Sunday, April 2, 2006

#3 Cast of Characters ...

     Chris and I moved to Atlantic City NJ in 1978. As you might imagine, it was much to my Mothers delight. (Yes ... still sweet 16, you can stop doing the math now).

     Does any of this sound farmiliar? At least Mandy waited until she was nearly 19. Funny how what comes around goes around, right?

     Below is a photo I took of our room mates (some of them anyway). Chris played in a band called Rebirth and I worked. First at the Lighthouse Tavern, Camillo's and then at Resorts the year that it opened.

     David front left (later renamed himself Jamon) not sure if that was Rebecca or Denise sitting next to him. The hair was wet, hard to tell ... both of them were there. Chris playing the guitar, Ray with the flute, Melissa dark hair towards the back and her Dad in the chair.

     This was one of the first photos that I took with my very first camera. It was a Konica 35mm with wide angled lens. I bought it at a Pawn Shop. We were in upstate New York at the time, visiting Melissa's Dad he was a producer, film if I recall. Can't remember all of the details but I do remember how much he loved his little girl and how he and his wife opened up their home to the entire group of us and treated us like family.



ally123130585918 said...

Coy I love that picture ~ it looks as if you are all having a very relaxing time ~

cneinhorn said...

love both photos...hopefully you'll make it back to our neck of the woods someday..alot has changed that's for sure!  but the jersey shore will always be the jersey shore, and seems like you have some good memories from here!

suzypwr said...

Wow, you were on your own really young!


sunnyside46 said...

I love old pictures , but sometimes they make me sad. I dont' know why, I have no regrets, life i sgood, but old times are gone....feeling pensive this morning, i guess.

luvmort said...

I guess your new phase has you nostalgic. Glad you are taking us along on the trip!