Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Okay Robbie ... interview me.

     I've noticed that a lot of you have been interviewing each other here in J-Land. I've never been one to play these question games, but when I read about  Bahbah Wahwah <-- click over at Robbies Ruminations, I agreed to play along.  

So here goes, starting with the rules because every game has got to have them you know.  Leave me a comment saying “interview me.” The first five to leave a comment requesting to be participants will be interviewed. I will respond by asking you five questions. You will update your blog/site with the answers to the questions. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions. (Write your own questions or borrow some) Fun and easy right?

1.    Who or what is it that you miss late at night? Lol Robbie, you must be referring to a note that I left for a friend in a recent entry called Shards of thought and pieces of truth <-- Okay, he's cute, he's single, he's amusing, worldly and wise, we've known each other for 7 or 8 years and he's one of my closest friends. Because of hectic schedules we don't get to see each other as often as we'd like but we are use to talking together nearly every day, sometimes until 4 am. With my new schedule at work that's changed a little, (okay, a lot) ... I'm doing well these days to stay up until 11:00.

2.    You are required to give up one thing for a year. And, you must do it. There will be no way that you can cheat.  There will be no way I can cheat, so let's make it count. I don't smoke, don't drink or do any drugs (not even prescriptions). Hmmm ... okay, maybe I should go with pizza. Yep ... that's it, white pizza with mushrooms and artichokes, from Mama's. I lurve white pizza! 

What's the one thing that you know you just couldn't give up?  That's easy, journaling. I don't think I could give up journaling, what would I do with all of my spare time? 

3.    A new round of Survivor starts next season and you are a participant. Survivor? Cool!

Actually, you are the only participant, sort of. The only participant? Oh! Guess that would mean none of the back stabbing, alliance stuff, darn! This sounds more like Tom Hanks and Cast Away!

 The catch this year is that they will allow you to take five things with you: a CD, a book, a food item, a companion (pet, person, or stuffed something or another perhaps) and a clothing item. The catch? They must currently reside in your house. What do you take? They allow me to take 5 things ... well, I've been on enough survival missions in the Everglades with Civil Air Patrol to know that what I would really want to bring would be things like; waterproof matches, a compass, a good knife, strong twine, a large sheet of visquine, dry wicking socks and t shirts, water purification tablets, feminine products and shampoo, but we are talking reality TV and luxury items, right?

CD - MarcAnthony or Jewel because I don't mind hearing them over and over again.

Book - My black leather journal of course, freshly filled with a brand new blank book with gold guilded pages.

Food item - I would choose a giant sack of Brown Rice, wouldn't want to try to survive long on that gummy white stuff they supply, yuck!

A companion - Well, even though my friend from question #1 could use some time away even more than I could, he does not reside here so ... I would probably choose my daughter Mandy, (she resides here on weekends) she's strong and very resourceful plus, I wouldn't mind sharing the prize money with her. Ah, Rob ... I do get the million dollars, right?

Clothing item - I would choose the wicking socks and t-shirts but I don't happen to have any in the house right now, so ... guess I'll go with clean underwear, that would defiantly be a plus!

4.    You've talked about years ago having lots of artsy friends. When you lived that life, what path were you on and how is it different from the path your life took? Do you think you'd be as happy now had you followed that path instead? Truth is, I think I am still on the same path. I probably knew everything I really needed to know about life when I was 18. When I see a photo of the girl that I was then, I see a girl that held the whole world in the palm of her hands. Part of me wishes I could go back and tell her what to look out for along the way but I have a feeling that even if I could, she would likely just say, they are my mistakes and I have to experience them for myself.

     Without our mistakes, our successes would not be nearly so sweet, right? I am a firm believer in destiny and that all is as it should be:)

5.    You have a great first name! When they are young, it seems most people hate their name. What was the name you wished your parents had given you? I was named after my Grandmother, we shared the same first name and last. Occasionally there would be a kid that would say something like "that's a boy name," but knowing that my elegant, graceful, Grand Mother that would get down on the floor and played jacks or even jump rope with us until she was really old, had the same name ... I never worried much about it being such a boy name. 

     Mostly people would just say "Oh that's such a unique name, how did you get it?" Being told that you are unique as a kid does take a little getting use to but my unusual name always made me feel kind ofspecial. Never really wished for a different one, glad that my parent's gave it to me!



sunnyside46 said...

you have a shining spirit

krobbie67 said...

Great answers!!! Darn! Not much dirt though. ;-) --Robbie

suzypwr said...

Good stuff, and I love your name, too!

covergirl001 said...

i love the interview- and i need a new journal topic- let me have it girl!!!
          Sherri Berry

sonensmilinmon said...

Now those were good questions and great answers. :-)


luvmort said...

If I HAD to be on Survivor and had to take someone that lived with me, between my two flatmates, I would take the dog, LOL!

brimasta1 said...

Great answers, we should all do these :)

shewolfdancing said...

Great answers...  I too am trying to get in on this...

Catch ya later....  


ann7inflorida said...

Just came by to say hi : ) Hope all is well on your end! ~Ann

maidothemist said...

This was fun to read! ~Sooz