Friday, July 16, 2010

100 Things About Me #57 ... I'm Not Always Open To Change


Barbara said...
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Barbara said...

Change must be in the air. So many are dealing with change and writing about that change. It is difficult. I can empathize as I have been managing many transitions over the last six months. Recently I read on FB the following 'From the worst endings come the most beautiful beginnings'. I think that the time between the ending and the beginning is where we struggle most. Good luck with your change.


Coy said...

Thank you Barbara for your thought filled comment, much appteciated,
* Coy

DB said...

Indeed, change is one of the big predicaments of life. We can be sure that things change, but we can't be sure what the change is going to be. It keeps us, or should keep us, alert.

Gigi said...

I'll go ahead and say it ~ I loathe change, any change, that is neither my idea nor under my control. If change be the rhythm of life, I would prefer to march to the beat of my own drummer. ;)

Loving the art, Coy! :)

Coy said...

Hi DB .... yes if change keeps us alert then consider me bright eyed and bushy tailed about now. I appreciate you stopping by and taking time to comment my frirnd.

* Coy

Coy said...

Giiiiii Giiiiiii so nice to hear from you my friend you are truly one of the things I miss most about this place.

I am loathing change too about now, but imagine we lived in a world where change never took place and we all marched around to the beat of our same old little drummer and everything always stayed the same:)
* Coy

myrtle said...

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