Wednesday, June 10, 2009

100 things #34 I saw a spinner shark leap from the ocean today ...

I did have my camera there but I just wasn't quick enough. The life guard (in red) and the chair guy (in blue) both saw it too, they speculate it to be about a 5 footer.

The water was warm and smooth as glass obviously the shark was feeding, not that spinner sharks are all that dangerous to humans but the swimmers were asked to get out of the water for a bit as a precaution.

It didn't take long for things to settle back in ... swimmers re- entered the water, the lifeguard went back to his post

the chair guy went back to his chair to call his friends to tell them about the shark

I went back to my blanket on the greenest grass in town ...

under the palm trees, with a big glass of ice water and a story or two from "Other Colors" a book by Orhan Pamuk. I love the way this book is written, it is a collection of short stories from his own life in Istanbul. Some stories include quick drawings ... it reminds me very much of the way we journal here.

Being able to get out a little in the morning and still have time to go home and write about it before going to work in the afternoon is one of the advantages to this crazy, crazy work schedule of mine. Living in beautiful South Florida doesn't hurt either.

Look how beautiful our beach is and have you ever seen greener grass growing so close to the ocean before?

For 12 quarters (gotta feed the meters) I got to spend 2 hours at one of my favorite beaches in the world ... Seldom does a day go by when I do not recgonize how beautiful South Florida is and how lucky I am to live here.

I grew up on this beach and it is where I feel most alive and most at home.

Mandy was here for Mothers Day and we all went to Hillsboro Beach for the afternoon I heard her tell David that anytime she was in trouble when she was growing up I would take her to this beach at night and we would talk and talk and talk until we had things straightened out. She's right, we did that dozens and dozens of times. So ... does that mean she was always in trouble?

Happy Wednesday all.


Kirsty said...

Love this. Good to hear you again!

DB said...

And the shark went back to being a private shark, I hope.