Sunday, May 31, 2009

100 things #32 I'm so glad he came to say good-bye yesterday ...

5/27 much the same way he did when he graduated highschool and went off to college. This time was different though … the boy has grown into a man. He stood taller than he did 4 years ago, with much broader shoulders but with the same adorable face, good humor and genuine smile I’ve always known. He is a little younger than my own son, he’s actually the same age as Mandy and I haven’t been able to help watching with quiet admiration over the years as his parents raised him.

The boy was raised right, of course he had many advantages that our kids didn’t have but I watched as he had work for the things he has wanted over the years. I remember when he wanted a new video game as a child he would have to work for the money to get it. Before he was in high school, he started a computer repair and upgrade business of his own, he did web master services, started his own lucrative web site specializing in cigars and during hurricane season he would line up jobs for himself putting up shutters and plywood for people.

The summer he got his first car he came to work with us to pay for gas and insurance, he did that for a few years, his parents cut him slack in the fall so he could focus on school and baseball. The kid really loved baseball.

He had different jobs throughout his 4 years of college including one summer back with us doing confirmation … so nice to have him around, really ... it was nice to have him around.

Last year though he took a PT job as an assistant with a company that recruits minor league baseball players and worked real to hard make himself valuable. Now that the person he was assisting is moving on and he has graduated college , they have offered him an amazing opportunity to come aboard.

This week he is moving to Orlando into a house with 3 other guys that work for the same company, they will be sending him on an extended trip to Africa on assignment. I think I heard of plans to take a safari as well as to see the pyramids while he’s there.

No doubt the next 2 years will bring amazing opportunity his way and then it will be time to focus again on school for at least another 4 years. I think that eventually he will end up back with us … the earning potential in our company is enormous for people in that family and when he comes back he will bring with him his new real world experience. So glad he came by yesterday to say good-bye.

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DB said...

His "good bye" seems to have also turned into a big "hello."