;)"

I am still searching for my missing Muse.

GiGi is one of the most creative people I know, so it's easy for her to say ...

"I'll bet you have had a creative idea or two; you simply haven't recognized it as such. Just start writing, or grab a camera, or pick up a brush and start something; anything will do. It doesn't have to feel inspired. This prompts the muse, once she stops laughing, to take pity our feeble efforts and guide us on our way. It's the action that summons the flow... That's my theory, anyway. ;)"

If you don't already know GiGi please visit her at Lotus Martinis a place where her creative energy seems to flow effortlessly.

As for me ... I seriously feel stuck, uninspired and I'm sure that my deepest needs and desire to be and do the things I was "born to do", are not being met.

Since I'm not sure where to look for my own Muse, (I don't even know her by name), I have decided to go back and pay a visit to the original beacons of creative inspiration. That's right ... the 9 Sister Goddesses of imagination, inspiration and the arts. These girls have long been celebrated and enticed by many cultures, and why wouldn't they be? They were the the daughters of Zeus (King of the Gods). Ancient Greeks worshiped them for inspiring their poets, musicians and painters to create.

I'll let you know what I find.


Cindy said...

I'm looking forward to seeing what you find. Gigi sounds like one smart cookie.

Ally Lifewithally said...

I am sure you will find your Muse when you least expect too ~ If you should find mine on your search perhaps you would e~mail it to me :o) ~ Ally x

gigi said...

Thankyou, darlin', for those kind words (!) but you give me way too much credit. You're so right about those ancient Greeks, though ~ now they knew a little something about creative inspiration!

I've found a great source of inspiration online on the web sites of real-world working artists. Danny Gregory has a really nice one ~ http://www.dannygregory.com/.
He serves as the de facto head of an online community of talented artists, and posts their works and links as well as his own.

On his sidebar is a link to a terrific little video of This American Life's Ira Glass addressing the importance of perseverance in creativity. It's very interesting.

Wrangle that muse! :)

Ann said...

Hello :) I like the new digs!