Saturday, June 11, 2005

The convention continued...

I hope you don't mind!

     The lineup of instructors was amazing, they were indeed among the mast talented painters in this industry. I know we were all wishing that the convention would have lasted long enough for us to attend every single class.


A few interesting faces and heads ... obviously bald heads make a great canvas.

     On the first day I took only airbrushing classes, with Pashur, Mark Greenawalt and Donna Nowak. During those three classes I got a crash course on everything you need to know about the equipment, paints, marketing, maintenance and techniques for starting an airbrushing business. 

     With all of the amazing information I received in those few hours ... bottom line was that at the end of the day when we went to our late night jams to practice, those of us that were using the equipment for the first time had to come to terms with the fact that we would be practicing dots, lines and swirls for a long time, before we were going to move on to anything cool.


I decided that to make the most out of my convention experience, I should practice the basics at home and move forward in a different direction the following day.

      Day two, I thought I would start out with some beginning classes, but first I really wanted to attend Oliver Zeger's creativity game class. This would turn out to be an experience to remember and deserves an entry all of it's own.

    I did get in a few beginning classes, this was a good idea because I picked up a lot of good tips and techniques that most people had long forgotten. The rest of the classes I took were geared towards the experienced painter and each was an amazing journey on it's own, instructed by the most creative artists. Mama Clown and her simple and quick techniques, (she is the one that organizes this convention). Natalie Simard's class was another of my favorites, she created some of the most enchanting characters of the convention, you will see them in the Mid Summer Night's Dream Ball entry,  yep ... saving the best for last!


   I can't leave out Jinny Make-Up Artiste (photos above), one of the industries most talented and everybody's favorite, or ... the Wolfe Brothers, (photos below) the first face is Nick Wolfe, or is it Brian?  Oh ... it's the twin that wears the watch. Both of them are really cute, really nice and extreamly tallented. They do a lot of monster and other creatures for Disney or Universal. Next year I'll be taking as much instruction as possible from all 3 of these amazing artists.


      BTW ... someone stop me once I've exceeded my allotted quota of using the words amazing, awesome, creative, talented or artist ... I just can't help myself! 



macroura said...

Holy mother of pearl!!! you use as many amazings as you want, Dear Heart.
These pics are phenomenal!!!  Thank you for sharing.  Sharon

ryanagi said...

That last face...the flaming skull...amazing! It's almost 3D...spooky!

babyshark28 said...


that is SO amazing.
what a wonderful way to spend the day.
learning to paint....better.
I would so love a day like this!

thanks for sharing the story a long with the pictures.
I am just in awe, so cool!
I didn't notice your over usage of the words
amazing, awesome, creative, talented or artist...because
I was thinking the same thing. :p

jeanno43 said...

That face painting is unbelievable.  People are so talented.xxxx

jouell3935 said...

I am in awe.....Absolutely amazing....beautiful living art

luvmort said...

Very cool. We have a face/body painter at the club during the summer. I love when the girls go topless and get all painted and no one realizes it.

madcobug said...

WOW! those face painting artist are something else. They do a terriffic job. No wonder you had a great time. Helen

cneinhorn said...

well I have  to use the word too: Amazing!!  that one  face,with the two faces painted on cool.  I've enjoyed the bits and pieces you've been sharing with us of this really 'amazing' event :-)


sunnyside46 said...

you opened my mind to a whole new world!

astaryth said...

I didn't notice any over using of words... You were just speaking the truth, lady! <LOL> These are truly amazing, and I look forward to the next entry. Sounds like you had an entertaining AND educational time. I would love to learn to do this kind of thing!

suzypwr said...

I think I am ready to use the same words, Coy!

emfeasel said...

You always do the most interesting things Coy...gawd how fun!


sylviam4000 said...

I need some miracle paint to remodel wrinkles and ruts. Would be a challenge for you. Keep smiling.

deabvt said...

amazing, awesome, creative, talented or artist ...

lamove04 said...

Wow, no other words but the ones you keep using!  I like the one with the huge alien eyes.  And maybe there's a new use for my rapidly receding hairline!  ;-)