Friday, April 29, 2005


   The Details ...

     Hooray!!! Jeanette is brilliant, she knew that my pentagonal shaped mystery blooms are called Hoya. This plant has been around here for so long that I had all but forgotten what it was called and where it came from. The minute I saw this comment --> The plant looks like a Hoya to me.
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jeanno43 - 4/28/05 7:19 AM,  I remember it being called Hoya and I remembered that it came from an orchid show. Thanks Jeanette!

     Of course I looked the flower up right away and it seems that their are over 200 different varieties of Hoya, some are vines like mine, some are succulents and some are woody shrubs, but all have beautiful flowers similar to the one's you've seen posted here.

     If you would like to se for yourself you can go to the --> Hoya Pages. After seeing all the different types available, I so want more!  

     It seems that some of you still have questions about how and why to back up your journals so I am posting the links again that were the most helpful to me. Here --> Patrick has posted a new entry with some real answers from AOL. Here --> John Scalzi has posted his views on the recent incident if a journal being deleted without investigation of a complaint. Here --> Freepeace  gives step by step instruction on how to back up your journal. Hope these links are as helpful to you as they were to me.




jeanno43 said...

It was my pleasure to help Coy.  I had one years ago with white flowers, they are so pretty but they do not do well over here, lack of light in the winter I think so I lost mine. I am having problems backing up my journal.  I followed the instructions only to find that the only way to then open them up was online???  Should this be right, I am not sure.  I mean what if I ever left AOL would it be lost forever because I can only open online at aol.  Bit confused over this one.

cneinhorn said...

thank you so much for the backup information....looks like another project for me!  the hoya huh?  okay, now we all know....will look for them in the garden shops around here, but as of yet, have not seem them around here.  have a great weekend coy!

judypearllove said...


macroura said...

Wow.  Love those Hoya!  Thanks for sharing the bounty of your tropical garden!
Now... will any of these like Phoenix?  The site is great too!

suzypwr said...

Pretty plants!

indigosunmoon said...

I don't care what its called...I love it!
So pretty!

sonensmilinmon said...

Thanks for the Hoya plant link - I want to check them out.  As soon as I have my computer up and running again, I'll be backing up.  Thanks for those links too. :-)


hestiahomeschool said...

What a wonderful photo!

mariebm56 said...

What a GREAT shot!
Love the colors & the unknown subject to me!  Never saw this before.
Thanks for sharing.

luvmort said...

I read the Scalzi entry. It is a shame that this happens. I am doing the backup thing as we speak. Thanks for the info.