Tuesday, April 4, 2006

The Vandas ...

        are in bloom. Pretty, right? I love this time of year!


      I'm not away, just started training for my new job today. Trying to memorize a really long script. Will be here when I can, just have to focus elsewhere for now.

     Oh, a friend sent the following in an E-mail today. I'm going to need it with all the driving I'll be doing.

     Have not had time to try it out yet but I will. Hope it's not one of those joke E-mails. Maybe I should have tried it first. Oh well to late, right?


This is pretty nifty.
Just enter your
 zip code in the site below, and it tells you which gas stations have the cheapest prices (and the highest) on gas   in your zip code   area.  It's updated every evening. 

Be a good neighbor and   pass this along .. 

                                  Have a good week all!



djzgirl71 said...

Those flowers are absolutely gorgeous Coy!


ally123130585918 said...

Hope you New job goes well Coy ~Ally

suzypwr said...

Those are beautiful flowers, Coy! Good luck with your new job, I hope it exceeds all expectations for your - especially with loving it!!

rivercitygirl1 said...

Hi Coy,
I love the photo.  The colour is brilliant.  I wish you much success in your new job.

luvmort said...

Good luck! Or, as we say in the business, break a leg!

psychfun said...

I think I saw those at Lowes & they wanted like 60 or 80 dollars for it! Ugh! Beautiful!

alphamoon65 said...

Thanks for the link!  love the pic. Take care

demandnlilchit said...

Love that flower shot......I think I like purple flowers the best! They stand out from all the other colors.