Saturday, June 11, 2005

Round Robin


     I am so excited about the out come of last weeks Round Robin Photo Challenge, Stephen from sometimes photoblog chose crystal as the subject. If you did not see the photo he entered, GO HERE and you will understand completely why he chose that subject. Great photo Stephen, great photos by all that participated. If you have not taken a look at the other crystal photos yet here are the links again.

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     Kat from Every Angle has chosen this weeks challenge. I knew that with this artsy group, the challenges would probably be ... well, challenging and I was right. Kat's challenge is Cliche`. This is going to require a little thought, feel free to leave cliche` ideas in the comment my threads if you like, I would welcome the help. If you have not accepted this challenge yourself yet ... then what are you waiting for? Break out those cameras and play along.

     BTW ... my Cliche` graphic above was fun to make. The background is actually a photo of the models on the runway and people photographing them on opening night of our face and body painting convention.

     My camera and the person behind it are not so good at taking low light room shots (yet) so the photograph did not come out so great, however it did make for a fun and colorful graphic background once I filtered it a little with photo shop. I encourage you to try this at home of you have the software!

                            Happy weekend all



jeanno43 said...

I shall check them all out when I have a little more time. Busy cleaning up after a busy day and then have to cook the evening meal.  Hmmmm - Cliche - that is going to be a hard one, will have to wrack my brains! xxxxx

geminiwilder said...

that is a really challenging subject, dang that Kat!!!  :)  i'm sure everyone's photos will be very cool.   yeah, nice background!

luvmort said...

Here's some...
Kicking the bucket.
Running aroung lik a chicken with it's head cut off.
You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.
...I'll be back with more

emfeasel said...

I want to get a new camera soon...however I know I will never compare to you clever camera gifted beings!..thank you for the links ...E

deabvt said...

That cliche is hardly a Cliche!